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Dutch People Were Woken By These Unusual Sounds 27s

Dutch People Were Woken By These Unusual Sounds

At 8:10am, a resident of Gouda in South Holland captured footage featuring bizarre unexplained sounds coming from the sky. Do you have any theories on what it could possibly be? There have been numerous reports of the alien-like, eerie sound all over the world. Last year the reports were coming from anywhere between the UK and Morocco. The noise has everyone spooked. There are even reports coming from New Jersey in USA. A YouTuber who uploaded his own recording of the sound over Bristol says: "I heard them as I was in my loft doing some work. Creeped me out so didn’t film for long." Believers say that it is the sound of an extraterrestrial vessel approaching Earth. Each report says that the noise sounds like trumpets and it doesn't last for more than a few seconds. One resident from Nottingham in the UK recorded the chilling sound with his drone, explaining that it sounded like grinding metal. Spooked witnesses from all over the planet have put the bizarre phenomenon down to a range of explanations — from aliens to an oncoming apocalypse. The weird, loud noises have been heard across several continents, but scientists cannot agree on the reason for the widespread phenomenon that has been spreading fright among the people of Earth for the past nine years.

Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Angry When The Ocean Fills It Up Again1m05s

Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Angry When The Ocean Fills It Up Again

Don’t you just love the beach? Warmth from the sun, chill from the occasional wind, the serene sound of the ocean waves hitting the sand and - oh, the sand! You can dig in it, scavenge for hidden treasures or even build a castle and claim it as your own! Angus the Golden Retriever here has worked really hard to dig a very nice hole in the sand, only to have it filled up with water from a big wave. Check out how upset he is! Can't blame him! Where did the hole go? How did the water get there? Aw man, HE worked so hard to get that hole just right. So he does what he knows best - he barks at those stupid waves and goes to mommy for comfort. Don’t worry little guy, you’ll get it next time! What did you think of this video? Does your dog do anything like this? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comment section! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile as much as it made you smile!

Truck Runs A Red Light In Front Of Cops And Gets Instant Karma 2m05s

Truck Runs A Red Light In Front Of Cops And Gets Instant Karma

Running on a red light is irresponsible and should never be practiced, unless you want to get pulled over and fined. Some drivers make more obvious mistakes, like this absent-minded driver who failed to notice the cop behind his vehicle who caught him red-handed running a red light! This semi truck clearly doesn't see the state trooper in his blind spot, otherwise he probably wouldn't have run a red light right in front of him! Instant karma at its finest! Hopefully, he learned his lesson! Don’t you just love dash cam videos? They are the gift from the gods of technology, letting us capture things we could never explain to people who weren’t with us in the car at the time of happening! Ever since they came out, the dash cam’s initial purpose is to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over. People have had their minds taken off the guilt of ruining someone's life or idea of a life with the footage their camera captured. The majority of videos we get captured by these awesome devices let us see what it looks like when someone gets served instant justice, cold and hard! Whether it is a rowdy pedestrian or a careless driver, we get to see that there is justice in the world and it will catch up on you, sooner or later. This semi truck driver was caught red-handed running a red light , not only by the dash cam of this driver’s car, but actually also by the dash cam of the police car driving right next to the truck. The absent-minded driver must have somehow failed to notice the police car tagging along from behind, and dared to make an exception and run wild on red light! Moments later, we see the police car catching up to the semi truck, flashing its lights on the reckless driver, signaling it to stop the vehicle. When the police approaches your car with the roof lights flashing, you know that you did something really, really bad! The cop instantly turns on the lights and pulls over the reckless driver. Instant karma is served!

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Bear And Dog Chase Each Other In Forest1m29s

Bear And Dog Chase Each Other In Forest

This isn't something you see every day. When a dog and wild bear emerge from the woods, it's hard to tell if the bear is acting aggressively. It looks like the bear and the dog are just chasing each other around, and none of them are intentionally trying to hurt one another. However, after the bear chases the dog away into the woods, the bear starts to run towards the spectators filming the action, which makes them go into slight panic mode. The bear was probably just excited and wasn't trying to harm anyone. It is still always better to be safe rather than sorry so moving out of the way was the best idea. Luckily, the bear returns back into the woods, but not before some pretty awesome footage was taken. It isn't very often we get to see a bear this close up. It must have been really cool to see the bear right in the moment, these people have a very cool story to tell for the rest of their lives. It looks like the bear and the dog are now friends! This is not the only dog out there who has a bear for a friend! One stray mutt in Surgut, Russia, has been spotted going on a snowy adventure with a bear ! The pooch engages the bear in every way possible, inviting him for some fun in the snow! This isn’t the only time a bear has decided to play with a canine. In November of 2017, a veterinary nurse by the name of Brittany Semeniuk visited a place called Mile 5 Sanctuary outside the town of Churchill in Canada. She and her vet partner were looking to photograph some polar bears in the wilderness when they came across a chained-up sled dog out in the open. It wouldn’t be too much of a big deal, had it not been for the polar bear approaching it. "I had no idea what was going to happen," Brittany says. "I was worried for the dog." It soon became clear that the bear had no bad intentions for the pup. Instead, it started playing with the dog ! In this video, you can see the big white bear nudging the canine with its nose and poking at it with its paws. To make matters even more adorable, the dog seems to be in the same playful mood! According to Brittany, the playful duo kept at it for some 15 minutes, before the bear ultimately retreating from the site in the pursuit for food. The pup remained unharmed. "When the bear left, the dog seemed to be totally fine," she says. "[The interaction] was a bit rough because a polar bear doesn't know his own strength." Churchill is known as “the polar bear capital of the world”. Every fall, before the Hudson Bay freezes, these bears come through town looking for food. Locals are pretty used to them, rummaging through people’s garbage, unafraid of the human inhabitants. According to conservation officers from Manitoba, a man by the name of Brian Ladoon is the owner of a dog sanctuary in the area who has been putting out food for the dogs, thus inadvertently inviting the polar bears. A person familiar with Ladoon’s operation says that the bears, being intelligent creatures as they are, have learned to associate the dogs with extra food and do not attack them. Have you ever seen a bear and a dog playing around before? How close have you gotten to a bear before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim7m23s

Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim

A loving Labrador dad took it upon himself to teach his precious little puppies how to swim, and by the looks of it, it was a very successful first lesson! The puppies follow him wherever he goes, and when he jumps into the water, they follow him. Then, he takes them to explore the beautiful surroundings and dry of a bit before having another go at the swimming part! Teaching young puppies the essential stuff in life is a crucial part of their upbringing, and without a doubt these puppies will never be afraid of the water. We can just imagine how they'll react when it's time to go to the beach - a much bigger pond, plus rolling around in the warm sand. This heartwarming moment just made our day! They are all so happy and excited to be learning something new and interesting like swimming. But the most important part is that all the puppies are very obedient and none of them strays to explore the nature by itself. Talk about a happy dog family! Labradors are one of the most sought after dog breeds, and by watching this video, we can understand why it is so. Very smart dogs, indeed.

Boy from audience turns out to be natural rumba dancer5m11s

Boy from audience turns out to be natural rumba dancer

During a show by the well-known Cuban rumba band, a little boy from the audience begins to dance in the middle of everyone with tons of passion and feeling. Even though this kid is really young it seems as if he is carried away by the music. This child is the perfect example of how careless kids are and how free their nature is. It is like this child has been brought up by really artistic parents, possibly musicians or actors. As soon as this little boy starts dancing you can literally feel the positive energy within the crowd. Imagine for a moment if all the people have his enthusiasm and courage to let loose and feel the rhythm once in a while. I believe that this world would be a much better place to live. As soon as this boy starts moving many members of the audience members begin to think the 'orisha Elegua' god, who is traditionally represented by a child wearing a hat, is upon him. The reaction of these people is priceless. One by one they all reach out to him, showering him with gifts and money! These people go absolutely bananas after this kid. This crowd could not be more encouraging toward this kid. Watch him completely steal the show that has everyone in attendance going wild! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this awesome moment when a boy from the audience shows off his skills!

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Parrots Engage In Hilarious Verbal Fight Over Shower Rights4m42s

Parrots Engage In Hilarious Verbal Fight Over Shower Rights

Most parrots love to bathe, which softens dirt on the feathers and skin and encourages preening. If you bathe your parrot regularly, you will notice that his feathers will begin to become waterproof due to his preening duties. Bathing is important for parrots, whose skin can become dry and itchy, leading to plucking. Some birds appreciate a daily misting being lightly sprayed with room-temperature water, while others prefer to bathe in a shallow dish of water. Providing a shallow bathing dish every day enables birds to bathe as they feel the need and desire to. Tonka is just too excited to wait his turn in the shower while his buddy Tiko takes his sweet time. Apparently, Tonka is so impatient to get in the shower that he is doing his best to speed up the process. Perched on his seat, Tonka doesn’t wait for long to accomplish what he has set her mind to. The moment his owner tells him to go in the shower , he doesn’t think twice but obeys. How skillfully he uses his beak to get down from the metal construction - he will do anything just to see himself inside the shower. Tonka’s beak is so powerful that can easily crack nuts and seeds, while his dry, scaly tongue has a bone inside it that makes it an effective tool for tapping into things. Once in the shower, he seems not that satisfied since he wants to take Tiko’s place and feel the full benefits of the shower. Spreading his charismatic and colorful wings, he wants to let Tiko know that he has had his share in the shower and it’s high time for him to enjoy. Tiko obviously disapproves of this and they engage into a verbal fight. Loud squawks, noisy shrieks and screams echo in the bathroom as they are trying to reach an agreement. But until the end of the video, they can’t make a reasonable solution.

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Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It53s

Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It

Caesar loves to play and hi favorite toy is the sparkly teaser wand. Whenever his owner forgets about play time, he would search for his favorite toy , grab it and drag it over to his owner’s feet, making a clear statement that she is falling behind on her obligation. How dare she? It would seem that Caesar's owner had forgotten about play time yet again, so he does his same old ritual. Grabs the wand and starts dragging it along the living room floor to where his owner is resting, to remind her that, yet again, she forgot about play time. But when Caesar jumps on the ottoman to really stick it in her face, the handle of the wand catches on the furniture, causing the cat to lose control of his belongings and the toy falls on the ground. Caesar looks down towards the endless abyss that took his toy, but instead of going after it, he turns to his owners and starts meowing very persuasively. “I brought it this far, pick it up" is what we could understand from all that. The woman giggles behind the camera, but the tom is not having it. Pick it up! If this were another cat, all Caesar would have to do is shoot him an angry look and it would pick the toy up. But this is a human we’re talking about, and they are ignorant of a cat’s body language .

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Dog Gets Trapped In Onesie, His Husky Sister Comes To The Rescue1m26s

Dog Gets Trapped In Onesie, His Husky Sister Comes To The Rescue

These people have to be careful about leaving sweatshirts, pants or PJ's out, otherwise Oscar the wiener dog will crawl inside and make himself comfy. Although he does this often, he doesn't seem to realize he could get stuck. Comfort first, risk later. In this case his owners could have easily helped him out, but the teamwork from his husky big sister is just so heartwarming! Oscar’s owner ZestyMike tells his girlfriend that he turned his back on the dog for a few minutes to go to the restroom and when he came back, the wiener dog had wrapped himself up in his owner’s onesie and made himself comfortable. And who wouldn’t, they are so warm and cosy inside. But onesies are also terribly confusing, so when Oscar’s humans started calling him to come back out, the wiener forgot which way was out and got stuck in the fluffy onesie! Oscar sees the end of the sleeve and light poking through, but what he does not figure out is that the hole in the sleeve is too small for his body. He’s tiny, but not THAT tiny. While he struggles to set free, his big sister Nora the Husky was right there to help him out, but not before making fun of him for being a silly little pup.

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Street Performer Plays Hallelujah With Crystal Wine Glasses Only3m48s

Street Performer Plays Hallelujah With Crystal Wine Glasses Only

We have all heard the quote: ‘Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Easy for Thomas Edison to say. He had all the good ideas. And talent goes hand in hand with a genius ideas. Talent is full of thoughts. Genius is thought. You have a talent? Spend it like a millionaire, do not keep it for yourself like a miser. Show it to the world and the world will come to you. As it comes to see this street artists as he meticulously performs Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ using crystal wine glasses with water. There are no other tricks in place, no playback, no special effects, just wine glasses with water and his hands. So refine! The glasses are of different shapes and sizes. crystal glasses with thinner walls and rims that are not the widest part of the glass work best. The smaller the glass, the higher the pitch and the more water in the glass the lower the pitch. This street performer has perfectly acquired the technique of glass harp which has been around since 1750. He generates musical tones by means of friction. Rubbing the glass surface with moistened fingers, using the middle of the finger, allows the finger to slip and when the pressure and amount of moisture are just right, it creates a stick-slip motion and cause vibrations in the sides of the glass . People are gathering around just to work out this incredible technique and listen to the beautiful and heart-moving melody of Hallelujah. We don’t mind listening to this this ‘jam session’ all day long!

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This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot 1m00s

This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot

This is what you get when you show how much you have been paying attention in class about manners and common courtesy! That yellow Jeep was waiting patiently in line for a car to come out of a parking spot, when another zoomed right it and took the spot instead! Pissed off, the driver of the Jeep seems to be parking right behind that red sedan, as if to box him in. Then he gets out and starts jumbling with something at the front bumper. What is he doing? That driver did what most of us who have found ourselves in a similar situation have wanted to do! He puts a tow hook on the sedan's rear bumper and hauls him out of there! We think we have found out new hero! It looks like there were plenty of other available parking spot on that lot, but this isn't just about finding a spot anymore. This should be a lesson! Thankfully, security cameras from the lot caught the whole thing on tape, otherwise we never would have believed our ears if someone tried to retell us this as an anecdote! Some viewers question the authenticity of the footage, others the legality. We will never find out what the driver of the sedan did when he saw his car in the middle of the road, but serves him right!

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Woman Finds An Orphaned Baby Armadillo In Her Backyard, And Now They’re The Best Of Friends 1m46s

Woman Finds An Orphaned Baby Armadillo In Her Backyard, And Now They’re The Best Of Friends

Whenever we think of armadillos, we’re usually reminded of the first scenes of ‘80s movies, beginning with armadillos on the highways across the desert, accompanied by the stray tumbleweed. However, this is not the case. This little guy has made a <a href=" " target="_blank">backyard</a> his home for the past 3 days. Now named Dilly, his mother is nowhere to be seen. Dilly is usually left to himself so that he doesn't become too dependent, but user 'TYarber37' makes sure he always has plenty of water and leads him to bugs. He looks for her now when he hears her voice. Although your first instinct might be to rescue a wild animal you find in your backyard, or anywhere else for that matter, it might be the smartest choice to call a professional handler and rehabilitator to pick up the animal. Especially if it a young individual like this <a href=" " target="_blank">baby armadillo</a>. If your property is in some rural area where wild critters are common visitors, then the local wildlife shelter should be on your speed-dial list. But before you contact the rescuers, make sure that the animal is indeed in need of assistance; check if it is hurt or otherwise incapable of running home on its own, but maintain a safe distance. If that is the case, wildlife rescuers will do a far better job.

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Mom And Son Take The Dance Floor, Leaving The Wedding Guests In Awe3m24s

Mom And Son Take The Dance Floor, Leaving The Wedding Guests In Awe

We are all used to seeing the bride and groom have their first dance as a traditional opening of the wedding celebration. The most memorable parts of their day are the special dances that kick off the evening: first the happy newlyweds take the dance floor, followed by the father-daughter dance and last, but not least, the dance that the groom shares with his mother. This mother of the groom convinced her son to take a more unorthodox approach to their dance at the wedding. They begin by dancing to Louis Armstrong’s "What A Wonderful World," but what comes next left everyone with their mouths wide open. The surprise they’ve prepared is a rare one. A series of pop favorites transforms the whole performance into a Michael Jackson tribute . A friend of the groom approaches and hands him a hat. That’s when the crazy movements begin. They loosen their bodies and the moves come naturally. Either the son has inherited some good genes or they have busted their asses off by practicing. With the flips and the turns they make, this pair looks like professional duo. Next, Pit Bull and J Lo "Drop It On The Floor". If Jenny remains this agile in her old years, she will conquer all the dance floors around the globe. She might have the style, but she could learn some moves from this lady. All of a sudden Beyonce calls "All the single ladies" and this dancing couple proves once more that they have all it needs to become famous. To all future grooms and moms: These two have thrown down the gauntlet. If you want to compete with their performance, roll up your sleeves!

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Baby Melts When Parents Start Singing In The Car 1m34s

Baby Melts When Parents Start Singing In The Car

How amazing is this? These loving parents sing Matisyahu's "One Day" with their baby in their arms, as their honored audience. This is too precious! It looks like their baby is enjoying every single moment of the A Capella version they are singing! At first, the mother starts singing and she sounds amazing, then her husband adds in the harmony and it sounds so professional! This is so cool, they definitely have lots of talent . We think they need to audition for a talent show, wouldn't that be awesome to see them on stage? And definitely with the babe in a wrap like she is right now because her reactions will take the whole performance up a notch! Their little baby is so cute and looks so well behaved. She just sits there, in her mother’s lap and just enjoys the moment being witnessed in front of her eyes! She has her eyes wide open and is soaking up every moment! Not all our parents can sing together in perfect harmonies like her mama and papa! The father even adds in beatboxing, which comes as a great addition to the song. The smile on the baby's face is priceless. When on the topic of parents and their new babies, take a look at another heart-throbbing video, where baby with Albinism sees mother clearly for the first time . A baby being able to see his parents properly for the first time in his life is a moment that melts your heart. Seeing means he can experience and learn new things. It means he can communicate much easier and point the things he likes. A video has emerged from the US of a baby’s reaction to seeing his mother for the first time. The footage, captured in Warren County, IA, shows three-month-old Everett - who has a rare disorder called Oculocutaneous Albinism which affects his vision - giggling as he sees his mother with the help of a new pair of glasses. He is one cutie pie who gets very emotional when he clearly sees his mom for the very first time. This will fill your heart with joy. He was born with albinism meaning that he has no pigment in his skin and hair and has debilitating sight problems. He was given special prescription glasses to help him see. ''When our son Everett was two months old, we noticed he was not tracking objects or making direct eye contact, the filmer later wrote online. ''We visited with a pediatric ophthalmologist who suggested Everett has Occulocutaneous Albinism which means he lacks pigment in his eyes, skin and hair.'' The moment his mom puts the glasses on his face, Everett starts smiling at his parents. A super cute sight as he is able to see his parents properly for the first time. Wondering what on earth has happened, little Everett tries to say something in his baby language to work out what has changed. His mom is asking him repeatedly if he likes his new glasses while Everett just beams back at them. He has a very cute reaction. He won’t stop smiling and babbling. Obviously, he can see his parents more clearly now and focus more easily in their faces. ''It is a rare disorder which seems to be misunderstood or not widely known about, but people with albinism can do anything everyone else can do. They just need some help with vision and protection from the sun.'' ''Our son is doing extremely well with his glasses so far,'' she added.

Pooch Gets Overly Excited While Watching His Favorite Movie 1m31s

Pooch Gets Overly Excited While Watching His Favorite Movie

What’s your favorite movie? Is it a sports movie, a comedy? Maybe a love story? Doesn’t matter, we don’t judge. But one thing is probably certain, you have watched that motion picture so many times, you know every line by heart. You know every line, even when your favorite character takes a breath! We can say with utmost certainty that it is pretty much the same for puppies. Ever our four legged companions have their own favorite motion picture and whenever it comes up on the screen, they turn their heads left and right, whine and howl as things progress in the story. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this young giant. Zeus the English Mastiff puppy loves watching The Jungle Book. The 2016 movie is this little guy’s favorite animal-related story and he always watches it with incredible attention. If we were to ask what his favorite scene was, he will probably say “any one where the wolf pack howls”! Zeus has watched the movie so many times, he knows each howl by heart. Watch as the scene comes on, the wolves recite “the law of the jungle” and then they begin to howl, one by one. What does Zeus do? He joins in, because secretly, our big little pup wants nothing more than to be part of that pack. He is definitely dreaming big, and who could blame him - we all want to be a part of our favorite movie, even if it means just standing in the background as an extra. This pupper's reaction is by no means uncommon - the English Mastiff is a majestic and exuberant dog breed, and someone once described it with the following analogy: "What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sink before him". This should pretty much give you a picture of this breed's character and habits. Lots of dogs actually enjoy watching TV, and we can't blame them, because you know, TV is fun. Even though they don't binge watch their favorite shows like we do (and thank God for that, because can you imagine the fights for the TV remote?), they like to spend time bonding with their owners while watching a show or two together. The thing is, sometimes they get a bit carried away in the show, especially when another pooch appears on the screen. Some dogs prefer sports games over TV shows, and it's no surprise since they love chasing after balls in real life. It may be a bit more frustrating though, since they can't actually catch the ball from the screen. Does your pooch have any hilarious behaviors like this one? Does it like watching TV with you? Nonetheless, dogs are a very important part of our lives and we tend to treat them as equal family members (some we love even more than our relatives, but let's just keep that a secret). It's nothing unusual, such is our bond - special and deep.

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Chatty Parrot And His Owner Have An Entertaining Conversation 1m51s

Chatty Parrot And His Owner Have An Entertaining Conversation

Each and every species of animals has their own aptitudes. Peacocks spread their colorful feathers, Eagles have their famous squawk, and fish, well all fish species swim. A more notable aptitude that a favorite pet has is the ability to speak. Einstein the Parrot and his owner carry on a clever conversation regarding taking a shower, being all wet and money. He even tells his owner to be quiet! That's probably not the nicest thing to say to your owner Einstein, he should give an apology to her too, silly parrot! Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a parrot as a pet? Well hopefully this video might give you a little insight into what you might expect when taking in one of these clever guys. Obviously not all parrots behave like this, but if you get lucky with the right one, you never know what shenanigans might take place. Strong bonds can be made between a parrot and their owner. It's quite obvious these two are close and have a special bond, so nice! How awesome is this parrot though? If you want to share any moments of your pets doing funny things, let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this chatty parrot.

Music Students Pull Off Flash Mob During Wedding Ceremony 4m17s

Music Students Pull Off Flash Mob During Wedding Ceremony

In Niagara Falls, Ontario, 15 Music Depot students flash mob Shannon and Rick's wedding ceremony. They surprised the groom, the wedding party and 130 guests! Special thanks to the students and parents at The Music Depot, Shannon for inviting them to be a part of her special day and the minister at St. John's Church who was more than accommodating! Wedding ceremonies are all about celebrating love and happiness with your friends and family. This one is no exception, but wait to see the amazing twist just a few seconds into the video! The heroes of the day are the guests themselves, and you'll soon find out why! Namely, these music students were just regular guests at first, patiently waiting in line to congratulate to the happy couple, when all of a sudden, when everyone took their seats, the surprise started, much to the awe of the entire crowd, including the bride and the groom! Part of the students started singing, while the other part took the instruments and started playing, while the other guests are standing there in disbelief! And we were no exception to this, we stared in amazement through the entire video! For more on the Music Depot go to "Chapel of Love is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). This video cover is purely for recreation and educational purposes only. No Copyright infringement intended."

Adorable German Shepherd Can't Figure Out Growling 26s

Adorable German Shepherd Can't Figure Out Growling

This German Shepherd is so unique! Most of us expect to hear a very loud bark from a dog, but this funny german shepherd has its own cool sound! Why have a normal dog bark when you can make some pretty great alien-like noises, so funny! This is very amusing to watch! It sounds like this dog is making high pitch sounds and low pitch sounds at the same time! How is this dog doing that? This must take a lot of talent! How can you not smile at this adorable German Shepherd? What a great was to brighten up our day! German Shepherds are very friendly dogs. They love to meet new people. They are not only friendly with their family, but also with strangers too. They are so welcoming! What a great companion to have by your side! They are very intelligent dogs and have a high tendency to bark and howl. We can tell from this video, that this dog loves to show off his unique growl sounds, so cute! Its not everyday you get to meet a dog that barks like this, this dog is a special one! Does your dog have a unique growl like this German Shepherd? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Twin Girls Have The Most Hilarious Reaction When They Realize They Are Identical 4m25s

Twin Girls Have The Most Hilarious Reaction When They Realize They Are Identical

These little girls are adorable! They are identical twins and are starting to learn what that means. They both look like each other! When they are asked what the word twins means, Alexis says it means adorable, so funny! Almost Alexis, but not quite! They know they have the same birthday and as they look at each other, they are realizing they have the same physical features on their face, so cute! These little girls are hilarious, they continue to look each other taking in everything about the other twins face, so precious! Alexis starts to have a meltdown when she learns Ava is one minute older. Poor girl, she is sad because she thinks her sister Ava is bigger than she is, don't worry Alexis, you are growing just like your sister. It is so sweet when Ava tells her to stop crying and gives her a big hug comforting her, they love each other so much! It's not over yet, a few moments later, Ava starts to cry because she finds out her sister is a half inch bigger than her, she doesn't think she is growing. Now it is her sisters turn to give her a big hug. These little girls share such a special bond! What a great video! Do you have any funny twin stories? Let us know in the comment section down below!

This Is The Cutest Battle For A Spot On The Bed You'll See Today1m11s

This Is The Cutest Battle For A Spot On The Bed You'll See Today

Here is a quiz question for you: What is the tallest dog in the world? And if your answer is the Great Dane, you answered correctly. He is an Apollo in the dog world and it totally deserves its name. He is powerful and athletic but he is a notorious lap sitter. Max, the dog in this video, is truly a great dog breed – large and noble but though he looks terribly imposing, in reality he is one of the most well-behaved dogs around. When it comes to inhabiting the bed, nothing can help his loud bark. Max’s desire to pop on the bed comes as a warning look at the cat. He wants her to understand by the way he looks at her, that it is high time to sign out for the day. But this cat does not simply get it, or she does not want to understand so she plays dumb. Though Max is deaf and cannot hear his own bark, he decides to change his tactics and starts “shouting”. His loud and persistent bark is intended for the cat because it serves as a great lecture of telling her to get out of his spot since he has a very specific bed time routine. And as long as she is on the bed, he will bark. He is solely waiting for her to hop off the bed so he can rest his huge body. It is not a fuss but a warning. The cat finally understands her position and gives up her place. Eventually she is off the be and Max climbs up and the curtain falls. Good night pals!

Little Kitten Fascinated By Herself On Front-Facing Camera!17s

Little Kitten Fascinated By Herself On Front-Facing Camera!

The world has a deep love/hate relationship with the front facing camera on their smartphones. It comes in handy more often than we would like to admit. Not counting selfies, the front-facing camera is like the utility knife of gadgets. Lash in your eye? Turn the camera on. Don’t have a mirror to fix your lipstick? Turn the camera on. It seems that little kittens are now getting on the front camera train as this adorable kitten is using it to check herself out! We can only assume that she got this habit from her owners as pets tend to mimic some of the owners behaviors and habits to some degree. What a smart kitty she is! You might hate how your second chin looks when you turn your camera on, but this little kitty seems to think she is just fabulous! Sweet little foster kitten named Alex sees her image in the phone and can't get over how cute she is! She is not the only one that finds herself adorable as we cannot seem to look away as this kitten stares into our eyes! Please share this adorable clip with your family and friends as they will surely not want to miss this cute moment!

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This Father-Daughter Dance Made Every Guest Jump To Their Feet4m04s

This Father-Daughter Dance Made Every Guest Jump To Their Feet

Tradition is a big thing. Many exercise a number of rites that have been passed down over the years, as a sign of respect for their ancestors. Everyday we are surrounded by traditions, whether we recognize them as such or not, but the one place where most traditions occur are during weddings. There is a symbolism in most of the acts during a wedding, from the color of the bride’s dress, the wedding bands the newlyweds exchange, to the first dance. The father-daughter dance holds a great symbolic too, a moment where the father gives his daughter away to grow up and become a wife and mother. Usually, brides choose a song that means a lot to them and their dads, usually accompanied by tears of joy and sorrow. Lately, though, a lot of brides opt out for something a lot less traditional, but still very symbolic. Instead of the swaying side-by-side, they perform an elaborate choreography with their dads, to show the world that their bond is still strong and will continue to be so! This bride is no exception! This dynamic duo took the dance floor with “My Girl” by The Temptations, but after the first chorus, the record scratches and the mashup begins! From “Baby Got Back”, to “Gangnam Style “ and “Whip/Nae Nae”, these two really set the dance floor on fire. This other bride also threw a surprize during her dance with her dad, but it wasn’t for the guests, but for the man who is sending her off to her new family. She played a song of herself at three years old, singing to her dad. You can guess how that went. Here’s to all the brides starting their own traditions!

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He Shaves His Beard And Can't Believe The Reactions He Gets 3m35s

He Shaves His Beard And Can't Believe The Reactions He Gets

After growing out his beard for a very long time, this father decides to shave it all off - much to the shock of everyone in his life! Their reactions are priceless. Once everyone is sleeping, this father records himself shaving his beard off, he looks so different without a huge beard. When he wakes up his wife in the morning, she is completely shocked, she thinks she is still dreaming, so funny! This transformation will probably take a lot of time to get used to! His wife had never seen him without a beard . What a hilarious moment to get on camera! It is crazy to see how much a beard changes someone's face, you might not even recognize the person! The beard trend has been very popular for these last few years, and almost every guy is rocking it, but sometimes all you need is a clean-shaved baby face. Or at least a stubble, but not a huge beard that covers your whole face. This dad's transformation is truly incredible and he looks like a totally different man in the end. That's 1.5 years of growing a beard gone in just 1.5 minutes of shaving. Awesome! When he slips into bed next to his wife, she is too sleepy to notice something is off about him...he seems lighter! But reality strikes her when she sees something odd in the camera and then turns to face his freshly shaven profile . It is like love at first sight all over again! Have someone you know ever cut off their long beard? Did they look completely different? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Kitty Sees Neighbor Cat Nemesis At Front Door, Meows The House Down 2m01s

Kitty Sees Neighbor Cat Nemesis At Front Door, Meows The House Down

This is the intense moment when an extremely vocal cat starts challenging his rival to a cat fight by fiercely meowing through a glass door. The bristly cat starts begging owner to open the front door in order to go outside and fight. When Jacob sees another male cat on the other side of the glass door, staring at him urging him to surrender, he immediately gets tough and wants to pick a fight with his rival, so he cries to his owners to let him out!Listen to the incredible speaking skills this Russian feline possesses, he sounds like he is saying ‘open the door’ in Russian! This cat expands its meowing skills and almost starts speaking human just to make owner understand that he is ready to fight for his territory and masculinity! Male cats have strange ways of showing who is in charge! Footage shows the extreme vocal skills this bristly cat possesses while putting them vocal cords in practice, trying to prove a point and stand his ground in the cat fight! The tough Russian cat wants to go outside, but his owners won’t allow him, after which he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised by the way he persists to beg and meow, standing in front of the door, staring back at his rival! The determined cat is continuously begging his owner to open the door, so that he can confront the other male cat, standing on the other side of the glass door, challenging him to a duel. He's a very unique cat, not afraid of anything or anyone including the cat standing on the other side of the door, trying to pick a fight! We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they argue, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! Cats are independent as the rising sun. They observe everything with their gentle feline eyes, they loves to sit on a lap for strokes , they purr like a well oiled engine - loud and strong, and wind around their owner’s legs at meal times. Cats are indeed funny animals with their black and white preened fur they patrol in the garden, chase butterflies and pounce on beetles. When they are confined within the borders of their homes, they leave muddy paw prints across the kitchen tiles, mew for food when they are hungry and snooze on the couch, wait for fuss, purr like a tractor while their fur flies everywhere.

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Jealous Cockatoo Interrupts Owner’s Conversation On Purpose49s

Jealous Cockatoo Interrupts Owner’s Conversation On Purpose

Cookie the Cockatoo loves her owner's husband so much that she must voice her outrage every time she talks to him! Listen to Cookie immediately interrupt their conversation as soon as they try to speak! Adorable! Hilarious footage has emerged of a talkative parrot talking back at owner, trying to have the last word. You gotta love parrots, they can be very entertaining pets, although demanding to keep. But if you love a bird that is very affectionate and can talk back to you, then a Cockatoo parakeet is the right choice for you! Cockatoos have become very popular pets recently. These birds are very social, and they love to talk whenever they get the chance! They are also very affectionate birds. We can definitely see this while watching this video. Footage shows Cookie, the beautiful, talkative parakeet standing in its cage and attentively listening to what owner has to say, trying to engage in the conversation. Hilarious! However, not only Cookie isn't interested in her owner’s conversation, he just wants to dominate and speak up! The parrot interrupts his owner and tries to speak at the same time she does! Hilarious! Do you this talkative parrot is needy for affection or is he trying to outspeak his owner? You don't want to miss this hilarious conversation ! You can't help but laugh along with them! The conversation this bird has with its owner is absolutely adorable! These birds have a bad reputation for being nippy and hard to train, but they are actually a smart bird that gets bored very easily, and often resort to chewing and other destructive behaviors. They generally have sweet, charming personalities that win the hearts of bird enthusiasts around the world. Their high-pitched yet sweet little voices are almost comical!