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Dog and cat buddies lovingly hug each other12s

Dog and cat buddies lovingly hug each other

Unusual as it may be, there are hundreds of proof videos on the world wide web that cats and dogs can be really great friends! And it isn't all that hard to befriend a cat and a dog. Check out Chaos the dog and Kit the cat have a friendly hug in the garden as they enjoy a sunny day. It isn't all that hard to befriend a pet dog and cat, but there are a few principles you have to abide to in order to have peaceful life with the two. First and most important is you have to take things slow; keep both animals separated in your home, but let them become aware of the other's presence. Let each one understand that the other is a friend by bringing it's scent on you and letting the other sniff it. Alternate the rooms you keep the pets in and after a while, let them introduce themselves to one another through a gap in the door. Finally, you can let them play when they are fully relaxed. Too cute!

Kitten adorably cuddles with doggy9s

Kitten adorably cuddles with doggy

Everyone knows that cats and dogs are not exactly the most fond of one another. Well this isn't exactly the case with this video. Who would've known that these two polar opposites could be so loving and affectionate to one another? Chaos the dog enjoys some down time while Kit the kitten gives him a loving hug. You can definitely tell that these two are just the best of friends! Regardless of if you are a dog or cat lover, both sides can agree that this is one of the most adorable things that you will see today. They are sort of like the Capulets and the Montagues of animal species. Star-crossed animals that just want to be best friends. You can bet that this has a happier ending than the age old Shakespearean play! Wouldn't it just be awesome to join them in their cuddle session? To get your daily dose of adorableness, be sure to visit, your hub for adorable pet videos and viral videos alike. Check out this adorable cuddle session shared between a cat and a dog.

So funny Chaos eating peanut better 36s

So funny Chaos eating peanut better

Watch Chaos the dog eating a handful peanut butter from my hand wait for the music to stop to see how much chaos is enjoying he's peanut butter he's tongue gets covered in peanut butter and makes really funny faces