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Lion attack1m23s

Lion attack

Lion in the zoo suprises a bird from the back

Published: April 22, 2017Updated: April 24, 201759,671 viewsVirality: 100%
Bride Hilariously Pranks Her Groom During Their First Look!1m31s

Bride Hilariously Pranks Her Groom During Their First Look!

Newlyweds Beth and Tom Gardner married in November of 2016 in a touching ceremony in North Carolina. Though most of the gorgeous shots from their big day look like they could hold their own in any wedding magazine or blog, there is one video that has surfaced that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of their conventional theme.

Published: April 24, 201743,536 views
Sedan Dragged By Truck for Miles1m49s

Sedan Dragged By Truck for Miles

Occurred on April 19, 2017 / San Bernardino County, California, USA Info: In California's Cajon Pass, a sedan became wedged under a truck and was dragged for four miles. The car was stuck under a tractor-trailer, while the truck driver continued to drive up the pass. The sedan's driver can be seen waving his hands outside of the vehicle and shouting for help. Other drivers honked to get the trucker's attention, although the trucker didn't notice until another car got in front to stop the truck. Luckily, the sedan's driver was uninjured. According to the California Highway Patrol, this crash is not considered a criminal incident.

Published: April 20, 201723,701 views
Baby Becomes Instant Grandpa34s

Baby Becomes Instant Grandpa

This adorable little baby is going to become an amazing comedian one day! He's got an amazing talent for making the funniest faces and his parent's uncontrollable laughter is proof that he's got the makings to be a great comedian! Can you resist his hilarious grandpa impression?

Published: April 20, 201722,155 views
Hidden camera captures dog's naughty behavior1m22s

Hidden camera captures dog's naughty behavior

Poncho the rescue dog from Mexico is quite a character. She has some strange habits and one of them being she always rolls the front mat into a ball when Brent and Elsa leave home. Being a habit they have been unable to break and until now did not know how or when Poncho completed this task once they left home, Brent setup the camera and began recording. Within 7 minutes of leaving, Poncho had scoped out the area, made a plan, and being very aware or her surroundings she found the camera but still proceeded!

Published: April 20, 2017Updated: April 21, 201720,960 viewsVirality: 60%
Gol de Mascherano vs Osasuna21s

Gol de Mascherano vs Osasuna

Primer gol de Javier Mascherano en el #Barcelona. Algo me dice que fue una linda manera de despedirlo Gol de Mascherano vs Osasuna Gol de Mascherano vs Osasuna Gol de Mascherano vs Osasuna Gol de Mascherano vs Osasuna Visca el Barca

Published: April 26, 2017Updated: April 27, 201717,544 viewsVirality: 2%