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First time on skis and cannot stop! Hilarious!!! 2m57s

First time on skis and cannot stop! Hilarious!!!

My friend first time on skis and he is up with me on blue ski tracks, in order to beat his fear and learn faster, however he only went downhill faster...luckily no one was hurt. At times i was petrified as i felt he was going to hurt himself badly and there is a moment i literally hoped he will fall and stop in that way so we can end this crazy attempt.

Breathtaking underwater springs reveal hidden geological wonder3m46s

Breathtaking underwater springs reveal hidden geological wonder

Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake in the Balkans and is shared between the countries of Macedonia and Albania. It is fed primarily by these underground springs on the eastern shore that consist of crystal clear water. Tourists can visit and take boat rides in this majestic place that is truly a hidden treasure of Europe.

Next-gen sim racing - Assetto Corsa - Nordschleife record lap onboard7m31s

Next-gen sim racing - Assetto Corsa - Nordschleife record lap onboard

Assetto Corsa is the next generation of sim-racing with laser scanned circuits providing THE BEST and closest simulation to date, to the reality. Nordscheleife is one if not the hardest tracks in the world. She didn't got the name "Green Hell" by accident. Track which was dropped after the tragic crash of Niki Lauda. The track is long 20.8 km and has 73 turns out of which 40 to the left 33 to the right. Driving here with whatever simulation you might have is hard already. Driving it with Assetto Corsa is a pleasure and really big challenge. Driving it fast, without hesitation in each corner, right to the kerbs is just demanding! Your concentration should be right there and on nothing else, or else you are off. And i hope you have nerves for trying again and again. The track demands of you to be precise on occasions and smooth on others. Wherever you make mistake, the walls are there to punish you. It's like a tunnel without roof. The lap is driven with BMW M3 GT2 car from Assetto Corsa No assists are used. No ABS no traction control and no stability. The track surface is set on normal, rather optimal. Temperature of the track on 32 degrees. Tyres are soft, rather super soft, they would wear off during the warm lap which lasts around 8 minutes. I hope you will enjoy my lap.

Published: September 16, 201430 views
Formula Vee 1 Hotlap & 1 Race Lap with AI 120% Assists OFF5m01s

Formula Vee 1 Hotlap & 1 Race Lap with AI 120% Assists OFF

My first run with Formula Vee at Londrina with AI on 120% and 100% aggression. In the video you'll see one hotlap and one lap in race starting from last. Assists all off & setup with only options to change gives you nothing else but to learn and adapt on this Formula Vee style. I am driving this for the first time. The car itself (F-Vee) is awesome. You slide you will go sideways in midturn and you will be able to get it back(sometimes not always) since they don't have much power and you need to be all the time on the throttle blipping full blipping full and all the time like that. The car doesn't have much downforce, if i can say it doesn't at all, so you need to be very smooth prior hard braking or entering fast corners because you can lose control in a second. It is very important that you find the right line. I hope you will enjoy both laps! Stay till the end of the video! And don't forget to subscribe! Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want to become GTChannel partner, write me on twitter or facebook GTChannel facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTChannel GTChannel youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GTchannel GTChannel twitter: https://twitter.com/GTChannel DuxVideos facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DuxVideos DuxVideos twitter: https://twitter.com/DuxVideos Driven by: https://plus.google.com/+DuskoAvramovskiDux

GRID Autosport | Formula B @ Red Bull Ring Reverse [Cockpit] ULTRA SETTING2m18s

GRID Autosport | Formula B @ Red Bull Ring Reverse [Cockpit] ULTRA SETTING

Just got GRID Autosport and went on to try this Formula B @ Red Bull Ring Reverse. What you are going to see is my first laps ever on this game on this particular track with this particular car and no AIDS involved. The game is nothing special if you ask me and far from being a good simulator, but it's fun. It has lot of cars and its interesting, if you have spare time. I hope you like the video! Don't forget to subscribe or like!

How to Set a Lap Record in 'Assetto Corsa'2m12s

How to Set a Lap Record in 'Assetto Corsa'

If you're a fan of race simulator Assetto Corsa, you'll definitely want to check this out! A tutorial in short showcasing what's required for you to set a lap record and enter the world top 10 ranking list!

Published: April 9, 201421,789 views
Dota 2 - Rikimaru 5 Kills in 10 seconds55s

Dota 2 - Rikimaru 5 Kills in 10 seconds

In the games i have played on Dota2 servers, around 150 or so, i have once or twice been in situation to kill at most 4 heroes and in the video you are about to see i killed 5 heroes. Not using some magics that make damage in the same time to several heroes but one-by-one :D it was a lot of pleasure and a very good game for myself. It's something i have done only once since i play Dota2 and i wasn't near repeating it ever since. So i made a video and i want to share with all of you. I hope you will enjoy it!