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Are they all really dead 18s

Are they all really dead

While waiting for the cameras to roll the fella playin the corps adjusted himself and it cracked me up!!! A fella MOVIN in a coffin adjusting himself is just not something I see everyday....

How To Help A Orphaned Bird 9m37s

How To Help A Orphaned Bird

The BEST solution for any baby animal is to be with its Mommy!!! If at all possible if you come across a baby bird from a nest put it back in the nest.. Mommy WILL TAKE it back and it will do best with her!!! Sometimes that isn't possible and fostering it till it can be released is necessary.. What to feed the baby then becomes essential for its development into adulthood.. Most local pet stores like PetSmart carries a baby bird formula that will provide a perfectly balanced diet to build strong healthy bones and organs and give them a long healthy life.. Watch here and I will show you how easy it really is to make a difference between life and death in a fallen birds life!!

This video Dedicated To Steelo Brim BE FEARLESS 1m35s

This video Dedicated To Steelo Brim BE FEARLESS

As a huge fan of the show Ridiculousness it has come to my attention that Steelo Brim has a fear of racoons.. For some odd reason now when I have to deal with them I think of him and crack up thinkin about the reactions I have seen him have when they are on a video.. I made this video is to show that the truth is the wild racoons are way more afraid of people, other than Steelo, than people are of them.. Given the chance they will run away vs fight you.. I really hope this video helps calm others with the raccoon fear.

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Emotional Support Animal Hard At Work 38s

Emotional Support Animal Hard At Work

Some times ya just need someone to take your hand and let ya know it's gonna be OKAY. That is exactly what Emotional Support Animal Java Macaque Angel Bullock does. She tightly holds her Human sendin tingles of emotional support with the simple touch of her adorable lil hand.. She takes her job seriously and does it well.. This song was specially written for her by the band Danger Monkey. Download your copy by clicking this link Misfitland https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077VQ3RHN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_lve8AbZKQFW7J

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Naked and Afraid Exposes What Life Is Like Being A Wild Animal 5m25s

Naked and Afraid Exposes What Life Is Like Being A Wild Animal

Ever desire to live WILD and free? No job, no bills, no cellphone, no human development at all just you and nature? Sounds like a dream come true until it really comes true and the REALITY of it smacks ya in the face! Truth is freedom isn't free no matter what species you are! Only the strong survive in such harsh reality and even the strong gets weak under pressure and without food and fresh water. The will to live in a daily fight for life is strong and exhausting! The difference between these people and the animals is the animals don't get to TAP OUT like the humans do when they get weak nor does it end before they take their last breath.

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Lipstick addicted monkey 1m27s

Lipstick addicted monkey

As soon as her shower is over this Java Macaque wants her lipstick back on! She is determined to always look her BEST even though she has NO control of her lil tongue as it is applied. Such a preppy lil monkey this girl is.

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Monkey forces human away! Wait for the final shove 2m09s

Monkey forces human away! Wait for the final shove

Often you wonder if your animal enjoys the things you do with it. Unless it's a monkey! Monkeys has a very sound way of getting a point across. Watch this Java Macaque tell his human NO I DON'T WANT TO BE TOUCHED as he holds her back with his foot keeping her away from him while playing with the roll of tape he is ripping off. Next he lets her know he DON'T wanna be Baby Talked or Babied in any way as he gives her a final SHOVE before climbing away. Bugs Bullock is a 18 year old thick headed spoiled rotten punk monkey but we love him here at Misfitland.

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Monkey Lovingly Befriends A Monkey Puppet3m27s

Monkey Lovingly Befriends A Monkey Puppet

Owning a pet monkey comes with big challenges, but they can make joyful life-long companions. Caring for a monkey requires loads of time and patience, and it's one of the biggest commitments you'll ever make. If you're the special type of person who could accommodate a pet monkey, start doing research about what type would be the best fit. Provide a place equipped with lots of toys and help him feel comfortable. You need to also prepare to spend many hours playing with your monkey because some of them, like this one in the video, will love playing with toys. In this particular case this other monkey that the owner has for the real monkey is just a puppet that he tries to trick his pet into thinking that this must be a case of introduction. We don't know for sure, but this might actually be a good way for you to try with your pet if you are thinking about introducing your pet to some other animal before actually doing so. If you are thinking of getting another animal, first be sure to see your first pets reaction to a puppet version and decide upon if its worth the trouble upon your first pets reaction. Ether way, this is a heartwarming video as this monkey will take you by surprise as it acts in the kindest and cutest manner toward this puppet monkey. That is of course till he finds out that this monkey its not real. Ether way, Angel Bullock the Java Macaque received a puppet monkey in the mail and with a little help from a human, the adorable puppet appears real enough to get hugs and kisses from Angel. It's her new BFF!

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Ever watched a monkey and realize just how much we are alike? This Java Macaque uses her lil fingers to do the same things we do includin grabbing her sippy cup and drinkin from the straw just like you!! Their likeness to us is truly remarkable in SO many ways!

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Ambidextrous Monkey Excited For Her Supplements 3m53s

Ambidextrous Monkey Excited For Her Supplements

This right handed girl is not limited to using it. Watch as she grabs with her right dominate hand but quickly converts to her left hand without hesitation what I hand it to her. Such skill is impressive after sufferin from a broken right elbow and knowin how difficult such a simple yet skilled task it really is being able to use both.

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Monkey Busted Red Handed 9s

Monkey Busted Red Handed

This Java Macaque knows better than to be messing around with the fish tank stuff but has NO self control to avoid the trouble that comes along with gettin under there.. When confronted she does the first thing that comes to most of our minds and she ran Silly Monkey m, She owns me..

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Monkey Goes Ape When Mail Is For Her 3m19s

Monkey Goes Ape When Mail Is For Her

This lil monkey girl is beyond excited to open a box addressed directly to her. Like a kid at Christmas she roots through the goodies that filled the box. Her excitement is heart filling to watch and even her kitty cat ended up with a gift aka the box. Thankz to Kellie Rau for such a sweet box of treats from her wishlist.. She is in Monkey Paradise!! She wouldn't even wait for her popsicles to freeze.. She had to drink one right NOW! If you want to send Angel or the other monkeys a gift here is the link. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/O95KMKDOLJR0 Kellie sure made Angels day special no doubt..

Diva monkey applies her own lipstick53s

Diva monkey applies her own lipstick

This adorable Java Macaque named Angel Bullock has mastered the art of lookin' good! She is known around the world for her stylish appearance and diva ways!

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Tuckin My Monkey In Bed 25s

Tuckin My Monkey In Bed

After hearing about her long day and kitty cat drama Angel Bullock is ready to cover up and call it a night.. Bedtime is her favorite part of the day.. She gives me no trouble at all taken her shower just so she has the privilege of sleepin in a human bed.. There is no doubt from anyone that she TOTALLY owns me..

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Monkey refuses to let go of owner's hand1m20s

Monkey refuses to let go of owner's hand

This monkey is starving for human touch and interaction! She just can't get enough even if it's just holding on to a finger or two. She has to have human contact of some sort to be content.

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Little monkey tries to pee on big monkey out of revenge 2m03s

Little monkey tries to pee on big monkey out of revenge

Jealousy and revenge can be bad things when we allow it to take over and this video demonstrats both.. The larger monkey, aka Angel Bullock, don't want to share her Human and out of revenge gets into the smaller monkey, aka Tupacca Bullock, cage knowin she hates anyone in HER space!! SOOOOOOO Tupacca decided to pee on Angel as the ultimate revenge.. Then when that didn't work she jumped on me bringin the green eyed monster out if the Angel.. They are like kids in SOOOOOOO many ways..

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This 18 year old rescued Java Macaque Bugs Bullock knows how to use his manly stubbornness to get what he wants and make his Human beg.. However when his Human uses her stubbornness and challenges him back he gives in quickly under the pressure.. He gives her a few Monkey chews/kisses and huggs of happiness and part apology for bein SO stubborn. It was quickly accepted and enjoyed..

A good meal on the go is important for ALL primates 3m17s

A good meal on the go is important for ALL primates

Nothin is SO relaxing as a long drive with a good friend, a song that was written just for your monkey, and some good munchies! This Diva Monkey Angel Bullock knows how to live life to the fullest! She takes in the view while listening to Misfitland on her cd player! This song was written just for/about her! She is the lil Angel by my side and listening/watching her enjoy her healthy snacks and bright eyes watching everything makes my heart so happy! You can download your copy of Misfitland now at https://www.amazon.com/Misfitland/dp/B077VQ3RHN

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Monkey enjoys wine glass of Mona-vie premier acai blend HER way 1m35s

Monkey enjoys wine glass of Mona-vie premier acai blend HER way

Came across a bottle of Mona-vie. Knowing all the AMAZING benefits that come along with this tasty drink I decided to share it with my Java Macaque aka Angel Bullock. She enjoyed it so much she just couldn't walk away without comin back and slowly lickin up each drop she had accidentally spilled. Well sometimes I think it's accidentally on purpose but she is cute so I deal with it..

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The Kiss Exchange 13s

The Kiss Exchange

Hangin out with my 17 year old Blue and Gold McCaw, Grace, exchanging kisses.. She sure knows how to make me feel LOVED..

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Parrot experiences ASMR tingles during massage 1m58s

Parrot experiences ASMR tingles during massage

This bird shows the feelin we all get when we are given a good ol massage. You can visably see the pure enjoyment she is experiencing just by watchin her eyes roll to the back of her head and her eye feathers dancin up on her face. It's the feelin of AHHHHHH we all love to experience...

Pet Human Has Chat With Monkey 1m56s

Pet Human Has Chat With Monkey

It's no secret that this monkey has trained her Human to act and communicate like primates of her own species over the last 21 years of her life.. They not only communicate with sounds but also the same monk like body language!! Between the grunts, head nods, and nose grabbing these two have broken the communication barrier between species.. Talkin about their day is the best part of their night!!

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