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Kaseberry LED Flame Effect Bulb Review 4m19s

Kaseberry LED Flame Effect Bulb Review

Get your own | http://a.co/ahwJDMQ I'm torn on this bulb. I like the concept and I like the flame effect - it looks really cool and a lot more like a candle/flame than I was expecting! However, there are a couple large misteps I think keep this light from being a perfect effect light. I think it's great that there are 3 different light modes. I do think it's one too many, but I'm really happy there is a 'solid' mode included if you just don't need or want the flame effect at that time. That said, the only way to move between modes is to turn the light off and back on again, which is SUPER cumbersome, and also means if you really really really want that flame effect light, you will have to power cycle the light a couple times every time you turn it on, as the light will not remember the last mode you had it on. If this light came on to the prior mode, this wouldn't be an issue. If the light had a remote or switch or something to set the mode, this wouldn't be an issue. As it is, it's a huge issue that keeps this light from being great. This light is really orange, which is good for the flame effect. I love the way the LEDs are diffused through the cover - it's really impressive. Aside from the pointless 'breathing' mode and the awkward way of setting a mode, this light is a good effect light, just remember you have to turn it on and off 2 times before you get to the effect you want.

Published: January 18, 2018
Yingkeer Y11 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 7m22s

Yingkeer Y11 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Yingkeer Y11 is a great Mechanical Keyboard with some sharp design elements. This keyboard types and feels great, and has an excellent modern hard-edge perimeter design around the edge of the keyboard. The design is a definite plus, and I like the minimalist blue LED dots for the Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock lights. I do wish the meanings/symbols on those lights were visible in the dark, but those lights are in the same order on pretty much every keyboard so it's not a big deal that they aren't. There are a few different LED lighting modes on the keyboard which you can access using the Fn key plus one of the Ins, Del, Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys. There are also a few gaming key layouts you can access using the Fn key and the numbers 1-5. This keyboard really is plug-and-play, as you will see in my video review. There is no setup required to get the Function shortcuts along the top working with your default programs, so you don't have to take time with any sort of key mapping. As soon as you plug it in, lights are on and you're ready to go. The main negative I have with this keyboard is with the LED light modes. I guess I've been spoiled with keyboards that have multi-color LEDs behind every key - this one does not. The keys will stay the same color regardless of what mode you're in. The Function row is always red, the numbers always green, etc. It doesn't negatively impact the performance of the keyboard, but I want to make sure I mention it so you don't feel misled by the claim of LED-lit keys. They are LED lit, they just aren't RGB LED behind every key. Another small positive is the ability to lock the Windows key, if you're gaming and don't want to bump it. However, that brings a minor negative of there being no indicator of when the Windows key is actually locked, apart from the key literally not working. While a good keyboard, I prefer my Rottay mechanical keyboard over this one - the LED lights and features are more versatile, and at the time of this video it's the same price as the Yingkeer Y11 on Amazon at $49.99.

Published: December 17, 2017
MAGQI Bluetooth Speaker Review 7m13s

MAGQI Bluetooth Speaker Review

MAGQI has designed a couple of great Bluetooth speaker offerings. In the oversaturated market of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, smart little choices are what will set your devices apart. With the S1 and S2 Bluetooth speakers, MAGQI has made both positive and negative little choices. Both are excellent portable waterproof and dustproof wireless speaker options, so how are they different and how is MAGQI setting themselves apart? First, the positive little things: -Packaging is great -Speaker design and button icons are kept appropriately minimal -MAGQI includes both a Micro-USB charging cable AND an "aux" cable (1/8" to 1/8", male-to-male, headphone jack to headphone jack) -Leather hand strap is a nice touch -Immediately enters pairing mode when turning it on for the first time -Device name shows up on devices as "MAGQI-S2" and "MAGQI-S1" so there's no confusion about what device(s) you're connecting to -Ability to do hands-free calling as well as listen to music -Great sound (it is a speaker, after all) -Waterproof and dustproof Now, the negative little things: -Pill-shape feels derivative -Useless brand badge in the middle of the face of the S2 speaker. It's NOT a functional button or light and it disrupts an otherwise brilliant minimalist design -Low-battery indicator is almost the most annoying thing I can think of. If I were designing a low-battery indicator for devices I hate, I would choose something that's incessant, annoying, interrupts what you're currently doing, and plays every few seconds. The negatives aren't enough for me to not recommend these speakers, but if I had to choose one, I would most definitely go with the diamond-shaped MAGQI S1 speaker over the S2 model. There aren't any differences in functionality that I can tell, but the little successes and better visual design of the S1 outweigh the negatives of the S2. MAGQI S1: http://a.co/5TahY2v MAGQI S2: http://a.co/eFzF0rM

Published: December 10, 2017
ModaWee Diaper Bag Review 5m14s

ModaWee Diaper Bag Review

Get your own! http://a.co/i3cQ2jY We've used a lot of different types of diaper bags - backpacks, messenger bags, duffle bags - and after a while you start to learn what you prefer and what you don't. I'm really impressed with the space this bag offers, even if there are some annoyances about it. I love the construction - seems built well, water-resistant, and a TON of pockets. I wish there was the ability to turn this in to a messenger bag instead of just a backpack, but that's a minor complaint. The stroller straps are interesting - never seen those before - but I could see them coming in handy. The biggest head-scratcher about this bag is the inclusion of a snap-to-close handle in an otherwise pretty excellent design. The front pocket seals with a magnet - awesome - but you have to undo two snaps then unzip to reach things inside the bag? Seems like an unnecessary step. I wish the handle had magnets in it as well, but again - minor complaint when you see just how much you can fit in this bag.

Published: December 10, 2017
MAGQI Wireless Car Charger Mount Review 3m56s

MAGQI Wireless Car Charger Mount Review

Get your own! http://a.co/76CuTSN I've used a magnetic mount in my vehicle for a few years, and love it. I never liked the 'clamp'-type car mounts for cell phones. However, the main negative I discovered about the magnetic mounts were the necessary metal plate I had to stick to the back of my phone. I don't like using a cell phone case, so the metal disc always was stuck directly to my phone. Not a huge deal, until I got a cell phone with built in Qi wireless charging. Now, that little metal disc blocked what could be a really useful feature. Enter the MAGQI wireless car charger mount - not only is it a magnetic mount, but it CHARGES your phone too! This comes with options for a suction cup mount or an air vent mount, as well as a USB cable. I'm using the air vent mount in my vehicle, and I wish I had another top so I could use the suction mount in my office. The top fits very well and doesn't move much at all while driving - very little vibration. The sticker for the back of the phone is a little bracket with four cell-battery-sized magnets in the corners and a hole in the middle covered by two stickers on the front and back. There is a teeny piece of double-stick tape that, frankly, isn't great. The magnets are so strong that you will rip that sticker right off your phone. This is clearly designed to go inside a phone case, as the tape is an afterthought. Thankfully, I had my own double stick tape I applied so mine fits on the glass back of my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge quite well. The wireless charging works perfectly and the magnets not only hold the phone snugly on the charger in the car, but it also turns my phone into a magnet, so I can stick my phone on the fridge, the side of my desk, or the bathroom stall wall if I feel like it. Probably won't be putting my phone in my pocket next to a credit card however. The biggest plus for me is that there is no noise through my headphone cable while charging the phone wirelessly. My vehicle has Bluetooth, but only for call audio and not for media audio. This means I had to plug in my phone as well as an aux cable to listen to my podcast during my commute. However, with both those cables plugged in I was always getting some noise/static through the speakers. Often, this meant I could choose either charging or listening to my podcast and not both. Now, I can do both! The wireless charge isn't as fast as the wired connection, but I think I may purchase a 'quick charge' USB car adapter at some point which will speed that up. It's perfectly sufficient for me in my daily use, and while it might not charge my phone super-fast, it will still charge and keep my phone running. Overall, I'm super happy with this. I think it'd be better if the sticker for the back had better tape and the graphics were better, but I may end up peeling off the sticker and making my own cover for the four little magnets at some point. Or I'll just suck it up and buy a case. If you do have a case, there is a bit of room required for the magnets, so hopefully you won't have an issue.

Published: November 22, 2017
Rottay Gaming Keyboard Review 5m42s

Rottay Gaming Keyboard Review

I am really impressed with this keyboard. I've never owned a mechanical keyboard, so the loud blue switch clicking will take some getting used to. I do love the way it feels however, and I'm blown away by all the amazing color options available. The keyboard comes with 5 built in 'game modes' that only light up the most-used game keys, as well as the ability to 'lock' the Windows key which deactivates it so you don't have an accidental bump mid-game. There are also app shortcut keys along the top of the keyboard shared on the Function keys. F3 opens the on-screen Calculator, F4 opens your default music app, F5 through F8 are music/video controls and F9-F11 are volume controls. The color options live on the Ins and Del keys, as well as the arrow keys on the keyboard. Hitting Fn+Esc will reset the color options back to solid white, which Fn+PrtScrn will shut off the lights all together. I'm very impressed with the light show, and above all that satisfying 'clickity-clack' as I type this. So complexly satisfying.

Published: November 3, 2017
Rottay Gaming Mouse Pad Review 1m15s

Rottay Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Whenever I hear someone say this is a "gaming" mouse or a "gaming" keyboard or a "gaming" mouse pad, I get a little nervous that the term "gaming" is merely being tacked on to the product to appeal to a certain cross-section of consumers. I'm very pleased that's not the case with the Rottay Gaming Mouse Pad, as this thing is the real deal. Super tight responsiveness, great feel, non-slip, and waterproof so it'll wash right off after you knock over your Mountain Dew. I may not be using this for gaming, but I noticed a difference right away. It also comes with a nice little carrying pouch if you need to transport your mouse pad.

Published: November 3, 2017
Wireless Charger Reviews 3m10s

Wireless Charger Reviews

Both of these chargers are great cost-effective ways to introduce wireless charging into your home. I recommend both of them, though in this case the less expensive model might be better.

Published: October 26, 201711 views
FVTLED Solar Laser Light Projector Review 2m39s

FVTLED Solar Laser Light Projector Review

This light comes with a power cord if you want to plug it in or if it's not getting enough sun. It also comes with two methods of installation - a flat base that can be screwed into or otherwise connected to a flat surface, and a ground stake if you have a yard. There are pivot points above the stake connector and one on the solar panel so you can angle it toward the sunlight. There are no settings to speak of, which is the only complaint I might have about this light. You click the button on and it turns on when it's dark then charges during the day. It's not incredibly bright, which is probably good as it's shining toward our windows. I'm looking forward to actually having a light display this Christmas season.

Published: October 26, 2017158 views
Toddler finds out about her new baby sister1m03s

Toddler finds out about her new baby sister

3-year-old Leighton reveals the gender of her baby sibling on the way to her grandma and grandpa with help from Build-A-Bear. How cute is that?! Most kids would love to get a baby sibling, because it means that they will have a friend that they will love and cherish and protect forever. Some of these kids do have a preference though, especially if it's a boy with two sisters already and another one on the way. But some times your older child will scream and bang their head up against a wall, fearing that this new baby brother or sister will usurp all of mom's and dad's attention. This is where it is best that you show your older child that they will not feel lack of parental love and attention. You can help your firstborn accept the new sibling, by giving them special jobs around the baby, so that they feel included in this new creature's life. Ask for their advice about how to dress the baby, or if they want to read the baby a story. You can also read them stories about their new roles as older siblings; this way both the baby and the older child will feel at ease with each other and you will educate them on the simple pleasures of being siblings.

Published: June 28, 20174,157 plays$11.27 earned
myTake| GoerTek Socket Extender LED Night Light |review 2m51s

myTake| GoerTek Socket Extender LED Night Light |review

Get your own: http://a.co/3BMWsRX This is not a bad product at all. It's plastic, but it's built well. I love the little shelf for my phone on top - that's actually the best feature of this product! This will cover both your wall sockets, but in return you are getting four outlets (with ground plugs) and 2 USB ports. The "A" USB port is max 2.1 amp, while the "B" port is max 1.0. Basically, that means A will charge faster/provide more power and probably work with more of your Apple devices (that require a little more power, if my understanding is correct) than the B port. Neither port are "fast charging" ports, which would have easily bumped this to 5 stars. The nightlight on the front is a great touch and good use of space. The light is really warm - so very yellow. This is good for a nightlight because it won't fry your eyes in the middle of the night. However, you may be surprised at how yellow the light really is. The light isn't motion sensing, but there is a sensor on the bottom of the unit to sense when it's light/dark in the room. If the night light button is on, the light will come on when it's dark. I don't mind the button and I'm glad there is an option to turn it on/off, but I would have preferred a motion sensor light with the ability to turn that on/off instead. That isn't a huge knock against the product, I just was expecting a motion light when I read "sensor night light" and it isn't.

Published: April 7, 201734 views
LED Light Strip Overview / Review / Comparison 10m46s

LED Light Strip Overview / Review / Comparison

I know next-to-nothing about electrical, but I've learned some things from owning quite a few LED light strips and wanted to give an overview for my fellow shoppers looking to purchase an LED light strip but not sure about what all is involved. LED Light Strips in this video: Far Left: http://a.co/3FCEfSB (no longer available on amazon, another great option is http://a.co/gLyK0Sc - you can see my review of that at https://youtu.be/9Oo3XqYDPNk) Middle: http://a.co/dk5Ma1c Far right: http://a.co/3eD6m9A

Published: March 11, 201796 views
Puppy and toddler battle for toy supremacy1m13s

Puppy and toddler battle for toy supremacy

The cutest game of keep away ever. 2-year-old Leighton tries to keep Zayla the puppy from getting her toy. A cute back and forth ensues for quite sometime before Zayla figures out how to get her toy back. Eventually Zayla gets her toy, and sends Leighton on a bit of a goose chase to try and get the toy back. This is a classic game of keep away that could have gone on and on until one of them tired out. With both being young and energetic, who knows how long this little game went on for! Who will emerge victorious? You'll just have to watch to find out!

Published: December 18, 20161,325 plays$4.17 earned