Five Quick And Easy Meal Tricks

Published October 23, 2018 181,784 Plays

Rumble Life hacks are always so useful. They allow you to do things in a much easier way than usual. They are usually made using cheap things or things around your house and allow quick solutions to things that may be difficult, inconvenient or annoying. Hacks can include ways to better sort your fridge using cheap items, a tennis ball hanging in your garage to let you know how far to pull your car in, or even how to cleanly wrap up all those long wires! This video will be discussing top five quick and easy food hacks. Food hacks are probably the best, because who doesn’t love eating. It is something people do multiple times a day, and is a big part of everyone’s life. Without food, you wouldn’t be able to survive, so it is awesome to seem some hacks. Make sure to jot this list down so you can put these hacks into an effect the next time you are in the kitchen. In fact, make your own list of hacks if you know any so you can see if any made this list!

The first hack appearing on this list is a rigatoni pasta pie in a mug! First you must get a regular mug for coffee and put a couple of spoonfuls of marina at the bottom and cover it with mozzarella and basil. After doing that you must cover it with more marinara sauce, lay out some cooked and cooled rigatoni pasta, and cover it with more pasta. You are creating layers in this mug just like layering a pie! After topping with parmesan cheese, you heat it in your oven for 20 minutes, and there you have it! A beautiful pasta pie that can fit nice in your mug and easy to eat! You can flip it over onto a plate and let the bottom layers fall over the noodles, it looks very tasty!

Another tasty looking item on this list is the Hasselback chicken. You take your chicken breast and make little slits width wise down the chicken breast, then season it however you like. Next you are going to put olive oil in your pan along with some baby spinach and cook with ricotta cheese. With this spinach and cheese mixture, you will get spoonfuls and start to fill in the slits you made in your chicken breast. Once all the slits are filled with the spinach dip, you will cover your chicken with white cheddar cheese and some paprika. Once they are seasoned and filled with dip, the chicken breasts are ready to enter the oven. This chicken will be baked in the oven for almost 20 minutes until they are ready for eating! They come out looking so delicious and the slits you made are perfect for cutting in slices. You have delicious chicken breast, cheesy goodness, and some nice spinach dip to go along with it. Definitely something you should try making! There are more hacks to see in this video and all these recipes look very delicious. They are some really creative and easy ways to go about cooking delicious meals!