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Gay Marriage2m11s

Gay Marriage

Bartolosophy 32: What is your opinion on gay marriage? Unco Bart Shirts now available! Twitter: Facebook:



Dan discusses his views on the gay marriage debate. What are your thoughts on this issue? Post a comment or a video response! List of rights denied to gay couples:

Published: October 15, 201640 views
You're Gay4m15s

You're Gay

I just wanted to get this off my chest.. Everyone has always asked me if I'm gay and it's about time I set some things straight. Subscribe to my other channel - Last video - Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social networks below f

Don't Say Gay6m46s

Don't Say Gay

Vote or you will die: /// "don't say gay" Google News search: Stacey Campfield wiki: Adorable puppies: /////////////////////////// Netflix: Twitter: ht

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Gay Boy Scouts2m42s

Gay Boy Scouts

Join The PogoTribe on Google+ /// /// /// twitter email /// TRANSCRIPT: Let's get one thing straight... so to speak... there are already gay boy scouts. [INTRO] It was widely expected that the Boy Scouts of Am

Published: October 15, 20164 views
Kendall Jenner Is Gay?!1m10s

Kendall Jenner Is Gay?!

Kendall Jenner is gay according to her friend, Tyler the Creator. After rumors circled that the two were dating, Tyler said that was impossible because they are both gay.

THE GAY AGENDA ...?3m32s


Seriously, what agenda? Wanting to be treated like everyone else? I'm all about the nuance of politics. I'll meet you halfway on any number of issues, but not on issues of civil rights. This one's black and white. MeMyselfAndMovies' original video: /// //

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Game Day gay2m17s

Game Day gay

Push rods are both folk games and traditional sports, usually held on the occasion of spring, in the New Year, the festival of culture - sports ... On these occasions, Push rods have created the look. beautiful national color and a characteristic image of the mountain festival. This sport is suitable for ethnic minorities, thereby contributing to promoting the physical training and sports movement, enriching the cultural and spiritual life in villages. Where there are ethnic minorities live there - this sport is growing stronger.

Published: October 7, 2017Updated: October 9, 2017
Gay pride rainbow makeup tutorial4m56s

Gay pride rainbow makeup tutorial

UpCycle.Club member Anastasia Stacie Vanelli demonstrates how to pull off this glamorous look, celebrating gay pride in full rainbow fashion! Credit: Anastasia Stacie Vanelli + UpCycle.Club

Don't Say Gay (Part Two)10m35s

Don't Say Gay (Part Two)

Watch part one: /// "don't say gay" Google News search: Stacey Campfield wiki: Adorable puppies: /////////////////////////// Squarespace: http://squarespac

Gay Hotline Prank Compilation #47m02s

Gay Hotline Prank Compilation #4

You all asked for it, so here's another Gay Hotline prank compilation :) This time featuring ALL my established character voices. If you enjoyed the video and want more, hit that 'Like' button and send the video to a friend! Subscribe for free to catch my future videos! - Gay

Captain America Goes SUPER GAY!!6m09s

Captain America Goes SUPER GAY!!

Captain america becomes a super gay #SJW and the trailer for his newest installment "Captain America Social Justice Soldier" More at Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Vin

Published: October 13, 2016Updated: October 17, 201626 views
Sex, Drugs, and Gay Christians!6m40s

Sex, Drugs, and Gay Christians!

A response to PogoTribe emails about the community at, the legalization of "hard" drugs, and the validity of Christian marriage between gay people. Upload a video with your thoughts on Hillary Clinton (in response to this video: and email

Published: October 11, 20164 views
Gay Hotline Prank Compilation #66m48s

Gay Hotline Prank Compilation #6

Hope you all enjoy this compilation and the return of the British accent. If this video gets 30k+ likes I'll start working on a 7th compilation :D I appreciate all the love and support on this series! Subscribe for free to catch my future videos! - Gay Hotline Compilation #1:

OMG! Russia has a gay motor club1m18s

OMG! Russia has a gay motor club

Meet the members of Homoto, Russia's only gay motor club. How is that even possible in a country where It's illegal to be openly in favor of anything LGBT related?

Published: March 23, 2017Updated: March 29, 201713 views
South Koreans march for gay pride1m05s

South Koreans march for gay pride

More than ten thousand lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBT), along with their supporters, march through the streets of Seoul for the Korea Queer Culture Festival. Jillian Kitchener reports.