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 Reasons Why People Suffer From Back Pain And What to Do About It3m33s

Reasons Why People Suffer From Back Pain And What to Do About It

Back pain is extremely common. 80% of all people experience some kind of back pain in their lives, and these super common bad habits could be making it worse. There are many things that we are doing on a daily basis without even thinking about it that can exacerbate an existing condition or create a new one. We may not even be aware of what we are doing to cause the pain. So what are these habits? Watch this video to find out! Everyone knows that how we lift heavy objects can definitely affect our backs. But for plenty of people, we don't think twice before picking up our children, or think about our body posture we are picking them up. Daily activities such as this can cause a great amount of stress to the back. Don't worry - nobody is saying to stop snuggling those munchkins. Rather, it is important to just be conscious about body posture. Proper lifting techniques involve avoiding bending and twisting at the waist. Always avoid using the waist to lift heavy items. When picking up an object off the floor, it's best to squat and to keep the spine as straight as possible. Reach down and hold the object as close to the body, then stand up. Use those powerful leg muscles instead of putting the stress on the spine. The next common culpret? Work! Most people spend a lot of time at work sitting down. Depending on their positioning and their ergonomics, they could be making their back pain a lot worse. So, one of the best things we can do for our backs is to take frequent breaks from sitting or standing too long. Our beds, our mattresses, and our sleep positions can also be major factors in our back's health . Mattresses that are too firm or too soft can easily shift the spine out of alignment. The important thing is to find a mattress with medium give and make sure that the spine will be aligned. A supportive mattress that keeps the spine straight and neutral can prevent back pain. Obviously, not everyone sleeps in the same position, and so it's not just mattresses that make the difference. Some people sleep on their back or side, which are both healthy positions for the back. Sleeping on the belly, however, is never recommended because in almost all circumstances, the spine is not in a natural position. So, avoid stomach sleep will help to avoid back pain in the mornings. For women, our menstrual cycles can often effect how and when we experience back pain. Hormones released during menstruation can cause back pain for a lot of women as well as cramping and other pains throughout the body. Being a smoker has shown to increase the amount of back pain. This is because smoking causes damage to the small blood vessels that feed the spine. This also increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone density loss. Different aspects of how we dress can also cause back pain. The types of shoes we wear, carrying a heavy bag, or even an unsupportive bra can cause pain. Not only wearing high heels can cause back pain but also other footwear such as flip flops and shoes with uneven soles can contribute to an abnormal gait and abnormal stress on the spine. Fitness is another factor in developing chronic back . Strength in the core muscles that surround the spine and stabilize the spine will help prevent a spine injury from happening, and staying in good shape means less stress on the spine. Anxiety and stress are definitely related because anxiety can be the cause of the pain, and it can also be the result. When we start to experience back pain, the best bet is to head straight to the doctor. They can be a guide in the initial treatments, including medications and conservative therapy.

Published: September 24, 2018
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