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Watch This Baby Ferociously Hold On To A Tasty Chicken Wing!39s

Watch This Baby Ferociously Hold On To A Tasty Chicken Wing!

This video is so cute and absolutely hilarious! Everyone loves a good comedic video of misbehaving pets or funny children, and this one certainly fits that category as well. In this video, a child is the one creating the humor; watch and enjoy! Remember that comes out with new content every single day, and many of the best viral videos originate right from this website. Be the first to catch them by subscribing to Rumble and being a part of the community. The video begins with the shot of a beautiful child sitting on the couch in her home with her mother. Mom is the person behind the camera who is filming the entire scene. The child is enjoying her dinner, and it becomes very clear very quickly that she would really like to not be bothered and to be left alone. She is enjoying her chicken wing, which is obviously her favorite food. About ten seconds into the video, viewers will see the child’s mother’s hand as she tries to take the chicken wing away from the child. The wing has been eaten down to the bone, so Mom is right to try to take it from her. She is not trying to take it to be mean to the little girl. It would not be fully safe to leave the child unattended with a chicken bone, so Mom is completely in the right in this situation. The comedy arises when Mom tries to take it away from her, though. The child instantly becomes upset, and she acts shocked and is not understanding just why her mother will not allow her to keep this item that she is so very much enjoying. The little girl jerks away from the mother and twists herself in the opposite direction in an attempt to keep her chicken wing. She absolutely refuses to let go of it! She gets very upset at her mother, and it is hilarious! Mom tries again to get the wing away from the child. She asks, “Ok, but can mommy get the cartilage away from you please?” The child is not amused and does not agree with what her mother is wanting to do. She says no, and she continues to fight to keep her prized possession that must really taste good! Most of us would probably really like to know where is chicken came from, too, if it is really that good! This child could be the next commercial star if this is from a particular restaurant. The child shakes away from the mother and begins to cry and throw a little bit of a fit over this situation! Viewers see her flip over on the couch in disgust and frustration over losing her dear chicken wing that she was enjoying so much. Hopefully, this mother will continue to post update videos about this child. It is probably safe to assume that this little angel provides a great deal of comedy in the lives of her parents, so we all want to partake in the laughs with them!

Dog wearing GoPro explores behind beautiful waterfall36s

Dog wearing GoPro explores behind beautiful waterfall

There is nothing that Maya and her buddy Ash love more than getting out in the forest and finding some waterfalls. They especially loved this one in the Columbia River Gorge because they could get behind it and check it out. According to them, it tasted great too!

Greek drone captures mystical forest of Hercules3m14s

Greek drone captures mystical forest of Hercules

This is the forest of the Centaurs, near Ancient Olympia, the beautiful Foloi. We fly above the only forest level in Greece, where Heracles met with his friend Centauro Folo in his effort to fulfill the promise he made to Eurystheus to capture Erythmathios Capros. Check out this awesome ancient history!

Mother cow's emotional show of gratitude after stranger helps her baby2m44s

Mother cow's emotional show of gratitude after stranger helps her baby

Flo is a very sweet cow who lives on a beautiful farm made up of lush, green meadows, rolling hills and small ponds. There are about 70 cows in Flo’s herd and they wander freely. Life on this farm is very good for the animals. It’s referred to as “ethical farming” and it’s as close to nature as life can be. This started as an ordinary sunny, spring day for Flo. She was pregnant, but she wasn’t due to calf for at least another day. But, during the early afternoon, Flo was near the fence at the pond and it was time to have her calf. The ground is sloped and it seems he slipped under the electric fence when he was born. Now, the fence prevented Flo from getting to her baby, and it prevented the baby from getting the milk and the collostrum he needed from his mother. Dave is a man who lives nearby. It’s a small town and he knows who the farmers are but they have yet to meet. Dave is also an animal lover and a videographer. He stopped here a few days earlier and filmed the first wobbly steps of another newborn who came into the world near the fence. Now he has stopped again because he saw the cows in the pond and he wanted more footage for a video he was working on about the first newborn. For Flo, it was a very lucky thing that Dave stopped. When Dave reached the fence, he put a GoPro on the fence post, aimed at the cows in the water. He also used a hand held GoPro to record them beside the pond. Flo began pawing at the dirt while facing Dave. Dave thought Flo was agitated by his presence near the fence and he wondered if she felt blocked in. He turned his camera on the fence to record her unusual antics and he stepped farther away, hoping she would relax. Instead, Flo walked back to the fence behind her and stared out. She mooed, she paced, and she pawed the dirt. After a few minutes, Dave realized that she was looking at something outside the fence and she was looking at him. What appeared to be aggression now looked more like distress. The camera on the fence post continued to record as he discovered that Flo was looking at a newborn calf in the long grass. Dave knew that mother cows could be protective. The thin wires of the electric fence would not hold Flo back if she thought that Dave was trying to hurt her baby. If it cried out, or if it tried to run on the road, Dave would have to restrain the calf and Flo wouldn’t be happy. The truck that was usually at the farmhouse was gone. There was no gate nearby. Dave had to try to put the calf back on the other side. He was well aware that Flo could trample him if she burst through the fence as he crouched near the calf. He lifted the wires with a stick and pushed the calf under the fence. The calf and Dave both received several small jolts in the process but Dave didn’t dare react and the calf didn’t make a sound. As he worked away, Dave could see Flo becoming less agitated. she seemed to understand that her calf was getting help. Dave could also see now that the calf had a fresh umbilical cord and there was blood on the ground. The calf could have been in the sun for about an hour before he arrived. Dave got the calf through and Flo reacted with surprising relief. She watched Dave with interest and displayed what appeared to be gratitude. The farmers came along as they returned home, and Dave explained what happened, as well as the video recording of the newborn calf a few days earlier. Dave offered to help catch the calf so it could be checked and tagged. The calf had his umbilical cord treated with iodine and his ear tagged with F20, although he would be called “Sparky” by those who heard the story of his early experience with the electric fence. Dave talked to the farmers about how they ran their farm. They refused to produce veal, for ethical reasons. They provided the cows with the best life possible. They spoke about the cows affectionately and the response of the animals to their presence was proof that the cows were treated very well. Dave knelt down in the meadow near Flo and Sparky. To his surprise, Sparky walked towards him. Flo stared at him with great interest. She seemed to almost nudge Sparky forward and the two came right up to Dave for a sniff and a long gaze that seemed to be recognition and gratitude. In this moment, and then later while watching the footage, Dave put it all together. Cows are obviously more intelligent than we give them credit for. Flo recognized that a stranger could help her baby and she successfully communicated her request. She also recognized Dave soon after and reacted to him in a way that suggests she remembered his good intentions. But most of all, Flo clearly demonstrated a protectiveness and a love for newborn that shows her capacity for emotion. Even Sparky, as young as he was, seemed able to understand a little bit and he showed that he had already learned trust and love for his mother. If these animals are capable of such intellect and emotion, surely they deserve our respect, as well as the most ethical treatment we can provide them.

Mysterious triangle UFO flying low over Kansas6m17s

Mysterious triangle UFO flying low over Kansas

Kansas witness saw a TR3B a-like triangle UFO. MUFON closed the case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle. This picture was taken at the employer's parking lot in the city of Hesston, Kansas. The witnesses were looking at cloud lightning. Suddenly he saw something flying above his car. He was thinking about a helicopter, but the object made no sound. He saw a flying object with three white lights in a triangular formation and a red light in the center. It flew about 6 miles per hour (9.2 km/h). It flew in a straight line. MUFON Kansas State Director Stan Seba closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

Bizarre hogfish puts on close-up show for scuba divers1m29s

Bizarre hogfish puts on close-up show for scuba divers

Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands is a spectacular experience. The waters are crystal clear and the animal life is beyond beautiful. White sand stretches between walls of breathtakingly beautiful coral. Scuba divers come from all over the world to see the abundance of underwater life. On a large sand bed fifty feet below the waves, these divers met up with a large hogfish and had the rare treat of a close up experience as it dug in the sand for food. Aptly named because of its long snout that it uses to root in the sand, its feed habits are fascinating. There are several unusual things about the hogfish. The first is that it grows to a length of three feet and can weigh 25 pounds. This is a large reef fish that cruises these waters with little fear of anything here aside from sharks. The second unusual thing is the manner in which it eats. As we can see, the hogfish scoops up huge mouthfuls of sand with its specially adapted scoop-like jaw. It has an upper jaw that closes around the lower one, allowing it to force the sand through its mouth and out the gills. It filters out crustaceans and other tiny creatures that are its food. Occasionally, it will flare its gills out wide in n effort to flush sand and other particles from them. This is an incredible sight to see. The hogfish is a prized food source, especially for spear fishermen. The meat is claimed to be the most delicious of all reef fish, and it is said that it is even as rich as scallops with the firmness of grouper. Possibly for this reason, hogfish are usually wary of humans. It is highly unusual to get a close look at a hogfish for more than a moment and even more unusual to have a hogfish curious enough to completely circle a scuba diver, or to swim straight up to one to look, as this one did. Incredibly, the hogfish even changes sex during its life cycle. This is one of the most bizarre characteristics of the hogfish. It begins life as a female and changes to male at approximately three years of age. Each male with have a harem of females, breeding with them and even protecting them from other predators as they grow and mature. These scuba divers were thrilled to have such a close up show of a very relaxed hogfish eating on the sand bed near Little Cayman Island.

Tiny hamster chooses snacks over exercise1m41s

Tiny hamster chooses snacks over exercise

Watch this cute clip of a dwarf hamster that chooses snacks over working out. Perhaps he spent all of last night running on his wheel, or perhaps eating yummy treats was hos New Yea's resolution. Either way, he is adorable! Dwarf hamster do require a large habitat to run around and get lots of exercise to ensure a happy pet. It is recommended for them to have a minimum of 450 sq inches for their enclosed habitat.

Herd of deer chase off intruding fox41s

Herd of deer chase off intruding fox

This fox books it to a neighbor's house just a ways up the road for flour tortillas when suddenly a herd of deer, camouflaged in the woods, come running out. Apparently they don't like this fox invading their territory!

Scary moment as Orangutan male attempts to bite baby's head1m34s

Scary moment as Orangutan male attempts to bite baby's head

The male borneo orangutan Batu is following his son Basuki through the outdoor enclosure. He keeps trying to grab his son, but his son is getting away. Basuki is tumbling and stumbling and then climbs the net. He is not out of reach, so Batu pulls his son down. When the big male opens his mouth it looks quite scary with his big teeth showing as if he wants to bite the little babies head. He then carries Basuki away, until Basuki wiggles free again and is trying once more to get away. Dad follows and grabs him again by his little arms and drags him and pushes him inside the door. Batu was very determined to get his son inside and Basuki really didn't want to go. He did manage in the end, but it wasn't long before Basuki seem to escape again and came outside heading for the climbing net. When Batu came out again, little Basuki quickly headed for his mom.

Excited Dog Jumps Through Open Car Window22s

Excited Dog Jumps Through Open Car Window

Dogs are adorable. They’re furry and cuddly and full of so much love, but they’re not perfect. Dogs are capable of doing things out of their character just like humans. The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! So what is it that dogs are doing which makes us laugh? Here is one hilarious video of a dog who runs as fast as lightning! It made us laugh so much we hope it will make you laugh too! Have you ever seen a dog desperately miss its owner? This is the perfect time to see it! For this dog there are no obstacles that stand between him and his owner, this dog literally does everything possible to always be close to its owner, obviously both have a great friendship. In general, all dogs miss their owners because they are used to playing and having fun with them, but it seems that this dog does not stop surprising its owners with its great energy. Hilarious! Dex is a 6 year old Rottie dog, this dog has a lot of energy and is impatient and desperate to see his owner immediately, so after opening the door of the house, Dex decides to run and jump through the open window of the car. At first you can see a group of dogs very enthusiastic about the return of their owner, all show great joy because they know that fun is coming, but obviously for Dex it is very difficult to contain his emotion, for that reason he is the only one dog that runs desperately towards the owner's car. Dex is great! Many people claim that dogs miss their owners from the first time they leave home, although some dogs tend to show more energy and emotion than other dogs, as is the case with Dex. Probably the most pleasant thing about having a dog as a pet is knowing that there will always be someone waiting at home, no matter how long you have been away from home, often people are very happy to see that their dogs are very excited. Dogs always brighten people's days after a long day at work. It is proven that for dogs it is very easy to create a bond of friendship with their owners, the truth is that there are many ways to have fun and play with dogs , these animals are usually adapted to almost any home and family environment, depending on their education. To strengthen friendship bonds with pets, just play and have fun with them, what really matters to dogs is to share with their owners as long as possible. It is recommended that we let dogs run and have fun, this will make them grow healthier, this time we can see that Dex is a dog full of energy and has very good health , so he is able to run and jump. The open windows of the car are not obstacles for Dex, this dog is an example to follow. We all need a dog like Dex!

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