Adorable Twins Are Not Making Meal Time Easy

LATrombleyPublished: June 17, 2017Updated: June 19, 2017116,726 views
Published: June 17, 2017Updated: June 19, 2017

Taking care of kids is not an easy task. It is already hard enough when you only have one child, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to take care of twins. Twins are double the trouble but that means there is also double the cuteness as well! Having twins is a struggle from the start, starting from the pregnancy, when a women's body is stretched from the limits and you feel like you are going to blow up at any moment. Once they are born, there are many more challenges to come!

Everything needs to be counted in multiples, starting from feeding, burping, and changing diapers! They always need your full attention, which doesn't give you a lot of alone time. Its okay though, they are only young for so long. Twins might have a special bond between each other, but the competition is never ending! One twin always wants more than the other! So funny! This mom shows us that there is always a constant struggle on deciding who gets to eat first! After trying solid food for the third day, 6-month-old Callen isn't wanting to share with his twin sister Quinn! Their mom is doing a great job trying to be fair, but this video is just too funny!

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    kei ยท 1 year ago

    aaw so cute and adorable.. the lil guy will grow up to be patient with his sister. what an amazing mom