10 sports records that will never be broken4m35s

10 sports records that will never be broken

We bet you have never heard of sports records like this before! Some records are made to be broken, but we're not so sure that any of these 10 records will ever change. Check out this list featuring 10 sports records that may forever stand the test of time. Some of these records are absolutely insane, making this one video that you do not want to miss! Some of these records are insane! How did these people even set records like this before!? That being said, it really does seem that these records will never be broken or at least will not be broken for a long time. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future some hotshot athlete will break at least one of these records but as of now, that seems far from reality. Maybe you could break one of these records! To set records like these, the athletes must have trained super hard! They most likely even used the best best sports equipment for their respect sport to set these records! After all, practice really does make perfect! Do you think any of these records will be broken in you lifetime? Let us know down in the comments section! So sit back, relax and enjoys these insane sports records!

7 toughest athletes in sports4m16s

7 toughest athletes in sports

Sportsbreak counts down the toughest athletes in professional sports! If you were to choose, who would be in your top 7 list? Share your thoughts!

5 worst #1 picks in NBA draft history3m10s

5 worst #1 picks in NBA draft history

Any entry draft in a major sport is important to the general managers, coaches, and players that make up a league's respective franchises, especially when a team holds the #1 overall pick. Picking the right player at the number one position can change the legacy of a franchise and cement it as a future dynasty filled with championships. All one needs to do is look at the Miami Heat and Lebron James (originally drafted #1 by Cleveland) or the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan to see the proof in the pudding that #1 picks can change everything. Unfortunately, things don't always work out the way they are supposed to, and some number one picks who were once surefire, can't-miss prospects become undeniable duds, sometimes in no time flat.

5 fastest throwing pitchers in baseball history2m56s

5 fastest throwing pitchers in baseball history

Major League Baseball has seen numerous pitchers with many different styles. Some are considered fly ball pitchers, while others are known for inducing ground balls to achieve outs. There have even been pitchers like Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey; guys who rely on a slow, dancing knuckleball to fool hitters and throw off their timing. Conversely, there have been pitchers with the ability to throw the ball by a hitter, thanks to a fastball that can reach upwards of 100 MPH. It has proven to be a useful weapon against opposing hitters who are too slow to react, or simply can't see the ball whistle by them. Legends like, Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller, are known for their electric fastballs, while Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson established themselves as two of the most intimidating pitchers of the modern era.

These Athletes' Bad Choices Cost Them All Their Earnings3m21s

These Athletes' Bad Choices Cost Them All Their Earnings

In the era of free agency, in particular, it is commonplace to see an athlete of prodigious talent sign a big money, long-term deal after playing for rookie bucks. The team is happy, the player is happy and usually the fans are happy. It's when these athletes start spending the big bucks that largesse, youthful exuberance and just plain stupidity and ignorance cause that money to drain away - fast. Once the entourage, hangers-on, financial "advisor", the taxman and a slew of others have a say, some big name athletes actually go broke, becoming cautionary tales for those coming next. Even with all the evidence to the contrary, wealthy sports superstars find new ways to blow through millions and end up on the skids. Whether it is for child support, badly timed real estate investments, or just the plain old love of having a good time, there athletes from all over sports history have left their mark on the list of people who just don’t know how to handle their money. We are talking about quarterbacks, linebackers, wide receivers, even golfers at the country club that love partying, going frequently to Vegas and making terrible choices, all the while waving their thick wallets. We can’t make this list without mentioning the famed Mike Tyson, who we will diligently compare to the ocean liner that sank in the early 20th century. The heavyweight champion blew through three wives and the 300 million dollars he was once worth, not to mention the gates of prison.

5 players that could beat Lebron James 1-on-12m27s

5 players that could beat Lebron James 1-on-1

While Miami Heat small forward Lebron James has established himself as the game's best player the past five or so years, the question that has been posed by many is, "who can challenge or dethrone him?" King James poses many match-up problems for opposing players on both ends of the floor, making him extremely difficult to deal with offensively and defensively. So which players, past or present, possess the skill set and the ability to possibly trump James head to head in a game of one-on-one? The list is not particularly long, trust us. But these are the rare few who possibly could get it done. Credit to 'ConcourseMedia'.

Daniel Bryan Injured, Neck Surgery Scheduled for Thursday56s

Daniel Bryan Injured, Neck Surgery Scheduled for Thursday

Daniel Bryan Injured, Neck Surgery Scheduled for Thursday. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will undergo neck surgery this Thursday to repair an injury that he suffered recently. Reports suggest that WWE officials are deciding on whether or not to strip Daniel Bryan of the title as he may be required to miss an extended period of time.

9 Best Careers Cut Short by Injury4m54s

9 Best Careers Cut Short by Injury

Sports are a volatile way to make a living. Some players are able to stay healthy for the longevity of their primes, others are not as fortunate. In the following list, we look at the top 10 careers that were forced out of the game far too early because of injuries caused while playing.

8 Fighters Who Could Beat Jon Jones in Their Prime4m17s

8 Fighters Who Could Beat Jon Jones in Their Prime

Jonny “Bones” Jones is one of the best fighters to ever grace the UFC octagon. After becoming the youngest champion in UFC history in 2011 when he defeated Shogun Rua for the Light Heavyweight Championship, he has been on an unstoppable streak. Since then, he has defended the belt seven times and racked up more victories. At only 26 years old, Jones doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He is regularly ranked at the top of the lists of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet. But no man is invincible. The UFC has a short, but rich, history of amazing fighters from around the world. Some of those fighters could have given Bones a real run for his money, and possibly even taken him out back when they were in their prime. One of the greatest things about sports is that fans can argue endlessly about how athletes of yesteryear would fare in today’s landscape. So, in a dream world where every fighter gets to be at their absolute best, here are the eight fighters that could have dethroned Jon Jones. Read the full article here:

7 Reasons why Ronaldo is Better than Messi2m10s

7 Reasons why Ronaldo is Better than Messi

We've got 7 reasons why Ronaldo is Better than Messi. Want more details—read the full article on Sportsbreak at :

7 Reasons Barry Bonds Should be Inducted into the Hall of Fame3m00s

7 Reasons Barry Bonds Should be Inducted into the Hall of Fame

We know that there are a lot of people who like – or shall we say love – to hate Barry Bonds, and a lot of times they are justified in their thinking. But should that keep him out of the Hall of Fame? What are the credentials for acceptance into Cooperstown, anyway? Is it all about performance? What about character? What about if Bonds’ used steroids and/or performance enhancing drugs? Should that discount him?

7 Athletes Who Died in the Middle of Their Careers4m31s

7 Athletes Who Died in the Middle of Their Careers

Long after the spotlight of an arena full of fans has faded, retired athletes move on to all kinds of other careers and journeys in life. But as is the case in any walk of life, sometimes the good die young. Sportsbreak presents to you now 7 cases of individual athletes who passed away in the middle of their careers. Some achieved greater success and fame on the field than others, but they all passed away unexpectedly.

5 Best Wide Receiver Duos of All Time2m49s

5 Best Wide Receiver Duos of All Time

See the full list of 9 here: From a time when the forward pass was illegal before 1906, all the way up to the high powered offenses of today, the game of football has changed a lot. Wide receiver has become the most exciting position in football, with one-handed catches, unbelievable foot work, and incredible breakaway speed. Precision quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning have made the wide receiver position more important than ever, with some teams planning their entire offense around the quarterback and wide receivers. One great receiver can change a team. And if you manage to have two? Defences around the league were not looking forward to facing these awesome wide receiver combinations.

8 Teams That Could Shock Us by Winning the 2015 Super Bowl3m44s

8 Teams That Could Shock Us by Winning the 2015 Super Bowl

The National Football League lives and dies by the notion of “Any Given Sunday”. In fact, the game of football implores fans to believe and abide by this moral narrative. With this being said, any given team can win on any given day and subsequently supporters of the sport like to believe this will translate to the grandest stage of football, the Super Bowl. The most recent recollection for many was an undefeated New England Patriots team falling to the New York Giants in what was dubbed one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. In 2014-15, a similar plot can be unveiled and there are many teams that can take on the role of the “spoiler” or the team that does the unthinkable and earns a playoff berth or even a Super Bowl title. Here are the eight most likely candidates to shock us all.