5 fastest throwing pitchers in baseball history

SportsBreakPublished: November 17, 2014Updated: December 5, 20141,477,184 views
Published: November 17, 2014Updated: December 5, 2014

Major League Baseball has seen numerous pitchers with many different styles. Some are considered fly ball pitchers, while others are known for inducing ground balls to achieve outs. There have even been pitchers like Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey; guys who rely on a slow, dancing knuckleball to fool hitters and throw off their timing. Conversely, there have been pitchers with the ability to throw the ball by a hitter, thanks to a fastball that can reach upwards of 100 MPH. It has proven to be a useful weapon against opposing hitters who are too slow to react, or simply can't see the ball whistle by them. Legends like, Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller, are known for their electric fastballs, while Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson established themselves as two of the most intimidating pitchers of the modern era.

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    Sebastian33 ยท 2 years ago

    Randy Johnson, he throws this ball with amazing speed , beauty to watch.