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Mountain biker nearly lands on wandering sheep8s

Mountain biker nearly lands on wandering sheep

Mountain biking is already dangerous enough as it is, but when you add a jump and wondering wild animals, it becomes even more dangerous! In this video we see a mountain biker do exactly that! While riding in Kymi, Evia, Greece, this mountain biker barely dodges a lucky sheep after getting air time off a "road gap" jump. Now that was a close call! This is one video that you should not miss! Credit to 'Tank Trail'. You cannot help but to watch this clip over and over again, analyzing it to see how close he really was to hitting that sheep! Just watching this clip gives anxiety! Good thing that biker managed to miss those sheep as it could have been catastrophic! Mountain biking can be fun but you always have to make sure that you are properly prepared! Who would have though that sheep could pose such a danger when mountain biking? To be properly prepare, you have to make sure that you have the best mountain biking gear you can get. After all, it is better to be safe then sorry! Sit back and prepare to watch this video over and over again as you cannot get enough!

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Clever Sponge Life Hacks You Need To Know!5m40s

Clever Sponge Life Hacks You Need To Know!

We have no idea what we would have been doing with our lives, were it not for the HouseholdHacker! This guy is a genius! After his 100 hacks from 100 years ago, his compilation of hacks for rubbing alcohol, he now treats us with a collection of tips for those kitchen sponges that will send you flying to get more! You can make reusable water bombs by cutting up a few regular sponges into strips and tying them together. Hello cool summer fun without the balloon shrapnel! You can use those same old sponges as reusable dryer sheets by cutting some in half, soaking them in a solution of equal parts fabric softener and water and throwing them in the drying cycle well squeezed of the excess liquid. These sponges also make excellent reusable ice packs! Just soak them in water with some alcohol or dish soap, and then place them in ziplock bags and freeze them. The additive in the water will prevent the sponges from freezing solid, giving you a nice, soft ice pack. Just brilliant! Watch the video for some other neat tricks and don’t forget to share it and bring ease to your friends’ lives!

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How To Make ICE BALLS!5m45s

How To Make ICE BALLS!

Make your own ICE BALLS with common household items! No special mold needed as we figured out the perfect DIY way to make them right now! Who says that ice has to come in cubes? Whether you're looking for a way to keep your favorite alcoholic beverage cool without diluting it or simply trying to keep your soda colder, longer, ice balls are the way to go. Luckily, there's an easy way to make ice balls on almost any budget! Buy a package of water balloons. This method is cheap, quick, and easy — perfect if you don't want to spend money on specialty molds for making ice balls. All you'll need is a few round water balloons (and, of course, water and a freezer.) Remember that, if you're using your ice balls to cool your drinks, they'll need to be able to fit inside your glasses. Thus, when it comes to water balloons, generally, the smaller, the better! Fill your balloons with enough water to make small spheres. If you want color ice balls add two drops of food coloring when you do this. Grab a balloon, open the neck, and slide it over your faucet. Turn the water on at a low level so that it gradually fills the balloon. You want enough water so that you have a small globe that you can easily handle with one hand — this is probably a lot less than you'd use if you were going to have a water balloon fight. Once again, you'll want to make sure that your ice balls are small enough to fit in whichever glass you plan to use. A good way to check this is to put your glass around the balloon as it fills. Keep in mind that water expands when it freezes, so you want to leave a little extra room on each side! Check out the other super easy methods - you're gonna want to try them out immediately! SUBSCRIBE HERE → 🍧🍧🍧 Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks: Our Faceb

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10 Awesome Soda Can Life Hacks7m13s

10 Awesome Soda Can Life Hacks

Save your aluminum cans, there are so many ways to reuse them! You can create flower pots, door stops, whistles and even a a drinking cup. Check out these 10 awesome soda can life hacks and put your recycled cans to work! -=Our Playlists=- Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Scien

2 Fast 2 Furriest36s

2 Fast 2 Furriest

Aaron's Animals have caught up with the Fast&Furious craze, with their own spin - 2 Fast 2 Furriest! The gang is gathered in front of a chop shop, each with their own ride. Prince Michael is there as well, in his hot orange car. His rival arrives on a moped and they get ready to race! The rest of the cats are there, building up the tension...and they're off! The fierce rival give each other the stare-down mid race, when they hear the screeching of jeep tires! What will happen next? Be sure to watch the entire video and check out the rest of AaronsAnimals' videos! Aaron's Animals is a web series created and directed by Los Angeles-based visual artist Aaron Benitez, documenting the life of Aaron with his animals. The main star of all of Aaron's shows is Prince Michael, his adopted Russian Blue cat. When he's not making silly videos with his animals, Aaron works as a Visual Effects Instructor at VFX Bro. Aaron and Prince Michael rose to viral fame when Aaron was babysitting for his friend's rabbit and he posted a video of Michael getting jealous of the furry friend.

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Clever dog uses distraction tactics to steal food1m02s

Clever dog uses distraction tactics to steal food

A lot of dogs steal food but it is hard to do when people watch the plates. That is why Charlie here has become a sort-of specialist when it comes to finding new ways of gaining food :D This is not something new or unusual for Beagles! Since they are such energetic dogs, Beagles spend a lot of energy, so they need to eat. Because of this instinctual habit of theirs, Beagles are one of those dog breeds which are dangerously prone to obesity. As they mature, Beagles can become lazy, always content to lie about the house all day, just getting up for their meals and the occasional belly rub. This is why potential Beagle owners are always advised to measure and monitor their dog's meals. Charlie the Beagle was introduced to baby Laura the moment her parents brought her home. His owners have taught him a lot of helpful tricks, but it seems that Charlie has taught h8imself a few tricks of his own! Charlie is a very famous dog here on His friendship with Laura has been well documented over the years, from their first encounter. The video where Charlie stole Laura's toy and the apologizes is one of Charlie's most famous videos! Please Like, Subscribe, and turn on notifications to stay updated!! Subscribe Charlie the dog and baby Laura: Follow us! Facebook: http://bi

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #7710m03s

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #77

Gather round, boy and girls, because we are here to satiate your appetite for trivia with 50 facts that will blow your human minds! Matthew Santoro is back at it again with 50 incredible, awkward and downright perplexing facts from around the globe. From fun facts about food, to gadgets and apps, Matthew has got it all! Learn how much the extent of the North Korean dictatorship reached those who like to put tattoos on their own bodies; how diabetes effects dogs and cats (one in every 100 dogs and one in every 250 cats are affected with the disease); why Norway sends a Christmas Spruce tree to Great Britain; what kind of medicine-infused coffee pods you can purchase for your machine; where you can find a burning candle that you can activate with your smart phone; and so many more! Feast your mind on these 45 other wacky stuff that happen or have happened all around the planet! Matthew has done his research very thoroughly, so that you can relax, grab a bucket of popcorn and make sure not to choke when the weird stuff comes on! Don't forget to share this clip with your friends, so that their minds will get blown as well! New videos every Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: Get my book MIND = BLOWN here!

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LIFE HACKS To Quickly Organize Your Home4m10s

LIFE HACKS To Quickly Organize Your Home

Organize your house, apartment, desk... anything! It's Command Hook Life Hacks! These simple little hooks can help you mount an iPad, your phone, clean up cables and even mount headphones! There are so many possibilities... just check out our video for tons of ideas. In this video we will show you

Cheater’s Mini Apple Pies | One Pot Chef5m45s

Cheater’s Mini Apple Pies | One Pot Chef

Cheater’s Mini Apple Pies is a no-fuss, simplified version of the classic dessert! Pie apples are combined with brown sugar and cinnamon, then baked in an envelope of puff pastry. Topped with cinnamon sugar, these gorgeous little pies can be served hot or cold, or even frozen for later use - give it

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Online Security Life Hacks to Protect Yourself4m53s

Online Security Life Hacks to Protect Yourself

Millions of online accounts are hacked each year, are you protected? Use these Life Hacks to protect yourself online, keep your data secure … and maybe have a little fun in the process. The internet offers access to a world of products and services, entertainment and information. At the same time, it creates opportunities for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves. Learn how to protect your computer, your information, and your online files. Watch these simple digital security life hacks for keeping your information safe online. Who new that just logging on to a public Internet account could leave you susceptible to hackers, or promoting your vacation on Facebook? Watch the video above by HouseholdHacker for tips on how to keep your information safe online. These are indeed quick, easy and helpful lifestyle tips. Never again will I use my everyday email address to log in to a shopping site that I don't visit often, or store my credit card information! Check out Privacy (it's free): List of Websites and Software we used: 1) http://haveibee

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Cristal Burger - Epic Meal Time5m36s

Cristal Burger - Epic Meal Time

This week we get classy, and glamorous and we made a Cristal Burger. It's for those with expensive taste!! Check out Harley's Video Diaries - We have a #YouTubeGaming Channel: Follow the guys! @harleyplays @princewallick @

Published: June 9, 2017Updated: July 21, 201730 views
Fast Food Dim Sum - Epic Meal Time8m00s

Fast Food Dim Sum - Epic Meal Time

We took your favorite fast foods and created an epic dim sum Check out Harley's Video Diaries - We have a #YouTubeGaming Channel: Follow the guys! @harleyplays @princewallick @lemme_kno @epicgrossguy @cooldan @itsmikesanto

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Slow Cooker Cheese and Bacon Potatoes | One Pot Chef6m16s

Slow Cooker Cheese and Bacon Potatoes | One Pot Chef

Slow Cooker Cheese and Bacon Potatoes is a fabulous crock pot side dish, perfect for serving with a wide variety of dishes. Baby Potatoes are combined with onion, garlic, bacon and cheese, then slow cooked until tender. Served warm, these delicious potatoes are guaranteed to keep everyone happy - Tr

Pit Bull puppy sleeps upside down24s

Pit Bull puppy sleeps upside down

Pet owners prepare to laugh as this video will surely make you smile! In this adorable and hilarious clip, we are introduced to Ludlow, an 8-month-old puppy. What is interesting about Ludlow is that she seems to have some very interesting sleeping positions. Watch as Ludlow seems to be fast asleep in her weirdest position yet! What a weirdo! Who knew that dogs could sleep like that?! What we do know is that this is one video that you are not going to want to miss! Ludlow seems to be having the nap of her life! She must be really comfortable to be able to sleep in such a position! Most people who sleep in a position like that often wake up with sore joints or muscles but for Ludlow that does not seem to be the case! Surely it seems that this dog really can sleep just about anywhere! She must feel very energized after her nap! Surely she is going to want to play with her dog toys to burn off that extra energy! After all, what do does not like to play? Does your pets sleep in any funny positions? Let us know down in the comments below!

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How To Make GIANT Yahtzee For Your Lawn!3m14s

How To Make GIANT Yahtzee For Your Lawn!

It's time to kick your summer into gear with our Summer Life Hack Series. Today: Learn how to create your very own YARDZEE set! Download Yardzee Scoresheet: Download Dice Template: Official Yahtzee Rules: -=Our Playlists=- Quick & Si

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Lasagna feat. Jimmy Tatro11m54s

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Lasagna feat. Jimmy Tatro

We create an Epic Grilled Cheese Lasagna with special guest Jimmy Tatro Check out Jimmy's Channel Check out Harley's Video Diaries - We have a #YouTubeGaming Channel: Fol

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Street artists entertain locals in Budapest34s

Street artists entertain locals in Budapest

These talented musicians spend the day entertaining the people that take a rest on the park benches or just pass by. This relaxing music is really something special, and it's a beautiful addition to the peaceful surroundings. Buskers are an acquired taste. Some pass them by like a lamp post on the street, considering them as beggars, while others actually take the time to stop and listen to the music these artists are performing, even drop some gratuities for them. Not everyone is familiar with the determination required to gain permission to perform of the streets of Hungary's capital. The first thing that anyone who's interested in performing their art for the passerby's on the streets of Budapest must know is that regulations require you to sign a written contract, as a permit to use public property for your performance. Buskers are not allowed in confined spaces, such as underpasses, which leave the streets, where performing music can be difficult with all that noise. The bureaucracy involved can be merciless, taking months for a judge to issue the permit. Even then, you have to play in front of a committee first and they decide whether your music is good enough for Budapest's public. When given the green light, all you have to do is pay your “rent” for the space you want to occupy. So next time you are in Budapest, take your time to listen to these performers. Enjoy the music and don't forget to visit the lovely Budapest in case you haven't done so already!

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Pizza On A Stick - Handle it3m37s

Pizza On A Stick - Handle it

This week Adam AKA Gross Guy pulls up to the scene and teaches you how to make a Pizza On A Stick! It's like a Corn Dog, only PIZZA! Ingredients 1 Large Pepperoni stick 1 Brick of mozzarella cheese 1 Pack of bacon 4 Cups of flour 3 Cups of milk 4 Tbsp white wine vinegar 4 Tbsp vegetable oil 5 T

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How To Make JUMBO JENGA!2m46s


Make your own EXTRA LARGE JENGA set! This giant version of Jenga stands nearly 2½ feet tall and can DOUBLE in height while playing, making the jumbo version even more fun! SUBSCRIBE HERE → 🍧🍧🍧 Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks

Crepe Cone S'mores - Handle it7m54s

Crepe Cone S'mores - Handle it

Follow along with Lemme Kno as he teaches you how to make these delicious Crepe Cone S'Mores! The perfect dessert for a hot summer day! Check out Harley's Video Diaries - We have a #YouTubeGaming Channel: Follow the guys!

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Steak And Cheese Fry Bread - Handle It5m41s

Steak And Cheese Fry Bread - Handle It

Ameer Atari aka Prince Wallek teaches you how to make a Steak and Cheese Deep Fry Bread! It's gosh darn amazing, so go make it! Ingredients Dough 1 Cup of warm water 1 Tsp yeast 1 Tsp minced garlic 2 1/2 Cups of flour 1 Tbsp baking powder 1 Tsp salt 1 Tsp garlic powder 1/2 Cup powdered sugar 1

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Taco Challenge feat. Grace Helbig11m04s

Taco Challenge feat. Grace Helbig

We try to taco everything in the kitchen with special guest Grace Helbig. Check out Grace's Channel Check out Harley's Video Diaries - We have a #YouTubeGaming Channel:

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