Husky And Shiba Inu Act Just Like Human Siblings45s

Husky And Shiba Inu Act Just Like Human Siblings

Siblings can fight a lot - they can argue over the tiniest thing and get on each other’s nerves for the dumbest reasons. Here we see Loki starting a fight with Snow because he thinks Snow always gets more treats, but when “parents” enter the room, Loki must back down and be a good boy! Is this really a fight or display of pure affection? You answer that. Here in this video, we can totally see Loki pestering Snow with his mouth and then the inevitable happens. Loki starts licking husky's face, and husky stay calm but then eventually loses it. The name says it was exactly like a human sibling fight. Human sibling agreed but really fight? I feel this was a purely an expression of fondness. I feel Loki being the younger sibling was looking for attention from his other brother like it always happens. Don't you remember doing something badgering to your older folks to get their attention, maybe not licking their faces like in this case but pinching them or pulling their hair or tickling them even when they have told you for thousands of times to not do that? That's pure fondness for our older siblings. Wish they could get that. Our older folks think we hate them so that's the reason we annoy them so much but that's never the case is it. I wish someone could come and tell them that. Similarly, in this video, Loki keeps licking his face on and on. Dude husky its to get your attention. Why don't you get that husky and also all other older siblings out there? Husky thinking, Loki is annoying him he starts the fight with Loki. The fight looks really violent from outside like they are trying really hard to bite each other's neck off. Like one of them is gonna turn up dead after this fight is over. Like their near dears once should pay their last respects but if see really closely you'll realize that they are not hurting each other, they have no intention of hurting each other. If that's, not the purest sibling love then I don't know what it is. I wish all the people, all the siblings realize this and start giving each other the attention they deserve. We could really appreciate our siblings around us extend our gratitude on time to time basis and tell them we love them. So basically the attention call by Loki towards Husky is misinterpreted by him like every other older sibling and he waits and waits and when Loki won't stop even after minutes husky loses it and starts the fight. No one is leading the fight no one is getting hurt but basically, it's just an attempt to show their affection. Remember the last time you pulled your sisters hair to get her attention but she ended up getting really annoyed because she thought you are trying to torment her because you really liked torturing her but she didn't get the intention behind it that was you trying to spend some more time with her and the end result was she was really annoyed at you but only if she knew the reason behind you pulling her hair was for her to spend some more time with you. Hope after watching this video and reading the description all the elder sisters would take that hair pulling differently.

Husky And Shiba Inu Fail To Catch Treats In Slow Motion49s

Husky And Shiba Inu Fail To Catch Treats In Slow Motion

While eating treats from the bowl is too easy for Loki the Shiba and Snow the Husky, they decided to take it to the next level: catching treats in mid-air. The slow-motion effect captures their hilarious actions and happy moments. Although they did not catch any of them, Loki and Snow had a great time together! In this sweet video, you will see two precious pals, who are so happy it is snack s and rewards time, but these little dolls cannot seem to catch anything! What is the old saying? “You can’t even catch a cold!”? Lordy, Lordy, not treat catching for this Husky and Corgi! No matter what Mom tries, it just is not working! Oh gracious how adorable is that! The ironic part of all this is that if we were looking at a child acting this way, it may not be quite so funny! We would then all be focusing on the fact that not catching food could end in a disastrous mess all over Mommy’s kitchen floor, but when animals do it, IT IS HILARIOUS! This is truly such a cute and sweet little video. Thanks to whoever shared this adorable moment with us and with the world! Major Props to You! Life is tough for all of us; sometimes you just really need a break to just smile and feel something warm and fuzzy! Even though this video is very short and is over quickly, it is just absolutely impossible to watch this without at least grinning a little bit! Everyone loves a good puppy moment! You know, they really are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason! These comedic pups have given the world a short little moment to just exhale, relax, and smile. We all need a little more of that in our lives. As humans, I think we often times as a population don’t realize how intelligent and intuitive animals can really be. That is probably why we as a species find it so humorous when pets do things that a human would normally do! We just don’t expect animals to behave in those kind of ways, but they obviously do! In the literary world, we call this “personification,” meaning a nonhuman thing has been given or is portraying human like qualities, usually in an unexpected way. I would say that is definitely happening here! For those not familiar with literary elements, that is the lesson of the day! Now you know what it means when you hear that word: Personification! It is always so much fun when your pet truly acts like an equal member of the family, but it is even funnier when they act like they rule the roost! As a pet owner myself, (YouTube star Cockatoo Maui Lynn), I can tell you that the highlight of many pet owners’ days is the time of the day they get to spend time with their beloved furry friend! This is just so dang cute. Either way, we as a society certainly need to appreciate the few seconds of giggles and daily peaceful moments we receive for videos like this. It is certainly evident that the owners of these sweet fur babies recognize how lucky they are to have such sweet and gentle souls grace their lives with love, loyalty, and a touch of comic relief. It just does not get any better than that, does it, my friends? Truly a beautiful moment between man and man’s best friend! Yes, we can continue to analyze this scene and situation, or we can just lay back and enjoy the show! I vote on the latter!

Compilation of husky and Shiba Inu's cutest moments together1m31s

Compilation of husky and Shiba Inu's cutest moments together

Even when it is time to go to sleep, Snow the husky prefers to share the moment with his best friend Loki the Shiba. Although Loki would sometimes prefer Snow to show more respect for his personal space, deep inside he appreciates Snow’s closeness and affection towards him. Snow and Loki and often found cuddled together in a corner, Snow occupying over half of Loki’s bed!

Needy Husky Bothers Shiba Inu Following His Every Move1m19s

Needy Husky Bothers Shiba Inu Following His Every Move

A heartwarming video has emerged of two dogs living in the same household, sharing a special bond. It is adorable to witness how one overly-affectionate Husky cuddles with his Shiba Inu best friend, giving him a hard time throughout the entire day! Hilarious! It seems like Snow the Husky's highlight of the day is to bother Loki the Shiba Inu. Loki loves to explore new things and have some personal space, while Snow loves to be part of Loki's world and create as much distraction as possible. Despite that, Loki and Snow are best friends and enjoy the funny brotherly rivalry. Cuteness overload! Why not show the dog some love? That's exactly what this cute Husky is thinking to himself as his canine best friend ignores his adorable little plea for play. Footage shows independent Loki playing with a chewing toy, while Snow is following his every move. The needy Husky wants his bestie to give all of his attention to him instead! How could he find playing with the chewing toy more intriguing that Snow’s adorable face? Animal behaviour linked to primordial instinct of jealousy similar to that seen in babies when affection is divided. Watch as the jealous Husky steals his friend’s chewing toy in an attempt to grab his attention. Apparently, Snow is full with jealousy and cannot stand not being a part of Loki’s fun activity. Watch as this needy dog is eaten by the green-eyed monster and does anything in need of attention. Hilarious! In the second footage, this Shiba Inu has earned a tasty treat for performing a fairly challenging trick by managing to balance the treat on his head with flying colors. However, once the treat hits the floor it's anyone's game! This is when the intruding Husky joins and reaps what Loki sow. How childish! Next, we see Loki trying his best to climb the table and earn the treat, while the devious Husky just sits there and waits for the right moment to steal his brother's hard work! We think that Snow should be taught some valuable lessons and manners about loyalty and respect. He is constantly mocking his brother and steals his spotlight! People say that pets living under the same roof eventually grow up to be the best of buddies! The cute Husky pup loves his canine buddy and he always wants to play and cuddle with him. Footage shows the needy Husky constantly bothering the Shiba Inu throughout the entire day, in a desperate need for attention. We see him stealing toys, treats and food, only to get into Loki’s game. How adorable! The last footage is our favorite, when we see the needy pooch engaging in extreme play mode, by pushing Shiba Inu’s face with his massive paws, showing its overly affectionate behavior towards the canine! Or maybe it’s the rivalry kicking in, and he only wants to have a bite of friend’s nugget, who knows! This breed is known for its stubborn nature and being a slow learner, so we guess he still hasn't learnt that his canine pal sometimes wants to be alone, and more importantly, to be left to breathe! However, the needy pooch continuously teases and bothers him , and has definitely overstayed his welcome. He just wants to tag along whenever Loki goes, which is both hilarious and adorable! Does this dog look a little green to you? This clip is the best proof that one dog can be bothered by another dog, and suffer an instant touch of jealousy. Apparently, this emotion isn’t reserved for humans, and jealous dogs may feel neglected. Poor pooch, he needs to learn how to tame that green-eyed monster! Possessive behavior in dogs is actually quite common. We often see them guarding their favorite toy or sleeping spot, or making sure other pets in the house stay away from their feeding bowl or treat ‘cookie jar.’ Jealousy in dogs can occur when you bring in a new pet, start a new relationship, have a baby or when there is any other change in your life which takes your attention away from your dog. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Dogs Thrilled To Be Reunited With Owners After Two Weeks Apart44s

Dogs Thrilled To Be Reunited With Owners After Two Weeks Apart

Dog owners often complain that they can't get their dog to behave appropriately because the dog just won't listen to them. They claim that their dog is particularly unintelligent, but that is absolutely not the case. Punitive training techniques that center on gaining control of your dog by dominating them into obeying can damage the human/animal bond and cause your dog to mistrust you and essentially switch off. For so long people have been putting the emphasis on their dog’s need to be ‘obedient’ rather than ‘cooperative.’ We issue ‘commands’ rather than focusing on teaching the dog ‘cues’ by attaching these cues to actions or behaviors that we want. It is hard for our dogs to see us leave them for a few hours when we go to work. When they see us come back in the evening, there isn’t much they wouldn’t do out of happiness. Can you imagine what happens when we leave them for longer? These pup's are quickly figuring out that someone has come back from their trip after a while. Their reactions are just incredible. This cannot simply be explained in words so please go ahead and watch the video so you capture the whole experience. Check out Loki and Snow's super cute reaction to their owners coming home and sitting on the sofa like nothing happened. Priceless !

Ambitious Shiba Inu Pooch Fetches Massive Tree Branch For Owner32s

Ambitious Shiba Inu Pooch Fetches Massive Tree Branch For Owner

A hilarious footage has emerged of an obedient Shiba Inu superdog fetching a huge stick on command. Apparently this tough dog decided to level up and replace old boring sticks with a branch. While Loki was playing in the park, his owner tried to trick him by throwing a huge stick which he thought was too big for little Loki to fetch. However, to everyone's surprise, Loki dragged the branch all the way back and passed the test with flying colors! Footage shows an adorable dog frolicking in the snow, playing fetch with owner. To dog’s surprise, owner decided to put her skills to the test, and threw a huge tree branch for her to catch and fetch. Loki was quick to act and easily found the branch, after which she heroically dragged it back to please owner. Owner found this behaviour hilarious, so she decided to capture her dog’s heroic moment on camera, much to our amusement. Owner explains that this curious pooch likes sticks, logs, tree stumps, i.e. anything that is wood-related. We now understand Loki’s obsession to find and conquer this branch! Of course, the tree branch is heavier than the sticks Loki is used to fetching, therefore, when bringing it back to owner, her head was slightly tilted backwards. How adorable! Can you imagine carrying around a tree branch and playing fetch with it? This superdog doesn’t mind the load and is open for new challenges. The bigger and heavier, the better! Have you ever witnessed anything like this? A superdog obeying owner’s commands and carrying a massive tree branch around in its mouth in order to play fetch with owner! Playing fetch is such great way to spend some quality time with your dog. You go outside, get some fresh air, your dog gets his daily dose of exercise, and everyone is happy! Just like in this funny video featuring a cheerful dog playing fetch with owner. For many dogs the routine of tossing and retrieving is the highlight of their day. Fetch is a game owners usually played with their dogs, when they toss an object, usually a stick or a ball, and it is dog’s objective to grab it and retrieve it to owner.

Hungry Pooch Chews On His Buddy’s Leg Until Dinner Is Ready52s

Hungry Pooch Chews On His Buddy’s Leg Until Dinner Is Ready

A funny video has emerged of a hungry Husky continuously chewing on his Shiba Inu pal’s leg with delight as the tolerant pooch lies on the floor and waits for the torture to be over. It is adorable to watch how the Husky chews on bud’s leg with such devotion. Hilarious! With more than few hours until dinner, this starving Husky decides to take matters into his own hand. Loki the Shiba Inu was just minding his own business when Snow got really hungry. Snow kept on chewing Loki's arm and did not let him sleep in peace. Eventually, Loki gave up his sleep to play with his friend! Footage shows the adorable moment when the overly active Husky tries to satisfy its hunger by chewing on his pal’s leg , as the patient Shiba Inu shows extreme tolerance, so much to the extent of spoiling him! Incredible! In this video, we can see a Shiba Inu pooch casually lying on the floor trying to rest, while a nagging Husky nibbles on its leg. Apparently, the overly-affectionate Husky has additional doses of energy that need to be released somewhere. So, it keeps messing with the resting Shiba Inu, occupying his personal space by munching on his hand, nibbling to the bone. This patient dog sure knows how to give a passive treatment, which is not that fun for the energetic Husky! However, after a while, the Shiba Inu pooch stops being so calm and confronts the biting Husky by giving him a taste of his own medicine! This highly tolerant Shiba Inu shows us the true meaning of patience. Watch how chilled he is as he deals with the hungry Husky, who may be just a little bit too impatient to wait until dinner is ready! Cuteness overload!

Hungry Pup Tries His Best To Outsmart His Owner35s

Hungry Pup Tries His Best To Outsmart His Owner

Having a little fun activity to do with your pet is a great bonding experience, especially if you keep it personalized. If your dog would much rather fetch a stick than search for something hidden, by all means, toss that stick! But if your dog loves instant gratification, then grab a treat and hide it behind your back so that your pooch may guess where it is to win it! Loki the Shiba Inu plays the guessing game but soon realizes he simply can't beat his human. Although he found a way to cheat, his human is always one step ahead of him! Loki’s owner shows him the treat in his right palm, so that he may remember it being there. But when he shows the dog his closed fists, the dog remembers it is in the right hand and gives it a determined guess. But when the fist opens, it shows an empty palm. No treat there. The give it another shot. This time, Loki remembers that the right fist hid nothing, so he lingers, but points to the left fist. When the human opens the hand, it shows that there is a big, fat nothing there! Loki has had it! If there is no treat here, then he is outta there! Sad for his disappointed pup, the human calls him one more time, to make amends. When given the two closed fists, Loki remembers that it could be either of them, so he plays dirty and chooses both. Did he win anything? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Overly Protective Dog Won't Let Owner Hit Anyone47s

Overly Protective Dog Won't Let Owner Hit Anyone

Shiba Inus can be a little reserved around strangers, but they are fiercely loyal to their families. If anyone ever tried to harm their owner, they have something coming right at them. To demonstrate just how protective they can become, this man decided to show just how protective they can get! Meet Loki the Husky and Snow the Shiba . With both owners in the kitchen, there are the two pooches, waiting for some attention. But then the guy lifts his hand and mock hits his sister. What happens? Snow jumps and barks like the woman’s life depended on it! Let’s see what happens when he tries the same on Loki. He mock hits the Husky too and Snow goes wild. Does it happen with stroking? No. How about with a scratch between the ears? Nope, nothing. But another faux swat at the dog’s head and Snow barks again. The man tries stroking his sister’s arm, Snow doesn’t move. But the moment he attempts to hit her, Snow tell the guy to not even think about it! Good job! Since we are speaking of overprotective pooches, how about this big fella? His owner is heavily pregnant and that guy wants to touch the belly. But the boxer just won’t let him. If the man wants to touch the belly, he’s got another thing comin’! Every time the guy reaches out towards the woman’s pregnant belly , she dog barks as loud as he can and jumps to bite the offending arm. No one touches that baby!