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Rumble Video Battles

The FREE Rumble app is a fun and straightforward way to earn daily cash prizes by watching, uploading, and voting on the best videos. With millions of content creators and videos battling in the ring, you can challenge the world and rise to the top with your videos and earn real cash prizes.

Awesome app! I love the concept of it, and the content is also great!

Four of five stars rating on Google Play Store
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  • 50,000+


  • 1,000,000+


  • 150,000+


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Upload your videos

Get votes from creators, friends and family on your videos. Best video will win cash prizes.


Vote on awesome videos

The more you vote, the more you can earn.


Build a community

Meet, follow, and engage with thousands of creators.

Rumble Battles Is Like No Other App

  • Track your success in real time with the live leaderboard

  • Cash out directly within the Rumble Video Battles app

  • Challenge friends and family with videos and see who wins

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Rumble Camera

Rumble Camera allows you to make money with videos that you film with your phone's camera. In today's world, video creators are being taken advantage of; social media platforms don't pay what you deserve, you lack visibility, transparency, and there are no useful tools that allow you to control distribution. Rumble's camera app does all this for you.

“Amazing app!! Super user-friendly and love everything about it!! I'm a Rumbler for life!! 😎🙏

Four of five stars rating on Google Play Store
  • 10,000+


  • $1,000,000+

    Paid To Creators

  • 5,000,000+



Upload your videos

Record or upload your content directly through the Rumble Camera app.


Share your video

With 50,000+ daily visitors and over 5,000,000+ followers, we can give you the exposure you’ve been looking for.


License and monetize

Reach a variety of businesses looking for amazing UGC content and earn cash with your videos.

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We Don’t Skimp Out On Features You Need

  • Sync all videos into the Rumble app for easy access

  • Cash out directly within the Rumble Camera app

  • Access your analytics and track your success all within

BREAKING: Rumble is now public & listed on Nasdaq as $RUM