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Capuchin monkey meets miniature poodle puppy2m33s

Capuchin monkey meets miniature poodle puppy

Tommy the Capuchin monkey meets an adorable mini poodle for the very first time in this incredibly heartwarming clip. Watch how cute their interaction is! The little puppy is sort of baffled at the presence of this unusual creature that looks like miniature, way hairier version of his owner. The monkey, on the other hand, is curious to the point of stuffing his face in the puppy's muzzle and poking him in the fur. Tommy then goes of to investigate the pink leash that still hangs from the puppy. This doesn't taste nice. He jumps on the table, completely bewildered; that puppy still doesn't wanna play. So he grabs the handle of the leash and gives it a tug; the puppy still doesn't move. This is when Tommy realizes that there is only one thing left to be done. He has to cuddle with the puppy. So he climbs back on the recliner, approaches the scared pooch slowly and starts rubbing her on behind the ears and on the neck. The monkey's gesture seems to ease her anxiety, because the puppy turns towards Tommy and sniffs him! This introduction is a success! If you found this clip as adorable as we did, don't forget to share it with your friends.

Published: June 26, 201768,921 views
Capuchin monkey loves to play basketball38s

Capuchin monkey loves to play basketball

Tommy the capuchin monkey has made it clear what his favorite sport is as he dribbles a basketball around the pavement. Even though the ball is almost as big as him, Tommy won't let that stop him from practicing his skills!

Published: February 23, 201610,942 views
Capuchin monkey plays catch with his owner1m30s

Capuchin monkey plays catch with his owner

Tommy the Capuchin monkey shows that he's just like us when it comes to playing games. Watch him toss an object back and forth with a friend as they play a game of catch. Notice how Tommy listens and knows exactly how to play!

Published: January 5, 20166,997 views
Loving monkey watches over litter of puppies2m15s

Loving monkey watches over litter of puppies

Tommy the Capuchin monkey spends some quality time with these newborn puppies. See how he gives them kisses and continually pets them, along with some soothing chirping sounds. Tommy has a heart of gold!

Published: October 23, 201537,918 views
Monkey Meets Adorable Puppies For The First Time55s

Monkey Meets Adorable Puppies For The First Time

If you are in dire need of some pick-me-up, look no further – we have got you covered! Everyone, meet Tommy! He is one curious Capuchin monkey and right now we see him meeting a litter of newborn puppies for the first time. We are melting from the inside out, they are so cute! Watch as he caresses the puppies and scratches them behind the ears, while giving them gentle kisses. Just like a tiny, hairy human, Tommy the Capuchin goes gaga for those tiny pups. He just can't get enough of the adorableness in front of him, so he grabs and hugs every single one of those tiny nubs. It seems the monkey has found a pets, or several of them. This is not at all unusual for a monkey to feel charmed by another animal's young. Apes and other kinds of monkey have been seen caressing tiger and lion subs in zoos and sanctuaries. Apes in the wild have been known to keep rocks as pets, literally! The desire for companionship is present and strong in every living creature, no matter the breed. Companionship gives us comfort and unconditional love, the kind that makes us move forward with ease.

Published: March 28, 20155,366,498 views