Hungry Pooch Chews On His Buddy’s Leg Until Dinner Is Ready52s

Hungry Pooch Chews On His Buddy’s Leg Until Dinner Is Ready

A funny video has emerged of a hungry Husky continuously chewing on his Shiba Inu pal’s leg with delight as the tolerant pooch lies on the floor and waits for the torture to be over. It is adorable to watch how the Husky chews on bud’s leg with such devotion. Hilarious! With more than few hours until dinner, this starving Husky decides to take matters into his own hand. Loki the Shiba Inu was just minding his own business when Snow got really hungry. Snow kept on chewing Loki's arm and did not let him sleep in peace. Eventually, Loki gave up his sleep to play with his friend! Footage shows the adorable moment when the overly active Husky tries to satisfy its hunger by chewing on his pal’s leg, as the patient Shiba Inu shows extreme tolerance, so much to the extent of spoiling him! Incredible! In this video, we can see a Shiba Inu pooch casually lying on the floor trying to rest, while a nagging Husky nibbles on its leg. Apparently, the overly-affectionate Husky has additional doses of energy that need to be released somewhere. So, it keeps messing with the resting Shiba Inu, occupying his personal space by munching on his hand, nibbling to the bone. This patient dog sure knows how to give a passive treatment, which is not that fun for the energetic Husky! However, after a while, the Shiba Inu pooch stops being so calm and confronts the biting Husky by giving him a taste of his own medicine! This highly tolerant Shiba Inu shows us the true meaning of patience. Watch how chilled he is as he deals with the hungry Husky, who may be just a little bit too impatient to wait until dinner is ready! Cuteness overload!

Hungry Pup Tries His Best To Outsmart His Owner35s

Hungry Pup Tries His Best To Outsmart His Owner

Having a little fun activity to do with your pet is a great bonding experience, especially if you keep it personalized. If your dog would much rather fetch a stick than search for something hidden, by all means, toss that stick! But if your dog loves instant gratification, then grab a treat and hide it behind your back so that your pooch may guess where it is to win it! Loki the Shiba Inu plays the guessing game but soon realizes he simply can't beat his human. Although he found a way to cheat, his human is always one step ahead of him! Loki’s owner shows him the treat in his right palm, so that he may remember it being there. But when he shows the dog his closed fists, the dog remembers it is in the right hand and gives it a determined guess. But when the fist opens, it shows an empty palm. No treat there. The give it another shot. This time, Loki remembers that the right fist hid nothing, so he lingers, but points to the left fist. When the human opens the hand, it shows that there is a big, fat nothing there! Loki has had it! If there is no treat here, then he is outta there! Sad for his disappointed pup, the human calls him one more time, to make amends. When given the two closed fists, Loki remembers that it could be either of them, so he plays dirty and chooses both. Did he win anything? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Overly Protective Dog Won't Let Owner Hit Anyone47s

Overly Protective Dog Won't Let Owner Hit Anyone

Shiba Inus can be a little reserved around strangers, but they are fiercely loyal to their families. If anyone ever tried to harm their owner, they have something coming right at them. To demonstrate just how protective they can become, this man decided to show just how protective they can get! Meet Loki the Husky and Snow the Shiba. With both owners in the kitchen, there are the two pooches, waiting for some attention. But then the guy lifts his hand and mock hits his sister. What happens? Snow jumps and barks like the woman’s life depended on it! Let’s see what happens when he tries the same on Loki. He mock hits the Husky too and Snow goes wild. Does it happen with stroking? No. How about with a scratch between the ears? Nope, nothing. But another faux swat at the dog’s head and Snow barks again. The man tries stroking his sister’s arm, Snow doesn’t move. But the moment he attempts to hit her, Snow tell the guy to not even think about it! Good job! Since we are speaking of overprotective pooches, how about this big fella? His owner is heavily pregnant and that guy wants to touch the belly. But the boxer just won’t let him. If the man wants to touch the belly, he’s got another thing comin’! Every time the guy reaches out towards the woman’s pregnant belly, she dog barks as loud as he can and jumps to bite the offending arm. No one touches that baby!