1. A Christmas camp Story

    A Christmas camp Story
  2. The Christmas Tree

    The Christmas Tree
  3. Father/sons water slide fun

    Father/sons water slide fun
  4. Cabin in the woods

    Cabin in the woods
  5. C.B.H Remembrance Day 2020

    C.B.H Remembrance Day 2020
  6. Fort Howe

    Fort Howe
  7. Fort La Tour

    Fort La Tour
  8. Sculptures by the water

    Sculptures by the water
  9. The reversing falls

    The reversing falls
  10. Light House coast line

    Light House coast line
  11. Louisbourg Light House

    Louisbourg Light House
  12. Surprise visit with my boys

    Surprise visit with my boys
  13. Halifax Public Gardens

    Halifax Public Gardens
  14. S&L Railway Museum

    S&L Railway Museum
  15. Natural history museum

    Natural history museum
  16. Egyptian Mummies & Eternal Life

    Egyptian Mummies & Eternal Life
  17. Miners Memorial Park

    Miners Memorial Park
  18. Lower Point light house

    Lower Point light house
  19. Mira Provincial Park

    Mira Provincial Park
  20. The Jost Heritage House

    The Jost Heritage House
  21. Two Rivers wildlife park

    Two Rivers wildlife park
  22. Wentworth Park

    Wentworth Park
  23. Chedabucto Bay Arichat

    Chedabucto Bay Arichat
  24. Father/Sons camping trip

    Father/Sons camping trip
  25. Little Anse beach

    Little Anse beach