Capuchin monkey meets miniature poodle puppy

Published June 26, 2017 4,052 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsTommy the Capuchin monkey meets an adorable mini poodle for the very first time in this incredibly heartwarming clip. Watch how cute their interaction is!

The little puppy is sort of baffled at the presence of this unusual creature that looks like miniature, way hairier version of his owner. The monkey, on the other hand, is curious to the point of stuffing his face in the puppy's muzzle and poking him in the fur. Tommy then goes of to investigate the pink leash that still hangs from the puppy. This doesn't taste nice.

He jumps on the table, completely bewildered; that puppy still doesn't wanna play. So he grabs the handle of the leash and gives it a tug; the puppy still doesn't move. This is when Tommy realizes that there is only one thing left to be done. He has to cuddle with the puppy.

So he climbs back on the recliner, approaches the scared pooch slowly and starts rubbing her on behind the ears and on the neck. The monkey's gesture seems to ease her anxiety, because the puppy turns towards Tommy and sniffs him! This introduction is a success!

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  • einsteinparrot, 2 years ago

    Tommy is being very sweet! The poodle is being very submissive, not really sure about this funny looking human!

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  • natstonewolf, 2 years ago

    Tommy is priceless! I know it's instinct to comb through the hair looking for treats, but he is treating that puppy so gentle and really seems to want to hug and get super bonded instead!. I hope they become best of friends! Thanks for more smiles Tommy!:):):)

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    • Shelda7, 2 years ago

      They have been playing super great together. She's starting to act more like a monkey! lol

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