Husky And Shiba Inu Act Just Like Human Siblings

Published October 3, 2018 7,111 Views $2.99 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSiblings can fight a lot - they can argue over the tiniest thing and get on each other’s nerves for the dumbest reasons. Here we see Loki starting a fight with Snow because he thinks Snow always gets more treats, but when “parents” enter the room, Loki must back down and be a good boy! Is this really a fight or display of pure affection? You answer that.

Here in this video, we can totally see Loki pestering Snow with his mouth and then the inevitable happens. Loki starts licking husky's face, and husky stay calm but then eventually loses it. The name says it was exactly like a human sibling fight. Human sibling agreed but really fight? I feel this was a purely an expression of fondness. I feel Loki being the younger sibling was looking for attention from his other brother like it always happens.

Don't you remember doing something badgering to your older folks to get their attention, maybe not licking their faces like in this case but pinching them or pulling their hair or tickling them even when they have told you for thousands of times to not do that? That's pure fondness for our older siblings. Wish they could get that. Our older folks think we hate them so that's the reason we annoy them so much but that's never the case is it. I wish someone could come and tell them that. Similarly, in this video, Loki keeps licking his face on and on. Dude husky its to get your attention. Why don't you get that husky and also all other older siblings out there?

Husky thinking, Loki is annoying him he starts the fight with Loki. The fight looks really violent from outside like they are trying really hard to bite each other's neck off. Like one of them is gonna turn up dead after this fight is over. Like their near dears once should pay their last respects but if see really closely you'll realize that they are not hurting each other, they have no intention of hurting each other. If that's, not the purest sibling love then I don't know what it is.
I wish all the people, all the siblings realize this and start giving each other the attention they deserve. We could really appreciate our siblings around us extend our gratitude on time to time basis and tell them we love them.

So basically the attention call by Loki towards Husky is misinterpreted by him like every other older sibling and he waits and waits and when Loki won't stop even after minutes husky loses it and starts the fight. No one is leading the fight no one is getting hurt but basically, it's just an attempt to show their affection.

Remember the last time you pulled your sisters hair to get her attention but she ended up getting really annoyed because she thought you are trying to torment her because you really liked torturing her but she didn't get the intention behind it that was you trying to spend some more time with her and the end result was she was really annoyed at you but only if she knew the reason behind you pulling her hair was for her to spend some more time with you.

Hope after watching this video and reading the description all the elder sisters would take that hair pulling differently.