Formula Vee 1 Hotlap & 1 Race Lap with AI 120% Assists OFF

DuxVideosPublished: August 20, 20146 views
Published: August 20, 2014

My first run with Formula Vee at Londrina with AI on 120% and 100% aggression.
In the video you'll see one hotlap and one lap in race starting from last.
Assists all off & setup with only options to change gives you nothing else but to learn and adapt on this Formula Vee style. I am driving this for the first time.
The car itself (F-Vee) is awesome. You slide you will go sideways in midturn and you will be able to get it back(sometimes not always) since they don't have much power and you need to be all the time on the throttle blipping full blipping full and all the time like that.

The car doesn't have much downforce, if i can say it doesn't at all, so you need to be very smooth prior hard braking or entering fast corners because you can lose control in a second. It is very important that you find the right line.

I hope you will enjoy both laps!

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