Fearless cat unfazed by overly-aggressive Doberman53s

Fearless cat unfazed by overly-aggressive Doberman

Kruz is a 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher who enjoys chasing cats but never harms them. The newest addition to the kitty group has come to the age that all kitties get to and is in heat. She loves all attention at this point and is a puzzling creature for this playful Doberman.

Crazy cat sleeps with her eyes wide open24s

Crazy cat sleeps with her eyes wide open

Missy is an appropriate name for this grey cat. She loves people, but not very friendly with new pets in the home. She has an odd habit of sleeping with her eyes open. It is a little creepy, but cute at the same time!

Owl rescued from roadside, refuses to leave caretakers5m46s

Owl rescued from roadside, refuses to leave caretakers

These people were notified about a barred owl who was in the road and would not fly away. The woman immediately went to save it. They have made every attempt to contact bird sanctuaries and animal rescue organizations with very little luck. They allowed it to rest for the night and took it back where it was found for release. The owl refused to fly away. It eats, drinks and otherwise seems healthy. They made a perch in their barn and are hoping for the best!

Family Cat Is Super Jealous Of The New Kitten Addition19s

Family Cat Is Super Jealous Of The New Kitten Addition

Who doesn’t love good pets! They can be some of the best companions and offer the best entertainment for the whole family! Pets are always there for you and can be very loving and protective. Some of the best videos online come from pets and the funny and cute things they do. When it comes to emotions, they often act like little kids whether it’s excitement, fear, or joy. Dogs might be the most popular pets, but for someone who isn’t into the energetic nature of dogs, a cat is the perfect pet. Cats are not nearly as energetic as dogs and they are more of a stick-to-themselves kind of pets. Cats don’t need to be walked and don’t play fetch like dogs, so they are perfect for people that might not want that burden. Just because they are pretty different from dogs, doesn’t mean they don’t show emotions like dogs. If you search the Internet you can find many dog videos and how they show their emotions in various situations. Whether guilty for making a mess, getting excited to see their owner, or being sick worried when their owner is in trouble. Cats often get labeled as moody pets that doesn’t really care, but this video is here to prove us wrong. Watch as this cat gets a little jealous over a new kitty that is entering the family! The cat in this video is having a hard time accepting the new addition to the family. Doesn’t this remind you of a situation that can occur with kids? An older sibling that behaves weird around his or her younger brother or sister. The cat is possibly feeling pretty jealous because it won’t be the only one receiving all the attention in the house! The video begins as the owner is holding her new cat in her arms while she is rubbing its face! The older cat is sitting right next to its owner just watching the situation unfold. The cat is probably wondering who on earth this cat is and why it is receiving all the scratches and rubs from the owner! As the owner caresses the baby cat, the other one puts its paws instantly on its owner’s arm, as if it to remind her that it still exists! The cat rubs its face against the owner to get some kisses. The owner can definitely tell the cat is jealous of its new brother or sister! The cat continues to paw the owner and lean in for more kisses. This cat seems desperate to do anything that will keep the owner from paying attention to the new cat! This is definitely a very jealous kitty, but it makes for a very cute video. This video shows that cats too can be caring and real attention seekers ! You can tell that this cat is definitely used to receiving a lot of attention and love from its owners. Hopefully, this cat and its new sibling will get along in the future and be able to share all the love from the family!

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Talented Doberman Performs Magic Tricks With His Owner2m33s

Talented Doberman Performs Magic Tricks With His Owner

Magic tricks are so fun to witness. They often leave you wondering what just happened, and you often don’t believe it. You can spend hours watching magic trick videos online and still be wondering how they did it. Pair that with a dog assistant magician and it might be one of the best videos you have ever seen. Dogs videos are so amazing, often cute and people love animals. If you combine a dog with a magic trick video, you are sure to have an amazing video. That’s exactly what this video does, this owner gets his dog involved with his magic tricks ! Kruz is a 5 year old Doberman Pinscher and is going to be helping out his owner for these tricks! Kruz has all the incentive he needs, as he will be rewarded with trearts! What dog doesn’t love treats? Dobermans are very smart dogs, so it is no surprise this owner was able to teach his dogs some of these tricks! Now obviously, this is supposed to be a funny satirical video of an owner and his pet dog. The two are having lots of fun with their “magic tricks”! The owner begins sitting with dog and pulls out a chainsaw. He asks Kruz if he wants to get cut in half today like the popular trick of sawing someone in half. Obviously a joke, but the duos first trick is making Kruz disappear! The owner stands next to Kruz while he is sitting down and lifts up a blanket to cover Kruz. Once the dog is behind the blanket, and out view, he removes the blanket to show you that Kruz is still there. He begins to countdown and when he reaches zero, he removes the blanket and Kruz has vanished. This was definitely done with some clever camera work, as you can hear the man’s voice but no movement from his mouth! They are some tricksters! For their next trick, the owner places a treat on Kruz’s nose and has him wait before he can eat it. Once he gives the go ahead, Kruz flips it off his nose. After the treat, the same treat is performed with a plastic cup, then a wooden guitar! Again with the use of clever filmwork, they make it look like the guitar is sitting on Kruz’s head! After these tricks, the owner says that they had some trouble with their tricks and he begins showing some of the funny bloopers. When he was holding up the blanket for Kruz to disappear, the dog would constantly jump up over the blanket and reappear! Kruz is definitely a funny and energetic dog! He would take the blanket sometime and run off with it and start chewing on it. He also would run for the disappearing act, but not leave the camera frame! He owner says he just wanted to have some fun and make a nice funny video with his friend Kruz. He seems like such a playful dog, and the perfect magician!

Doberman Picks Out His Own Treat And Brings It To Cashier2m20s

Doberman Picks Out His Own Treat And Brings It To Cashier

Dog videos are some of the best videos to watch online, they are always doing something cute or funny! You can spend hours and hours just watching videos of dogs playing around, having funny reactions, and more! Much like in this video, this Doberman Pinscher goes to the store and gets to pick out his own treats that he wants. The dog’s name is Kruz and his owner is taking him to the store with him and if he is good he gets to pick his treat. This 5-year-old dog is well behaved and has definitely been trained very well. The owner must be so happy and proud to have such a good dog! The second the video starts, you can already tell Kruz is excited for his trip to the store. The owner is walking him to the front and Kruz is already pulling him and trying to run. He must know he is going to be getting a nice treat. When they are in the store, Kruz is already meeting new people and making friends! A woman and man stop to say hello and give him some pets, you can tell Kruz loves the attention and he is a very friendly dog! He even shows off a bit of what he knows too, the owner commands him to come by his side and sit and he instantly does it! They continue walking the store aisles looking for treats as Kruz leads the way in search of his treats. They stop and he gets his head rubbed and the owner says that his mouth opening while being scratched is his way of smiling! Kruz must be in heaven right now with these scratches! Kruz loves meeting new people and having these new people give him scratches, so this must be a whole lot of fun for him! Soon they come up to the aisles with a bunch of toys! They have ropes and chew toys, all sorts of things that Kruz would probably have lots of fun with. There are frisbees and many other things that Kruz glances over and sniffs as he makes his way down the aisle to the treats . Kruz probably loves toys, but today his mind is on some tasty treats! He takes his time sniffing all the treats that he can get because he doesn’t want to make the wrong choice right now. As he sniffs and paces and goes through the aisle a couple times, he thinks he’s found the one. He keeps coming back and forth to sniff this pig ear treat. The owners pull it down for him and he carries it in his mouth right to the cashier! He sets it right down on the counter to the cashier can scan it and picks it right back up when it is finished being scanned! Kruz definitely knows his manners and was such a good boy in the store! They unwrap the toy for him and give it back so he can hold it in his mouth the rest of the walk back to the car. Kruz definitely had lots of fun in the store and we hope he enjoys his treat!

Are Doberman Pinschers dangerous dogs?4m06s

Are Doberman Pinschers dangerous dogs?

Kruz is a 5-year-old Doberman who lives in West Virginia. His owners have dealt with prejudice and fear since the first day they adopted him. Are Dobermans dangerous? This video will shed some important light!

Police Officer Shares A Trick For A Better Night Vision While Driving2m06s

Police Officer Shares A Trick For A Better Night Vision While Driving

Statistics support that fatal crashes occur four times more in the night as compared to fatal crashes during the day. Is this because there the number of drunk drivers in the night is significantly higher than during the day or is it because of the absence of sufficient illumination during the night. Both of these factors are contributing to the statistics already mentioned and there is more to it – the fact that at night, the cars from the opposite direction strikes and glares the driver’s eyes causing seconds of temporary blindness. This officer discussed a simple but very efficient way of dealing with this situation. He started by pointing out the biological response of the human eye to light during the night. When light strikes the pupils, it will constrict to control the entry of light into the eye. This is a defensive response to protect the eye from too much light. When it is dark, the pupil of the eye will dilate to allow as much light to enter. These are auto responses thus, we have no control over it. Now, when driving at night, the interval of dilating and constricting happens with seconds where the driver experiences momentary blindness. When the car at the opposite lane approaches, the pupil constricts and seconds thereafter, when the car passes, the eye is confronted with total darkness which it cannot instantly cope by dilating – it requires few seconds before it will dilate so that the driver’s eye can adjust to the darkness. Those few seconds may prove significantly fatal. Anyone who experienced driving knows that a split of a second is vital in driving as it could define the bounds of whether or not an accident will occur. This clever officer suggests this life-saving hack: When in a situation mentioned above, close one eye. This will allow you to have one eye, accustomed to darkness and thus is already dilated while the other eye is focused on the grid of the road. If you do this, when the car passes by and you are confronted with darkness, simply open that eye you closed and you can have a better vision compared to when both eyes were glared by the lights of the approaching car travelling the opposite lane. This life hack is so useful especially that there are other drivers who are not considerate – they drive with their high beam on. With that level of illumination, even if you are wearing anti-glare glasses, the eye will certainly need more time to adjust to the dark part of the road – enough time to lead a driver plunging into a ravine of certain death. Do you usually drive at night ? What precautions do you observe aside from making sure that you will not sleep while driving? Try this trick when driving at night especially if your route passes through passages that have low illumination like tunnels, winding and circuitous roads at the outskirt of the city or in uninhabited areas where there is lack of street lights. Drive safely.

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Ill fly Away 3m12s

Ill fly Away

This is my version of a classic gospel tune. I always thought the words to this song were darker than the original tune. I corrected this with a modern upgrade.

Doberman Excited For Ice Cream Truck Does Tricks For Popsicle6m08s

Doberman Excited For Ice Cream Truck Does Tricks For Popsicle

Kruz is a 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher. In many ways, he is like a child. He gets truly excited when he hears the ice cream truck. Watch him choose his own ice cream and do tricks for it! This delightful video from the Southern U.S. will have you in stitches. The video features a 4 yr old Doberman pinscher named Kruz and his adoration for the local ice cream truck. His owner remarks that he is amazed that an ice cream truck even shows up in such a remote mountain community. Needless to say, the sound of an ice cream truck is quite a welcome feature in this isolated place in the mountains. It sure can get hot and humid there so what better way to cool yourself down then with some cold, frosty ice cream. The dog's owner remarks "this dog loves him some ice cream truck" and he sure does! In the distance, you can hear the faint music of the truck as it approaches and the closer it gets, the more the dog's excitement builds. At one point, the dog appears to salivate as the truck approaches. The dog knows what comes next and he can hardly wait! Will it be chocolate, banana-fudge or strawberry ice cream? Such a tough decision but this dog isn't fussy. It's all good as far as Kruz is concerned. Once the ice cream truck arrives the fun begins. The Doberman Kruz can hardly contain his excitement. The owner almost has to restrain him. The people driving the truck really seem to get a good laugh out of the dog's reaction. They are enjoying this just as much as the dog does. Once the truck comes to a full stop it’s decision-making time. The dog barks with excitement because he knows the moment has arrived. The owner points to the various pictures of ice cream flavors displayed on the trucks side panel. He says "You want one of these? " Then he makes his order. Looks like it will be a Sundae Crunch, a Banana Fudge, and a Strawberry. The anticipation is almost too much for this dog, His tongue is hanging out and the owner really has to hold him back. The man in the truck selects the chosen flavors and hands it over to the dog’s owner. Now the real fun begins. The owner of the dog, clad in a sheriff's t-shirt unwraps the delicious cold treat but before offering it to the dog, he places a chunk of it on the dog's forehead and tells the dog to wait patiently until he says he can eat it. Once he gives the go-ahead, the dog snaps his head which propels the cold treat into the air and right into the dog's powerful jaws. This isn't the end of the entertainment. Next up is a demonstration of the bang-bang you're dead trick. The dog drops to the ground and plays dead like a classic Hollywood acting dog. It's too cute! What an adorable pair. This man clearly loves his dog just like a child and it really shows. Kruz the Doberman is having the time of his life and the ice cream truck is truly the highlight of his day. This video serves to remind us that it's the simple things in life that can bring the most happiness. Do your dogs also enjoy a taste of ice cream on occasion? Tell us your stories in the comments section below and if you got a kick out of this video please share it with your friends!

Giving my Doberman Vetrinex FlexVx Dog Joint Supplement 2m34s

Giving my Doberman Vetrinex FlexVx Dog Joint Supplement

This supplement is for ALL dogs. HE LOVES THE TASTE TOO! I decided to get a joint supplement for Kruz. I have noticed a slow down in him lately and decided to take action... Vetrinex was kind enough to provide me with a free bottle for my review. Here is the info from the company about the supplement. SEE A REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT WITH JUST ONE BOTTLE - Our formula will breathe life into the achy joints of your dog and have them running around and playing like a puppy in no time. See your furry friend Run, Leap & Play again! WHY FLEXVX? Our extra strength formula of 95% Curcuminoids and Organic Turmeric with BioPerine is one of nature's most effective anti-inflammatories - relieving pain. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM help rebuild the joint connective tissue with each dose! FlexVX is the only joint support that has both these effective joint support systems working together in synergy! RECOMMENDED FOR: Dogs with Joint Pain, Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia. After Surgery & Treatment for Accidents or ACL injuries. Canines with Joint Stress & Pain. Suitable for Puppies, Adult and Senior Dogs. DELICIOUS BITE SIZED DUCK FLAVORED CHEWS for pets. Safe. Effective. MADE IN USA from premium ingredients. Effectiveness Backed by UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE ONE GOAL - to help pets lead a higher quality of life, free from pain and with a vibrant, positive energy! We have created other highly effective pet supplements that improve their immune and digestive health and more. With FLEXVX we highly recommend our OMEGA 3. Check the Special Offers section below for discount when you buy both!

Doberman Sees Snow For The First Time 1m20s

Doberman Sees Snow For The First Time

This was taken the first time that Kruz our Doberman Pinscher saw snow. He was afraid to leave the porch to use the bathroom. He eventually trusted me and went into the strange falling white things, but was still in a hurry to go back inside.

Obsessive cat demands human pet her1m34s

Obsessive cat demands human pet her

When this cat was rescued 6 years ago, her eyes were permanently shut with goo and she had worms. She was too young to be away from her mother, but her mother was gone. These people brought her home and bottle fed her. Since then she has been a strange cat. Distant at times, then suddenly demanding of attention, and she even loves the smell of anything minty. Her human has used a new brand of soap, so now she wants to rub the smell onto herself!