Happy Doggy Literally Smiles During Belly Rubs

Published October 2, 2018 6,369 Plays $4.55 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis dog could not be any happier! Watch as she lies on her back in the park and gets a belly rub from her owner. The smile says it all! This is one happy dog, with a giant grin on her face, her arms raised high in the air and a wagging tail! Those teeth sticking out of her mouth are just adorable and she knows it!

Sara is a rescued dog that was abandoned and dumped on the road. The poor pup was hungry, dirty and lost when she was found and her rescuers took her to a nearby shelter. After they cleaned her up and gave her the medical treatment she needed, Sara was put up for adoption, looking for that perfect home full of love and happiness! After weeks of families coming and going, Sara finally found her forever home!

As you can see in the video, Sara could not be any happier with her new family! She has been living in her new home with her new parents for the past 6 years. As much life and happiness they have brought her over the years, she has also brought to them, completing their little family.

They love to spend Saturday mornings at the park, playing Frisbee and rolling around in the grass playing. This heartwarming moment was caught on camera when Sara rolled over for a belly rub and as her owner happily obliged, a giant smile crept out on the puppy’s face, grinning from ear to ear. This happy dog is defiantly in her happy place, there is no doubt about that.

Sara’s happy face is so contagious that you cannot watch this video without smiling yourself. To see a dog that went from the gutters, cold and hungry, to lying on the grass all cuddles up with her owner and smiling ear to ear is just a beautiful story. Like a tall tale with a very happy ending. The adorable pup even curls her paws around her owner’s hand to make sure she doesn’t leave her, which may stem from being abandoned in the past. The other paw sticks straight up in the air and hilariously holds there as she enjoys her belly rubs! hen her owner stops rubbing her belly for even a second, Sara starts rolling around, giving small nudges to keep going. This dog could just lie there all day as long as her owner keeps rubbing her belly.

As the camera zooms out, you see two other dogs come into the shot looking to get in on the action. These other pups are Sara’s best friends that she spends her days playing with. These three dogs have become inseparable since Sara joined the family and this is usually how they spend their Saturdays, lounging in the park. When the other dogs realize that Sara is getting all of the attention, they bust in, jealous of the affection the little adopted pup is getting and try to get in on the action. They look like a very happy family indeed!