SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Arresting a Traitor to the United States, Mike Gill - #WWG1WGA

3 days ago

FIRST ORDER: Saving and Protecting the Children WORLDWIDE under current and ongoing covert Global Defence War Military Alliance 50 USC 1550, EO 13818, EO 13848 and 18 USC 2381 etc.

Any reports ON CONFIRMED pedophiles, Pedo Criminals, Child traffickers, Human traffickers, ISRAEL Lobbyists, Satanists, Members of Freemasons WORLDWIDE; any territory, please write directly to the Inspector General and JAG Corps Generals with precise information, email addresses, GSM numbers, addresses, or any other corporate details, etc.

Since I am not JAG Military Justice, please send your email information directly to the prevailing worldwide US Military Justice System at this email address:




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