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Listen To What This Brilliant Talking Cockatiel Has To Say6m11s

Listen To What This Brilliant Talking Cockatiel Has To Say

Sunny is called The Talking Cockatiel Extraordinaire by his family and friends for a several reasons. One is because he speaks in an intelligible voice rather than with the more common squeaky and whistle-like voices that you typically hear from these sweet little parrots. The eleven year old bird also has a very large vocabulary for a small Cockatiel, which is also unusual. But his owners claim that what makes Sunny truly extraordinary is that he has a little basic understanding of language. He doesn't just mimic sounds and words like other parrots do. Unless he is prompted heavily such as in this video so he can he show off some of his speaking ability, he mostly uses his vocabulary relevant to situations that he is in and to give commands. His owners say one of the most surprising things he's done is to regularly greet his owner with 'Hi, Scott' rather than just repeating back 'Hi, Sunny' to him. Nobody refers to his owner as 'Scott' in the home when they say hi. He also won't say it unless his owner enters a room and never at any other time or to anyone else. One of the many things he's done to use his speaking ability is to call the other birds in the home to him by repeating 'comere comere comere' until they come. Because his owners have never had enough time to properly train him to say more than a few words or to train him to do tricks, they have no idea what he is truly capable of doing. His large vocabulary and the use of it alone with other things he does was mostly learned by himself. What is his favorite word? Touchdown!

'Early Bird' Parrot Makes Hilarious Demands For Breakfast41s

'Early Bird' Parrot Makes Hilarious Demands For Breakfast

You often hear the expression, "Early bird gets the worm". When you live with a parrot, that saying takes on a whole different meaning! This particular morning Einstein wakes up with an appetite, he is also very talkative. Requesting grapes and cantaloupe as his owner tries to get coffee made is like being in a diner placing an order. He watches every move his owner makes. Finally the coffee is ready and Einstein imitates the sound of it being poured and the slurping sounds as his owner takes a sip. (Please, never feed your parrot coffee. It is toxic.) All in all it is a good morning when your parrot tells you, "You're a good parrot sweetie!" Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!

Saint Bernard Gets Excited Over A Balloon1m00s

Saint Bernard Gets Excited Over A Balloon

Never enough of dogs and their never-ending longing for games and funny little things they can do in their homes with their owners. Every dog has its own way of entertaining itself. Their game is different every time. What it makes it even more comic is the things they find at home to play with. They can range from pillows to socks, from balloons to sponges. And every time, their play is unique and this Saint Bernard is a true example of fun-loving dog. Saint Bernards are well known for their rescue capabilities. Their sacrificing nature and true souls makes them even more likeable. These proud owners of a dog of this breed simply couldn’t feel less entertained having this big and cuddly dog dashing in the rooms with a balloon tied around his neck. Sully loves the balloon and gets over-excited with it. He knows exactly that the balloon is so precious since it is a birthday present from the people he loves and cares about, so he wants to show a little appreciation and how much it means to him. No wonder he walks all perky around the rooms, racing from one to another. Sully does not mind the darkness in the bedroom, he pops on the bed anyways. Until the balloon gets stuck in the ceiling fan. But with the help of his owners he unwinds himself and goes on with this important march. Luckily, the balloon is untacked, it didn’t burst-way to go. Hooray! Another short walk around the table and he peacefully sits down to show that he has accomplished his gratifying mission.

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'Unlucky' Hedgehog Gets His Head Stuck In Toilet Paper Roll1m16s

'Unlucky' Hedgehog Gets His Head Stuck In Toilet Paper Roll

We all know how important hygiene is for us. The fact of the matter is that hygiene is one of the number one things to a healthier, longer and higher quality of life. Having all this in mind, we need to understand that not only humans are aware of this fact. As we know animals are really quick to catch on to the reality and even quicker to put it in practice for them self's. Now, hedgehogs are not usually known to be domesticated animals but that does not stop some people from adopting them and giving them love and care away from the unforgivable means of nature. So, for those hedgehogs who are lucky enough to live by a human things do happen to be pretty hectic and interesting along the way. This little guys name is Arlo. And Arlo has made it pretty clear that his day is not gonna be as easy as other right from the get go. As he gets up and tries to start his day, he immediately gets stuck onto the toilet paper roller as he tries to "take care of business" in the bathroom. However, his struggle is not as serious as Arlo might think, so his owner takes out his camera and films his hedgehog's "struggle". Arlo the hedgehog thinks she's smaller than she really is. While attempting to get into a toilet paper roll, she manages to cram her head in it, resulting in a tiny army tank covered in prickles! Ether way, he looks adorable! Take a look for your self!

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A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool1m26s

A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool

Some people never stop to amaze us with their sense of adventure and thirst for extreme endeavors. Sometimes people’s behavior is unpredictable and incredibly stunning. From brilliance to geniosity, from exaggeration to wisdom is what marks the true nature of people. The limits of doing things that may change your life are sometimes invisible, avoidable or easy to ignore. We are all different and there lies the beauty. What is important is not to lose the fun along the way. The more exciting the risk, the more appreciated it becomes. For this guy here, the initiative of jumping off a 6-story balcony into a pool is definitely worth the risk. It is probably not his first time doing it, since he behaves like a real professional in terms of dangerous undertakings. He is doing it with such an ease- like a walk in the park. Which is not. It is actually an unpredictable and delicate act on his part that we are left breathless watching it. Scary as it may be, this guy just loves it. Adrenaline rushes through his body as we can hear him breathing heavily, all excited. With a GoPro attached to his head, he is looking for a place where he can best perform his crazy idea. He runs to it, and when he finally finds his ‘perfect’ spot, he doesn’t think twice, climbs over the fence, gets ready and off he jumps. Luckily, he hits the center of the pool and as if it is not enough, he goes on climbing a wall just to join his friend who was watching all along. Warning: Don’t you ever try this!

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Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot1m01s

Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot

Raising children is not an easy task to do. It is a call that demands commitment, attention, self-sacrifice and it binds you for life. Nothing can be compared to it. But at the same time nothing is as heart-melting as one gentle look from your baby’s eyes. That cute, little face that wakes you up at the break of dawn. And nothing matters as long as the baby is healthy with a smile on his face. Who can stay immune to those red cheeks, the chubby hands and legs and the smell of its skin. Isn’t priceless? Babies are indeed miracles of nature. Yes, parenting it is often tough but most of the time is too funny for words. Do you see this 5-month old baby? Then, prepare yourself for cuteness overloaded. She will soften your heart, warm your soul and give you a good laugh. You will end up beaming with smiles while watching. And only because, according to her father’s conclusion, she is too lazy, just sitting all day in her lounge chair, watching the world goes by and does nothing. Well, if she can not speak for herself, her father can, and he decides that is high time for the baby to start doing some of the chores in the house, if not everything, at least vacuuming. And how is that managed? Of course with a robot vacuum. We see her already mounted on the robot, with the pacifier in her mouth, getting ready for a ride that will make the floor neat and tidy. She enjoys the comfortable ride as the robot zooms on the silky wooden floor. As the robot turns around, a shy smile appears on her adorable face. So, if you want your babies to acquire some cleaning habits at home, 5 months is the perfect time to start!

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Newlyweds Surprise Guests With 'Despacito' Wedding Dance3m43s

Newlyweds Surprise Guests With 'Despacito' Wedding Dance

This is the heartwarming moment when newlyweds decide to bust a move at their wedding ceremony, showing guests what marriage is all about! The bride and groom show just how good they are for each other, as they show off their incredibly synced moves to the beats of today’s hit! This couple in Lithuania shocks everyone in attendance with their Despacito-themed first dance at their wedding. Check out their killer moves and incredible choreography! A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with a wedding has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. That is why this couple decided to add a little bit of a surprise into the mix that they knew everyone would love. The symbolic of the first dance is the beginning of the couple’s life together. They start with love and fun, to mark the launch of their union. Most of the times it is a slow dance along a song that means the world to the bride and groom, but every now and again, a couple surprises everyone with something that send the crowd cheering for more! The bride and groom decided to surprise everyone with their dance moves, moving to the rhythm of Despacito. Footage shows bride walking down the yard to meet groom, as the intro of this international hit can be heard in the background. When they meet halfway in the yard, they start dancing barefoot on the grass, moving their happy feet to the well-known Spanish song, leaving their guests in awe! After a busy day of getting married, this couple flawlessly pulled off this amazing first dance! Watch as they break into dance with one of the most well-choreographed wedding routines you've ever seen! The incredible duo bust out their best moves, much to the amazement and cheers from their guests. Now that is one way to kick off a marriage! What a memorable wedding dance for all of the guests to witness, and for the newlywed couple to cherish for a lifetime!

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Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner45s

Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner

This is the heartwarming moment when owner has to go to work and needy pet whines in protest and doesn’t want to let go. Footage shows adorable pooch Sora sticking her head through the doggy door and having a mouthful argument with owner. Apparently, Sora had a long and tiresome walk and engaged in productive playtime, but when it was time to nap in her shelter, this dog decided to howl in protest instead. It is adorable how the pooch engaged in an endless whines and howls at owner like there is no tomorrow. Trying to win an argument with Sora isn't going to work! What an adorable temper tantrum! They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but one adorable canine has tried every trick in the book to get his owner to play with him. Hilarious footage showing a persistent pooch desperately trying to make its owner play with her, and this adorable pooch is sure to warm the hearts of even the most reluctant animal lover. Footage shows the determined dog going so far as to place its head through the doggy door and whine in protest, engaging them puppy eyes to the fullest. Sadly, his performance falls on owner’s deaf ears, but to no avail. Owner has to go to work and run some errands, so this impatient pooch will have to wait in its house, until owner is free to play again! Credit to @sora_the_adventurer

Curious Puppy Goes Extreme Attack Mode On Innocent Water Bottle 35s

Curious Puppy Goes Extreme Attack Mode On Innocent Water Bottle

Watch this cute video of a puppy attacking a tiny bottle of water lying on the floor. If you've ever wondered what happens when a puppy meets a pint-sized plastic bottle, the answer is in this video! Maya, a three-months-old German Shepherd, discovers a water bottle for the first time in her life. It comes naturally to her to approach the water bottle rather cautiously, and the outcome is nothing less than comical! Watch as she battles to come out victorious! Footage shows the curious little pooch going up against the innocent bottle. Watch as she barks at it and goes extreme attack mode on it, having no mercy for the object. Looks like she doesn't trust it, or maybe she wants to drink from it!? Puppies are amazing creatures that brighten up our lives. Of course, they are difficult to raise and almost feel like raising another family member, however the love and memories we get are absolutely worth it. This video shows the amazing moment when Maya meets a tiny water bottle lying on the floor and comes obsessed with it. She jumps around it, but maybe not for joy. It looks like she doesn’t trust the bottle and even seems threatened by it! The puppy really does seem annoyed by the sight of the plastic lying on the floor. She tries rushing it, pawing it, biting it and turning it. Maybe Maya is just waiting for the bottle to play with her? Did your dog ever do this as a puppy? Let us know in the comments below!

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Curious Dog Bounces On A Trampoline To See Over The Wooden Fence27s

Curious Dog Bounces On A Trampoline To See Over The Wooden Fence

A funny video has emerged of a clever dog bouncing on the backyard trampoline just to get a better look over the wooden fence. What a smart pup! The reason for your dog's jumping behavior may be blatantly obvious to you or it may be due to numerous reasons such as boredom, separation, anxiety, sex drive, fear, lack of exercise, to get to other dogs, seeking attention, something or someone exciting on the other side of the fence, and maybe even because your dog hasn't bonded with you and your family. Having a safe, secure, jump and escape proof fence is an essential part of owning a dog. Taking away the temptation or even the possibility of your dog jumping the fence is always the best course of action. Many dogs consider themselves to be escape artists when it comes to fence jumping and that can be a difficult behavior problem to extinguish! Fence jumping is called a "self rewarding" behavior to your dog. So each time your dog jumps the fence the behavior is being strengthened and reinforced which means that it is highly likely to occur again. Check out this dog jump almost six feet high to see what's up on the other side of the wooden fence. It looks like the pooch is on a trampoline as it jumps very high over the wooden fence. We wonder whether this dog is bouncing on a bouncer or is managing to jump this high only with the help of its legs? Watch as this determined dog puts some serious effort just to see what’s behind the fence. Maybe the curious canine got bored from staring in the wooden fence and decided to look outside the box and see what’s on the other side of the wall. Thankfully, the man who was walking by caught this bouncing dog on camera.

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Dozen Wild Elephants Pay Surprise Visit To Campers, Quenching Their Thirst In The Pool 5m00s

Dozen Wild Elephants Pay Surprise Visit To Campers, Quenching Their Thirst In The Pool

An amazing moment was captured on camera when a herd of wild elephants walks towards a pool from a distance, just to quench their thirst in the Somalisa Tent Camp in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe. What a sight to see! Footage of a herd of elephants approaching a group of tourist while they are chilling by the pool features over a dozen of elephant rushing from a distance just to quench their thirst in a nearby pool located on a campsite. Watch how determined the herd of animals is as they walk toward the pool, much to the delight of witnessing safari tourists. These are the calmest elephants we have ever set eyes to from all the safari videos we have watched over the years. Undoubtedly, elephants are indeed amazing creatures, and the way they drink water from their trunks is absolutely adorable! There's nothing like looking eye to eye with these amazing creatures while they stand still in close proximity! These beautiful gentle giants live in the wild and are used to being photographed and filmed by safari tourists. However, they freely roam around the campsite property and browse at tourists all they want. It is surprisingly how calm the animals in this video are, given the unfortunate events many safari tourists have witnessed with charging animals going attack mode on them. Elephants in Zimbabwe are still the center of attention for ivory poachers. Reportedly, a mother and her young calf, have been found poisoned and their tusks hacked off by poachers. The first known case of elephant poisoning in Zimbabwe was a single massacre of over 100 elephants in Hwange national park in 2013. Since then it has become a common means of poaching – not only in Hwange but throughout the country’s protected areas, including the Zambezi valley and Gonarezhou national park.

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Pack Of Golden Retriever Puppies Pouring Out Of The Pool36s

Pack Of Golden Retriever Puppies Pouring Out Of The Pool

A day spent at the pool is a day well spent, everyone agrees to that. The coolness of the water against the blazing heat of the summer sun is what every one of us craves. It was a nice sunny day so these six Golden Retriever pups decided to take a swim at the pool and enjoy the summer fun, splashing their worries away! Footage shows these adorable pooches chilling in the water, each of them holding tightly onto their favorite toy with their mouth. Maybe they hold onto the squishy rubber toy when swimming just to keep a good balance, or maybe they want to take their best friends in the water to join in the fun, who knows! Check it out as these water-loving Golden Retrievers absolutely enjoying their day at the pool! Animal lovers, prepare to have your hearts melted, as this video will brighten up your day! Isn't this video just adorable? We have never seen so many doggies pouring out of a pool like that. The obedient dogs patiently wait in line to take the stairs off the pool and dry their fur out in the sun. We see the dogs using pool stairs to climb out the pool, one by one, while tightly holding onto their favorite toy! Cuteness overload! It seems, though, that we humans aren't the only ones who love our sweet time at the swimming pool, it seems that dogs love water as much as we do! Usually, a dog is pretty happy to just have a broad yard to run and zoom around, but these dogs decided to make the most of the backyard pool and this video is the perfect proof of that. From the looks of it, they really love to splash and play in the water, and they are great swimmers too! Adorable! Credit to @mambohitsgolden