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Gathering The Twins Proves To Be A Difficult Workout 43s

Gathering The Twins Proves To Be A Difficult Workout

“There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins.” said 19th century American humorist Josh Billings. Those of you out there who do have twin kids know how painfully true this is. Every kid who has the pleasure of growing up with a sibling knows how immeasurable their companionship can be. But twins have been together literally since the beginning of their time and there is little that can be done to stop them! These twins are double the trouble and double the work! Their mom does her very best to put both her twin babies into clean nappies and clothes and ready for bed, but the dynamic duo seems to have something else entirely in mind. She leaves one baby in the room while running to get the one that went rogue in the hallway. But as soon as she reaches the bedroom with the rogue baby girl, her sister is already out the door, on all fours, ready to conquer the rest of the house. Sleeping be damned! Mom drops one baby on the floor and runs for the first one, but the second one is quick to follow mommy in her footsteps. Grandma is watching the entire thing and laugh her heart out, because this can only be seen in cartoons and the Three Stooges. That is comedy gold right there! The mom made a total of four round trips, retrieving each baby, until she was able to close the door to prevent further baby spillage. Twins really are a handful!

Helmet Headbutt19s

Helmet Headbutt

10 month old Callen finds some fun in trying on his helmet for the first time.

Dry heaving queen 34s

Dry heaving queen

Twins Quinn and Callen try eggs for the first time. Neither of them were fans but Quinn takes it to a new level with her dry heaving antics.

Adorable Twins Are Not Making Meal Time Easy2m00s

Adorable Twins Are Not Making Meal Time Easy

Taking care of kids is not an easy task. It is already hard enough when you only have one child, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to take care of twins. Twins are double the trouble but that means there is also double the cuteness as well! Having twins is a struggle from the start, starting from the pregnancy, when a women's body is stretched from the limits and you feel like you are going to blow up at any moment. Once they are born, there are many more challenges to come! Everything needs to be counted in multiples, starting from feeding, burping, and changing diapers! They always need your full attention, which doesn't give you a lot of alone time. Its okay though, they are only young for so long. Twins might have a special bond between each other, but the competition is never ending! One twin always wants more than the other! So funny! This mom shows us that there is always a constant struggle on deciding who gets to eat first! After trying solid food for the third day, 6-month-old Callen isn't wanting to share with his twin sister Quinn! Their mom is doing a great job trying to be fair, but this video is just too funny!

Bow-shooting father surprises family at gender reveal party59s

Bow-shooting father surprises family at gender reveal party

Over the course of the last few years, gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular. Some would argue that they have become more popular than baby showers as of late. The thing about gender reveal parties is the creativity that goes into the actual reveal. The Trombley family had a clever way of introducing their twin babies - coming in January 2017! At the party, the inevitable happened. It was time for the reveal. The party came to a halt, and everyone made their way out to the range-area. While there, the father-to-be set up targets on the deer dummy that will omit coloured smoke to reveal the gender of each child. After a few whiffed shots, both targets were hit, and everyone found out that there is going to be both a boy and a girl entering the family. How awesome! With two children on the way, this gender reveal party definitely made shopping for the family a little easier! Cheers to the family and their new additions. Check out this awesome gender reveal for a pair of twins. Filmed in Michigan, USA.

Toddler's incredible survival story will melt your heart57s

Toddler's incredible survival story will melt your heart

Kendall is about to turn 2 years old. She was born 12 weeks early weighing less than 2 pounds. She required heart surgery at 6 weeks and then open heart surgery at 16 weeks. Due to being intubated she had some paralysis of her vocal cords and it wasn't clear if she would get the full use of them back. She spent almost 5 months in the hospital, and due to recovering from surgery and her prematurity she was delayed physically. The good news is that she just started walking a month ago and now is hard to keep up with! Listen to her claim she's "sick" as she walks around the kitchen. What an incredible story!