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Forest Beach16s

Forest Beach

A small Forest Beach with people not only there to beach, but also to honor and respect the mind body and spirit.

South Beach, Miami1m00s

South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami, the "Magic City" has some of the best night life and entertainment around!

Published: March 17, 2017Updated: March 20, 20178 views
Lanikai Beach, Hawaii 18s

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii. Kailua. No filter! One of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Published: June 28, 2016Updated: July 4, 20163,409 viewsVirality: 34%
Beach Fire Fail56s

Beach Fire Fail

Occurred on June 4, 2017 / Erica, Drenthe, Netherlands Info from Licensor: "During a beach party at a local pub in the village of Erica, a group of celebrators had a small campfire."

Published: July 26, 201721 views
Laguna Beach Skating 1m48s

Laguna Beach Skating

This little run is upper Bluebird in Laguna Beach California. They passed a law 2 years ago that everyone, regardless of age, must wear a helmet. Luckily my friend and i got away clean

Published: June 14, 2016Updated: June 29, 2016185 views
VA Beach Fight10s

VA Beach Fight

Occurred on May 26, 2016 / Virginia Beach, VA, USA Info From Licensor: "I was drinking beer with my fiance on the VA Beach oceanfront on Memorial Day weekend and a fight broke out." - Brandon Richard

Published: June 3, 201612,892 views
Beach Volleyball Workout4m55s

Beach Volleyball Workout

Volleyball Cross Training Exercises. Brock shares two exercises to improve your vertical jump and explosive power in your legs for beach volleyball. Instagram @fitfortwotv

Black Tie Beach3m37s

Black Tie Beach

Hundreds of participants spend the day at the beach in black tie attire, confusing everyone else. More info: SUBSCRIBE: JOIN US: Fo

Beach Beauty + Essentials2m37s

Beach Beauty + Essentials

Here are some of my must-haves for the beach! I love summertime for one reason, BEACH TIME! I am a beach bum. So I have learned over the years what I need to have with me, and now you know what those things are too! Be sure to leave your beach essentials below so I can add to my list! Wish we c

Childhood Beach Fails1m26s

Childhood Beach Fails

There's nothing quite like going to the beach as a kid with your whole family! While family beach trips are filled with fun in the sun, it can also be filled with unexpected surprises such as hilarious beach fails! These hilarious kid beach fails will remind you of your childhood beach trips!

Published: August 30, 201650,890 viewsVirality: 3%