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Dream Safe30s

Dream Safe

If you own firearms, keeping them secure isn’t an option. You have to own a gun safe. It is part of proper gun safety and is even more important if you have children. You probably came to this site knowing that you need some type of firearms security but maybe you aren’t quite sure about where to start. Here at our site you will find several in-depth reviews of the most popular and efficient models on the market.

Dream On3m22s

Dream On

What should I vlog about next? Suggest/vote on topics with my channel's moderator module: http://youtube.com/pogobat Add me on facebook: http://facebook.com/DBUniverse Email me: danbrownuniverse@gmail.com ///////// My original "Dreams!" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlRwEApFr98

My dream17m06s

My dream

Pineal Gland Our Third Eye: The Biggest cover-up in human history: http://www.mysticbanana.com/pineal-gland-our-third-eye-the-biggest-cover-up-in-human-history.html

Dream car delivery 1m12s

Dream car delivery

Elsa had always wanted a Mini Cooper. For many years other responsibilities held that dream out of Elsa's reach. Then one day when she was visiting her stepson at the BMW / MINI dealership at which he is a technician, she decided to take one for a ride. This was the red 2013 Cooper, with the awesome rally stripes. Happy with every aspect of the car, she decided to treat herself and make the purchase. Kris the sales person at Langley BMW, was great. He went over everything with her and made sure she was comfortable with every part of the purchase. From her smile when driving off the lot, its proof she is one happy lady. She still smiles every day that she drives her dream car.... its what we work hard for.

Going inside a puppy's dream34s

Going inside a puppy's dream

What do puppies dream about? Nobody knows for sure, but this montage will give us a pretty good idea. From the pet store to the creek, this clip will send any adventurous dog into a daydream!

Published: September 3, 2015Updated: September 18, 201514,782 views
Building the American Dream2m24s

Building the American Dream

For 30 years, members of Habitat for Humanity have been building affordable homes in Palm Beach County. This program has helped hundreds locally achieve "The American Dream."

Published: December 28, 20162 views


Learn to discipline yourself to focus on your dreams. Remember to always think positive no matter what others may say about you. Never let anyone TAKE YOUR HAPPINESS! Love you!

I had a dream DRONES12m25s

I had a dream DRONES

I will get the information on this seminar for Thursday later on this morning. The U.S. military has assisted local law enforcement with tracking suspects, raising the issue of using military might on citizens. Others are concerned about invasions of privacy from drones monitoring everything from p

Singapore's driverless dream53s

Singapore's driverless dream

Singapore starts tests on driverless vehicles it hopes will steer the way ahead for its public transport system.Paul Chapman reports.

Another Wicked Dream15m01s

Another Wicked Dream

Get you own bible: 1560 Geneva Bible: First Edition Facsimile Reproduction: http://greatsite.com/facsimile-reproductions/geneva-1560.html

Published: October 7, 2016Updated: October 9, 20168 views
HEYUSA's American Dream5m35s

HEYUSA's American Dream

COME SEE THIS MIGHT GET WEIRD, YALL! & watch HeyUSA at http://heyusa.thescene.com 11/15 NASHVILLE http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=5422905&pl=3rdlindsley 11/16 – CHARLOTTE http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0E004D4EB65F5717 11/22 – NEW ORLEANS ht

Every Cats Dream56s

Every Cats Dream

Another day by the window! Cat sits entranced by the Starlings flying outside.

Published: February 21, 201723 views