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6 crazy ways people make money4m01s

6 crazy ways people make money

We all know some people will do the wildest stuff to earn a living, but these 6 careers will definitely have some people wishing they'd picked a different major!

Man Pulls Off Surprise Proposal At Disney World1m05s

Man Pulls Off Surprise Proposal At Disney World

A couple was planning a vacation to Chile that turned into an impromptu trip to Disney World at the very last minute when the guy realized the night before that his passport was expired! They quickly rallied and made the decision to go to the most magical place on Earth, the Disney World! As every visitor does, this couple wanted to take their photo together in this magical world, so the guy went to some people passing near them and asked them to take a photo of him and his girlfriend. Only that he deliberately put the camera on filming mode… because he was going to make the biggest step in his life till that moment and propose to the love of his life. Out of the blue, he says to her “I almost forgot…” and tries to take the little box out of his pocket. But obviously his hands are shaking and there is the drama brake, a little bit longer than he has planned. Normally, who would not have been shocked by this question in the center of the Disney World. She can not believe her eyes and ears... You are questioning yourself what was the answer? Of course that she said yes. And then came a round of applause for the future bride and groom.

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Two-Year-Old Girl Rocks On Her Water Skis 27s

Two-Year-Old Girl Rocks On Her Water Skis

You know you have the guts when you are only a little toddler and you are ready to take some risks. Being brave and confronting your fears is not always easy, especially not when you are only two years old. The 23-month-old Scarlett Rose Weikleenget from Flowood, Mississippi, is not afraid of the water, as she attempts to water ski for the first time in her life. She is standing still on the boat, all dressed up in a bathing suit, wearing a pink swim vest that is probably custom made for her. And that balance, confronting the waves with such a professionalism… Oh, she is so adorable. Not even the turns can frighten her. She has learned and practiced her techniques that well, a advanced water skier can only envy her! “Yeah! Good job big girl!” her daddy shouts while filming her first successful attempt at water skiing. There is still time for smiling at the camera and gloating for what she does. And her parents, they must be very proud of their baby girl, although obviously she is not that small, having in mind that Scarlett is already doing things on her own. One thing is for sure, she rocks! She is the water skiing ace! Nice job, Scarlett!

These Cats Climbing And Destroying Christmas Trees Hurts Us Deeply3m19s

These Cats Climbing And Destroying Christmas Trees Hurts Us Deeply

Cats will be cats, and what more do cats want to do at Christmas than "help" with the decorating? Shorty, Kodi and a bunch of friends demonstrate just how helpful they can be as they list the reasons why they so desperately want to climb the Christmas tree. Remember to keep your cats safe, folks. These are some fun clips of cats doing what they naturally do, but cats can easily harm themselves by climbing up or playing in the tree, ingesting tinsel and toxic materials, and of course by playing with the lights. They think everything that is hanged on the tree or on the stairways or on the windows is good and interesting enough to be tasted. There is lots of info online on how to cat-proof your tree and how to train your cat not to go near the tree. Do lots of research and monitor your cats closely so you can all have safe and happy holidays! “Meow… Christmas time at least, I am going to have a blast! I am happily setting up although I am never asked”. I bet cats have taken very seriously this song… Dancing under the tree bulbs and lights sure are very funny, especially when you are a cat, my friend!

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Bulldogs extremely excited when favorite movie comes on TV2m07s

Bulldogs extremely excited when favorite movie comes on TV

Elvis and Khaleesi enjoy nothing more than watching a good Elvis Presley film. They have seen 'King Creole' on a number of occasions and it has proven to be their favorite classic film! As soon as that music starts they come running and argue over the best seat in the house!

Published: December 3, 2017Updated: December 4, 2017277 views
Dog waits for beloved toy to be fixed1m04s

Dog waits for beloved toy to be fixed

Abby loves her stuffed animal, but when she notices a tear in it, she throws it at her owner in a desperate plea to have it repaired. Watch as she waits patiently for her friend to be fixed!

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Affectionate parrot enjoys cuddle time with owner2m42s

Affectionate parrot enjoys cuddle time with owner

Every night Einstein has to have some cuddle time with his favorite human, Jeff. Jeff scratches Einstein's neck and back as he watches the news on TV. Einstein likes to preen Jeff's eyebrows, and Jeff preens any little pin feathers that he might discover on Einstein. Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein's talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!

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Bride Receives Surprise Wedding Flash Mob During 'Amazing Grace'3m06s

Bride Receives Surprise Wedding Flash Mob During 'Amazing Grace'

Weddings are about the couple, their stepping into a holy union and into a happy life together. There’s a lot of symbolism in the ceremonies that happen during weddings, each with its own meaning while relatives and loved ones send off the two lovers into their new life. When Steve Beukema was getting ready to accept his long-term girlfriend as his wife, something came to his mind. As devout church goers, the hymn “Amazing Grace" means a lot to them both. So in accordance with their pastor, Steve organized a few of their guests to perform a flash mob during the vows. It was left to the pastor to give the mob their cue, by reciting “All this is a gift from God, his love and mercy poured out to each of us every single day through his amazing grace." One by one, guests get up on their feet and start singing what is known as the most famous of all the folk hymns. A Christian hymn published in 1779, the words in "Amazing Grace" are written by the English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton. With the message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of sins committed and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, "Amazing Grace" is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world.

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5 extreme bets that changed the world4m43s

5 extreme bets that changed the world

While most people are making drunken dares to see who can fart the loudest, some people use bets as motivation to accomplish great things. These 5 people have made wagers that changed the world for good!

Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It53s

Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It

Caesar loves to play and hi favorite toy is the sparkly teaser wand. Whenever his owner forgets about play time, he would search for his favorite toy, grab it and drag it over to his owner’s feet, making a clear statement that she is falling behind on her obligation. How dare she? It would seem that Caesar's owner had forgotten about play time yet again, so he does his same old ritual. Grabs the wand and starts dragging it along the living room floor to where his owner is resting, to remind her that, yet again, she forgot about play time. But when Caesar jumps on the ottoman to really stick it in her face, the handle of the wand catches on the furniture, causing the cat to lose control of his belongings and the toy falls on the ground. Caesar looks down towards the endless abyss that took his toy, but instead of going after it, he turns to his owners and starts meowing very persuasively. “I brought it this far, pick it up" is what we could understand from all that. The woman giggles behind the camera, but the tom is not having it. Pick it up! If this were another cat, all Caesar would have to do is shoot him an angry look and it would pick the toy up. But this is a human we’re talking about, and they are ignorant of a cat’s body language.

Musician Recreates 19 Sound Effects On His Violin1m05s

Musician Recreates 19 Sound Effects On His Violin

“Hey, I'm Daniel, a music fanatic, creator and string instructor. On a good day I hope to amaze you - Or at least amuse you. On the perfect day I will do both!" This is what violinist Daniel Blair had written in the “about" section on his Youtube channel. The guy is nothing short of a virtuoso, having videos of him playing all sorts of musical pieces, but most of them are string interpretations of modern day hits by Meghan Trainor, Imagine Dragons, even theme songs from movies like Frozen and The Andy Griffith’s Show! Daniel is so in tune with his instrument, that he is even able to play stuff that don’t classify as music per se, but they sound EXACTLY the same! Armed with his violin, Daniel plays a total of 19 sound effects from all sorts of categories: bird calls, alarm sounds, bug sounds, even movie effects! Color us impressed! These are all the sounds he plays on the violin, in the same order: the Robin, Sparrow, Seagull, Baby Falcon, Robbery in Progress, Home Invasion, Police in Pursuit, Air Raid Siren, Mosquito (complete with a slap on the hand), Cricket, Heavy Machinery, 18-Wheeler, Formula 1 Racecar, Squeaky Door, Psycho, That one stubborn hair, Kitty, R2-D2 and Jailbreak! We can watch this clip for hours!

Woman Faces Biggest Fear By Letting A Tarantula Walk On Her Face15s

Woman Faces Biggest Fear By Letting A Tarantula Walk On Her Face

Arachnophobia is a serious and one of the most widespread crippling phobias on this planet. You can blame it all on our ancestors’ survival instincts for the effect it has on us. True, not all spiders are venomous, but our forefathers knew better than to tread in areas populated by these bugs. Hairy legs? Check. 8, not 6, not 4 legs? Double check. Creepy looking eyes that seem like they’re staring right through to your soul? Also check. Scares the living daylights out of you? Hella check. These are the reactions people have when they say that have this intense fear of those 8-legged creepers. They say in order to overcome your fears, you must face them dead on. There are companies out there that specialize in helping you get rid of the thing that cripples you from living a normal life. What do they do? They organize a meet up with what makes you jizz in your pants! Check it out as this woman crushes her fear of spiders by letting a massive tarantula walk all over her face! Canadian cosplayer and gamer Azzy used to be terrified of spiders, so she went to have a tarantula walk all over her face. Later she jokes that she “can live with him". No thank you…

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5 extreme pregnancy cravings you won't believe3m01s

5 extreme pregnancy cravings you won't believe

Pregnancy brings food cravings that are unwanted by most expecting moms. But have you ever wondered what causes these food fantasies? Should you give in? Today, we look at the craziest cravings pregnancy can tempt you with.