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Bulldog throws temper tantrum for his stolen bed1m14s

Bulldog throws temper tantrum for his stolen bed

After a long hard day at work, all you are dreaming about is taking off your pants and jumping into your bed. The same can be said about this Bulldog, except the pants and work part.Now this Bulldog shows us the meaning of persistence! Watch as he throws a bit of a fit when he realizes his bed is being "occupied" by another dog. Hey buddy, sharing is caring! How would you feel if you came home, ready for bed and someone else is in it? You'd probably be a little ticked off right? Same with this little guy. He'll just have to find another place to sleep then! Check out this Bulldog's temper tantrum. Credit to 'ivnmacis'.

Published: December 29, 2014Updated: June 16, 20173,200,235 viewsVirality: 3%
Five baby bunnies befriend a cat2m31s

Five baby bunnies befriend a cat

Red Baron the tabby cat has these five really funny looking kittens! At least, that’s what we think he thinks they are, seeing how he’s headbunting with each of these bunnies! The bunnies really seem to have imprinted on the old tom. Each one of the bunnies lets Red Baron approach them and he headbunts and licks them all one by one. This has to be some modern version of the Garden of Eden - bunnies live with cats, hummingbirds fly around...simply amazing. The headbunting behavior is normal with cat parents, which is reserved for social purposes, like bonding and comforting. This Red Baron sure is an awesome parent!

Published: June 16, 2017110,815 viewsVirality: 3%
Would You Swim in This River?18s

Would You Swim in This River?

Occurred on June 10, 2017 / Debary, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "My husband was bailing water out of our boat after a huge storm. Every time he threw the water we saw splashes in the water. I happened to be recording on one of the tosses and we saw huge splashes of water everywhere. We both looked at each other and said 'I will never swim in there again!'"

Published: June 20, 201751,275 views
Goliath the Giant13s

Goliath the Giant

Occurred on June 12, 2017 / Surrey, UK Info from Licensor: "The video goliath vs pumpkin patch shows the size difference between some of South Americas Tarantulas. Both are fully grown adult females. The Goliath in this was recently deceased, and 16 years old when she died. One of the few chances you get to actually stretch these spiders out and get a true idea of their size, just under 11 inches. The Pumpkin Patch tarantula is around an inch and a half across."

Published: June 16, 201733,175 viewsVirality: 2%
One Beetastic Helmet50s

One Beetastic Helmet

Occurred on June 13, 2017 / Gravatá, Pernambuco, Brazil Info: "I walked over and started to file the cluster of bees that have found their way into my helmet."

Published: June 19, 201719,908 views
Buffalo Carrier39s

Buffalo Carrier

Occurred on June 11, 2017 / Verdigre, Nebraska, USA Info from Licensor: "We were driving down the highway on our way to Kolache Days in Verdigre, NE, to play a polka gig, when traffic began to slow down. We went to pass the slow vehicle and noticed as we passed by, there was a crazy sight. We pulled over and waited for it to come by so we could see it again and take a video. We were listening to Opeth at the time and as the strange sight came by and you realize it's a live bull in a car, the music changes perfectly. It wasn't until the car passed by a little that we noticed the bull defecated on the car."

Published: June 16, 201718,368 views
8 Cosas Que No Sabías Sobre El Sueño2m24s

8 Cosas Que No Sabías Sobre El Sueño

Aunque pasamos un tercio de nuestras vidas durmiendo sabemos muy poco del sueño. Seguro que desconocías estos 8 datos curiosos sobre el mecanismo que nos ayuda a vivir el resto de nuestras vidas.

Published: June 15, 2017Updated: June 16, 201712,823 views
Mother fox leads human to her kits2m48s

Mother fox leads human to her kits

A woman in Israel has known this curious vixen for a while. She is fairly friendly and will come close when she sees her. She's had a litter of 4 kits over the spring. Normally the father would help to take care of the little ones by hunting and bringing food to the mother, but there is no dad in sight. Therefore, this woman has become somewhat of a surrogate father to her babies, allowing the mother fox to take food from her hand and go straight to give it to the kits or to bury it, never eating it herself. Foxes are omnivores and usually eat insects, reptiles and birds, but they fancy a vegetarian meal every now and then, like eggs and plants. This here is a case of a very loving fox mom that decided to trust a human in order to keep her babies safe and sound and provide food for them. Such a selfless act for an animal, don't you think? Many foxes adapt well to human surroundings, and several species classified as "resident urban carnivores" for their ability to sustain populations entirely within urban boundaries.

Published: June 19, 2017Updated: June 20, 201711,748 viewsVirality: 11%
BMW on fire27s

BMW on fire

Motorcycle is chasing an-on-fire BMW

Published: June 16, 2017Updated: June 19, 201711,444 views
Intense head on car crash in Marbella, Spain3m01s

Intense head on car crash in Marbella, Spain

A police hit and run chase in Marbella ends in a head on collision that caused many injuries. According to police reports, two men from the UK had a fight in nearby Puerto Banus, entered a vehicle, and started driving into pedestrians in a drunk state. They drove to Marbella while being chased by the police where the crash occurred.

Published: June 16, 20179,512 viewsVirality: 138%