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Veken Mini RC Drone Quadricopter Review6m27s

Veken Mini RC Drone Quadricopter Review

I was 100% prepared to be let down by this mini drone, but my expectations have been MORE than exceeded. I'm shocked by all the flight options there are (even though they take a while to get the hang of) and how easy it is to control right out of the box. Very cool - and the LED lights are a plus! It comes with regular AA batteries for the remote control and two rechargeable batteries for the drone itself. The charger is a simple USB plug that you can plug the batteries in to in order to charge - really easy to figure out. There are simple flight options - one joystick controls the height, the other banks - and more advanced options - hold in the right top trigger to do a rise and flip - as well as incremental adjustments using some of the many small buttons on the controller face. It'd be nice if they were labeled better, but it's a small enough controller you will learn it by feel. All in all, I'm really impressed at what I got for the cost. I've had other "mini quadricopters" that did not last a day, and so far we've had a lot of fun playing with this. Still a bit too complicated for the 4-year-old to control, but both her and the 1-year-old love to watch it fly.

Published: November 26, 201811 views
Little girl helps dad review remote control car5m21s

Little girl helps dad review remote control car

So far, I've been very impressed with this little RC vehicle. It's fast, easy to control, and the girls love it! It drives really well on medium-length carpet, which was what I was worried about initially - I wanted to make sure we could use this inside! It comes with two 9v batteries for the controller and 2 rechargeable battery packs for the car. I like that the batteries are rechargeable, but I would have preferred a non-rechargeable battery option as well. Rechargeable batteries eventually fade, and I'm not sure how high of quality these are. It would have been nice to have the option for 4 AA batteries in the vehicle itself as well. In our usage, the batteries seem to last long enough for some playtime - maybe 15 minutes or so. It's obvious when the batteries are starting to fade as the steering noticeably become less sharp and then the car eventually slows to a stop. The product description says it's "easy enough for a 5-year-old" - Leighton is 4 and she does pretty well (though steering while driving is a bit difficult for small hands), so I'd say that's accurate.

Published: November 26, 2018214 views
HB Illumination Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review 10m06s

HB Illumination Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

I own a number of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and they are all fairly similar in feature set. The Hydro-Beat Illumination has a similar feature set: volume up/down, quick Bluetooth pairing, ability to use as smartphone, waterproof, shockproof, rechargeable, etc. Where the HB Illumination stands out is the addition of an LED ring - it's subtle, but it makes it different. However, my favorite addition is probably that of the built-in FM radio - that's something I don't see often and so it's worth mentioning. Battery life and sound quality have been great so far. I don't like the multi-feature buttons for volume/track skip and I literally cannot remember from Bluetooth device to Bluetooth device which have long press/short press and which do what. I usually end up redialing when I mean to pause a song or skipping a track when I mean to adjust the volume. That's not a huge negative on the HB Illumination in particular, as I have the same issue with all by Bluetooth devices. I'm all for being more descriptive on the button icons. Get your own! http://a.co/d/hmCbx2M

Published: October 18, 2018
QBUC Qi Wireless Charger Pad Review 5m56s

QBUC Qi Wireless Charger Pad Review

Get your own | http://a.co/fkB1cW0 Really impressed by this charger. I own quite a few Qi wireless chargers, but this is the first charging pad that I've liked. It's super thin and lightweight and has a really nice clean shine to it. I like that it's obvious to tell when your phone is contacting the charging coils correctly, because the LED QBUC on the front lights up. I also like that the LED isn't an 'always on', which means you won't have a glowing light when it's not in use. The best part about this charging pad however is that it is - in fact - a TRUE 'fast charger', in that it comes with not only a micro-USB cable, but also a Fast Charging plug. Every other sub-$30 wireless charger I have purchased has toted itself as a "fast wireless charger", yet they only came with the charger and a micro-USB cable. None of them came with an adaptive fast charging plug, which means you only achieved a "fast wireless charge" if you plugged it in to a fast charging plug. That's borderline false advertising, but you don't have to worry about that with this QBUC model because adaptive fast charging is included. Kudos to QBUC.

Baby Has An Adorable Reaction Whenever Dad Blows Air In Her Face59s

Baby Has An Adorable Reaction Whenever Dad Blows Air In Her Face

Blowing on the face is a common trick. It triggers a reflex to hold the breath for a short moment. That stops the crying, and can also be used when washing the child's face etc. But this dad got a really different - and may we say adorable - reaction from his daughter when he blew air into the baby girl’s face! Check out 6-month-old Emery's adorable reaction when her dad blows air into her face. Priceless! Every time dad blows a bit of air in the sweet girl’s face, she sticks her tongue out and giggles like it is the best joke in the entire world. The smile she lets out everytime dad tickles her face with air is just too much to handle! We don’t know is having more fun dad or Emery, but we do know one thing. This is a clip for the books and they should not lose it. Not ever! This isn’t the only silly cute baby that we have seen that has such a priceless reaction to this harmless trick. Watch what happens when Katherine’s dad blows air onto his daughter's face . Now that's absolutely precious! Her reaction is priceless when her dad starts blowing into her face! Her face says: ‘What is happening right now?’. Katherine, we can see that you will have a lot of fun with your parents! Watching these adorable videos, we must ask ourselves: do babies actually like this stuff? It is actually a really great trick that parents are using for when their babies are upset, they are crying or when they are mad. Few huffs and puffs and they will forget why they were crying or why they were mad in the first place. Truly interesting trick!

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AngLink Small Clip On Fan Review 2m45s

AngLink Small Clip On Fan Review

Get your own! http://a.co/gSyBfAn This is a great little desk fan! It's small and has a lot of movement/placement options. The clip is nice, and I'm also really happy that you don't have to use the clip - the clip is weighted enough that the fan can stand on it's own. I like that this is rechargeable, but I've had "rechargeable" fans before that did not last long because the battery just didn't last and you couldn't even use it while plugged in - I'm hoping that's not the case with this fan and I get a few years of use out of it. There are dedicated power, speed up and speed down buttons on the back which are nice - no fumbling and having the fan at a 5 when you first turn it on. It's a nice touch.

Published: April 21, 2018
MAGQI Wireless Automatic Car Mount Charger Review 4m13s

MAGQI Wireless Automatic Car Mount Charger Review

I really like the concept of this wireless charger. Other "claw-grip" chargers I've had are fine, but I don't like having to pry the phone in and out of the mount. The wireless car charger I have is excellent, but it's a magnetic charger so I have a magnet stuck to the back of my phone and it can get really hot so I have to keep an eye on it so my phone doesn't overheat. This charger is a vent-mount charger. It does not come with a suction mount but it's a fairly standard mount so you may be able to find a suction mount that fits, if you're in to that sort of thing.The vent holder fits well and seems like it will hold through some bumps. Most impressive is the automatic claw grip that grabs your phone - it's a really neat little thing that makes this the first claw-grip mount I'll actually use. I like that there is a little holder that pops out from the bottom so in case you accidentally bump the claw release, your phone won't immediately drop and is held in place. What's more impressive is that this unit maintains a bit of a charge while off the charger - so if you have a care that cuts power to the USB/cigarette lighter plug when you turn it off or open your door, you will still be able to get your phone out of the clamp without having to turn your car back on. And most surprising/welcome inclusion is the ability to turn off the wireless charging feature if your phone is overheating - why don't all my vent-mount chargers have that feature? Get your own! http://a.co/auZruGU

Published: April 21, 2018
Alterola AE800 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review 4m20s

Alterola AE800 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

These are probably the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds I have tried. They fit perfectly with the default ear piece and they sound great. The biggest plus of the Alterola is the battery meter on the case - it's reminiscent of the old battery meter Apple used to put on their laptops, and it's much appreciated to be able to see when you're in need of a charge and how long you can go without charging the case. The case itself is nice and has a great little magnetic 'click' when closing. The earbuds are pretty easy to pair with a device and once I initially paired them with my phone I haven't had to reset up the connection. One of the oddities of these earbuds is the power button - both earbuds have buttons on them, but both must be powered on individually. I guess you could call this a feature if you only wanted to the use right earbud and wanted to leave the left one off, but it's a bit odd. Conversely, if you power off just one earbud, the other will follow. It's a little bit of an inconsistent design - not enough to knock off a star, but worth noting. Overall, I'm really impressed with these earbuds and have taken to wearing them regularly. Get your own at http://a.co/dmLH0aW

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MAGQI Wireless Power Bank Review 5m14s

MAGQI Wireless Power Bank Review

I own a few wireless chargers and a few power banks, but this is my first wireless power bank. Overall, this is an excellent product and it takes away some of the main annoyances I have with my power banks - namely, having a cord sticking out of my pocket attached to my phone. I already had a MAGQI magnet on my phone from my MAGQI car mount, so I was able to use this immediately. The magnetic pad is a little too thick for some cases, so keep than in mind if you use a case. I don't, so this fits my needs perfectly. The magnet attaches to the wireless charger firmly, as long as you have taken extra care to affix the magnetic pad to your phone with better double-sided tape that what it comes with. My only oddity with this unit is the way it turns on/off - On makes sense, but to turn it off you have to double-click the button. It's not a bad thing by any means, but it just feels odd to double-click a soft button in the age of long presses. Overall, another great product from MAGQI - they continue to solve my phone charging conundrums. Get your own at http://a.co/5oUma9J

Published: February 9, 2018237 views
Qi Wireless Phone Chargers Review 4m39s

Qi Wireless Phone Chargers Review

These two wireless charging offerings from JUNAN are among the most inexpensive Qi charging options I've found. They are both good little chargers, though they feel cheaply made, so I'm not certain of their longevity. Charger Stand | http://a.co/i9exhZR I'm not sure how much pressure the plastic base would withstand. Just don't yank on it and you'll most likely be okay. The charging disc slides up/down the stand which is an interesting, abeit mostly pointless, feature. The good of the feature is you can slide it to the bottom and lay your phone in the horizontal orientation. The bad of this feature is that it's difficult to tighten the disc to keep it from moving accidentally, and I've already had a couple times where it didn't exactly line up with my phone because I bumped it. The other weirdness is the placement of the micro-USB plug on the disc at the bottom, necessitating an odd kink in your USB cable or making it so your cable hangs out awkwardly behind the stand. I've already had inconsistent experiences with this charger, so while it's nice looking and a great way to jump in to the wireless charger environment, I hesitate to recommend it as your main wireless charging option. Charging Pad | http://a.co/50XX7Dx This charger doesn't have much style - in fact, there is a total lack of branding beyond the words "Wireless Charger" on the face of the plastic. I like that there isn't an obnoxious brand, and if you wanted to have a nice bit of SWAG for your brand, I could definitely see buying up a few of these, slapping a sticker on it, and giving them away as door prizes (you could do worse). The LED light around the edge of the unit is a great touch - it's red when nothing is on it, so I can't recommend this for placement in a bedroom because the LED is "always on" - and it's blue when your device is charging. Since this is a charging pad and not a stand, it's easier to miss your mark when placing your phone so just make sure your phone starts charging once it's placed. If you simply love your wireless charging, this would be a good unit to toss in a bag for travel - it's so small and compact you'll hardly notice it. The charging times seem comparable with other units I've tried (dependent on the power source feeding it, naturally).

Published: January 29, 201820 views
ZNT AirFits Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Review 3m51s

ZNT AirFits Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Review

The ZNE AirFits are an excellent alternative to other extremely expensive offeings. Great sound, great fit (and I typically don't like earbuds), and super compact design. The case acts as a charging base and battery pack for the AirFits, so you can get a lot of hours out of these. To turn them on, just pick them up. If they aren't already paired with a device, the right earbud will automatically connect to the left earbud, which will go in to pairing mode. Connect to ZNT AirFits on your device and you're good to go! There is a single button on each ear bud that offers all the control you will need. Single press to answer a call, single press to hang up, double press to ignore a call. When listening to music, single press to play, single press to pause, and double tap to go to the next track. Pressing and holding the button on the left earbud for 1 second will open up your voice assistant on your phone (be it Siri or Google or other). Get your own! | http://a.co/dl3b3PO

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Touch Screen Gloves Review 3m23s

Touch Screen Gloves Review

Get your own | http://a.co/6PQ4c3q I like these gloves - I like that there is a 'medium' size available and not just "men's" and "women's" (because I normally have to order the women's), and I like how the medium size fits. These are one of the best touchscreen gloves I've used - the tacky/sticky palms are nice because it reduces the chance of dropping your phone and the medium fits tight enough that I feel like I have a pretty good angle when tapping on my phone's screen. My main complaint about these gloves is against the marketing - these are NOT "winter gloves". They are not windproof or waterproof or thermal or bear proof. I won't expect them to be for the price, but I don't think they should be marketed this way. My other negative is a small one - I don't mind the finger and thumb being different colors so you know where you can touch your phone, but the lightning bolt on the side and the power icon on the index finger serve no purpose and are really just an odd generic design choice. I'm glad they are at least reflective, but it seems like an odd choice and it makes these gloves less professional, in my opinion. They're good $10 gloves, but NOT winter gloves.

Published: January 28, 201837 views
Sweat Seal Shirt Review 4m43s

Sweat Seal Shirt Review

Sweat Seal is the ultimate undershirt - designed to prevent pit stains. It got it's start on Shark Tank and after a successful crowd funding campaign, how does it actually hold up in the real world? Check out sweatseal.com for for information.

Published: January 28, 2018461 views
Kaseberry LED Flame Effect Bulb Review 4m19s

Kaseberry LED Flame Effect Bulb Review

Get your own | http://a.co/ahwJDMQ I'm torn on this bulb. I like the concept and I like the flame effect - it looks really cool and a lot more like a candle/flame than I was expecting! However, there are a couple large misteps I think keep this light from being a perfect effect light. I think it's great that there are 3 different light modes. I do think it's one too many, but I'm really happy there is a 'solid' mode included if you just don't need or want the flame effect at that time. That said, the only way to move between modes is to turn the light off and back on again, which is SUPER cumbersome, and also means if you really really really want that flame effect light, you will have to power cycle the light a couple times every time you turn it on, as the light will not remember the last mode you had it on. If this light came on to the prior mode, this wouldn't be an issue. If the light had a remote or switch or something to set the mode, this wouldn't be an issue. As it is, it's a huge issue that keeps this light from being great. This light is really orange, which is good for the flame effect. I love the way the LEDs are diffused through the cover - it's really impressive. Aside from the pointless 'breathing' mode and the awkward way of setting a mode, this light is a good effect light, just remember you have to turn it on and off 2 times before you get to the effect you want.

Published: January 18, 2018
Yingkeer Y11 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 7m22s

Yingkeer Y11 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Yingkeer Y11 is a great Mechanical Keyboard with some sharp design elements. This keyboard types and feels great, and has an excellent modern hard-edge perimeter design around the edge of the keyboard. The design is a definite plus, and I like the minimalist blue LED dots for the Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock lights. I do wish the meanings/symbols on those lights were visible in the dark, but those lights are in the same order on pretty much every keyboard so it's not a big deal that they aren't. There are a few different LED lighting modes on the keyboard which you can access using the Fn key plus one of the Ins, Del, Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys. There are also a few gaming key layouts you can access using the Fn key and the numbers 1-5. This keyboard really is plug-and-play, as you will see in my video review. There is no setup required to get the Function shortcuts along the top working with your default programs, so you don't have to take time with any sort of key mapping. As soon as you plug it in, lights are on and you're ready to go. The main negative I have with this keyboard is with the LED light modes. I guess I've been spoiled with keyboards that have multi-color LEDs behind every key - this one does not. The keys will stay the same color regardless of what mode you're in. The Function row is always red, the numbers always green, etc. It doesn't negatively impact the performance of the keyboard, but I want to make sure I mention it so you don't feel misled by the claim of LED-lit keys. They are LED lit, they just aren't RGB LED behind every key. Another small positive is the ability to lock the Windows key, if you're gaming and don't want to bump it. However, that brings a minor negative of there being no indicator of when the Windows key is actually locked, apart from the key literally not working. While a good keyboard, I prefer my Rottay mechanical keyboard over this one - the LED lights and features are more versatile, and at the time of this video it's the same price as the Yingkeer Y11 on Amazon at $49.99.

Published: December 17, 2017
MAGQI Bluetooth Speaker Review 7m13s

MAGQI Bluetooth Speaker Review

MAGQI has designed a couple of great Bluetooth speaker offerings. In the oversaturated market of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, smart little choices are what will set your devices apart. With the S1 and S2 Bluetooth speakers, MAGQI has made both positive and negative little choices. Both are excellent portable waterproof and dustproof wireless speaker options, so how are they different and how is MAGQI setting themselves apart? First, the positive little things: -Packaging is great -Speaker design and button icons are kept appropriately minimal -MAGQI includes both a Micro-USB charging cable AND an "aux" cable (1/8" to 1/8", male-to-male, headphone jack to headphone jack) -Leather hand strap is a nice touch -Immediately enters pairing mode when turning it on for the first time -Device name shows up on devices as "MAGQI-S2" and "MAGQI-S1" so there's no confusion about what device(s) you're connecting to -Ability to do hands-free calling as well as listen to music -Great sound (it is a speaker, after all) -Waterproof and dustproof Now, the negative little things: -Pill-shape feels derivative -Useless brand badge in the middle of the face of the S2 speaker. It's NOT a functional button or light and it disrupts an otherwise brilliant minimalist design -Low-battery indicator is almost the most annoying thing I can think of. If I were designing a low-battery indicator for devices I hate, I would choose something that's incessant, annoying, interrupts what you're currently doing, and plays every few seconds. The negatives aren't enough for me to not recommend these speakers, but if I had to choose one, I would most definitely go with the diamond-shaped MAGQI S1 speaker over the S2 model. There aren't any differences in functionality that I can tell, but the little successes and better visual design of the S1 outweigh the negatives of the S2. MAGQI S1: http://a.co/5TahY2v MAGQI S2: http://a.co/eFzF0rM

Published: December 10, 2017