Welcome To Fusterlandia, Havana's Hidden Artistic Heaven 1m12s

Welcome To Fusterlandia, Havana's Hidden Artistic Heaven

One simply cannot visit Havana without taking a detour to Fusterlandia! From Old Havana to Jaimanitas the taxi ride takes about 20 minutes to this magical hidden neighborhood. Fusterlandia is a phenomenal place, a neighborhood transformed by the still-growing artistry of Jose Fuster. Those who have visited Barcelona will get a strong impression of Gaudi, although far more naive and more playful. Those who are l really lucky might even bump into the artist. Jose Fuster is a Cuban artist very often compared to Picasso. After a tour in Europe, he was engulfed in the idea to translate European modern art into the Cuban setting. Jaimanitas was an economically depressed area before Fuster arrived. In 1975, after moving into a modest wood house in the rundown neighborhood of Jaimanitas outside Havana, Fuster set about decorating his studio in colorful mosaic. Once he was done there, he asked his neighbors if he could decorate their homes and business as well. There were a few open-minded enough to accept his offer and the tile creations grew. Over the course of a decade, fountains, doctors’ offices, gateways, bus stops, benches and more were enveloped by Fuster’s fanciful imagination: a true artist’s paradise. Today, Fusterlandia is a Cuban gem: his artwork coats the neighborhood in a rainbow of strange, enchanting fantasy even though many tourists do not know they can step inside. Tourists are bussed into the neighborhood to admire Fuster’s still-growing kingdom, which has spawned a new generation of artists inspired by the surroundings they came up in.

Check Out These Three Top Of The World Festivals For Adrenaline Addicts 1m46s

Check Out These Three Top Of The World Festivals For Adrenaline Addicts

People who have a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure are often called adrenaline seekers. People who cannot live a day without challenging their minds and push their bodies to the limits are often called adrenaline addicts. They favor dangerous activities for the adrenaline rush that accompanied them. However, what you are about to see in this video are not your typical adrenaline addicts. They are the ultimate thing! There are festivals for adrenaline rush addicts where like-minded seek like-minded and in the end – they seek the thrill of the dare and the win. Watch the video and see if you can find yourself in one of these daredevil stunts. Here are tree of the world’s most dangerous festivals: 1. Balls of Fire Festival in Nejapa, El Salvador. It began in 1922 as a commemoration of a volcano eruption. Participants protect their skin, chose a side and hope for the best. “It is absolutely worth it. You feel adrenaline at its maximum. It is unexplainable,” a participant says. 2. Yanshui Fireworks Festival in Tainan. It began in the late 1800’s in the honor of the martial god who “cured” cholera. Attendants armor up, stand in front of fireworks and sometimes even get burned, which is something they consider will bring them good fortune. 3. The Hammer Festival in San Juan de la Vega, Mexico. It began 400 years ago as a celebration of an event of a miner retrieving his gold from bandits. People get sledgehammers, attach explosives, swing and pray for the best. Did you find anything to your liking? Do give us your views in the comment section below.

This Young Man Lost One Leg And Became A Dance Teacher3m05s

This Young Man Lost One Leg And Became A Dance Teacher

“I saw that God is strong. I saw that I was not handicapped. I am just like everyone else. That is what gave me courage again.” His name is Kouame Kouadio Jean-Noel, he is a 30-year-old from Abidjan, the Ivory Coast. He started dancing when he was 15 years old. He decided to take up dancing because he was in love with it. When he was six years old, he went to Adjame to pay his grandmother a visit. There he met a woman who asked him to accompany her to the market. While they were waiting for the bus, she suddenly let go of his hand and started running away, When he ran after her, a bus hit him. This is how he lost his leg. At that time he was too young to feel much discomfort for his situation and in fact, he did not care. He just felt the same as other people who still had both feet. At first, it was not easy for him to get close to people, but after he got used to the adjustments, he was that life is beautiful. Noe Kouame teaches the locals how to dance. “I feel really good. Especially when I am on stage. I am aware If you really want to dance, if you are scared or ashamed, come to me. I will get rid of your shame. Just dance because dancing is life.” Kouame sends a word of advice to all people, disabled or not: “Life is beautiful, it is so sweet, it is us who complicate it. Stop stealing and begging. Get up, fight tomorrow will be okay.”

This Ice Sauna Is Straight Out Of 1m07s

This Ice Sauna Is Straight Out Of "Frozen"

Harsh winters demand a hot sauna... all within ice walls. Hey Elsa, this sauna was made for you! We all know the concept of sauna understands temperatures so high that make your entire body burst out in tears of sweat. We also know the concept of ice reverses that entire drama, leaving you to feel tiny and shriveled with cold. Now, bring the two together and take your body by surprise. We have heard of hotels made of ice, but how can an ice-block building survive the drama of sauna temperatures higher than 90 degrees Celsius (194 Fahrenheit)? Well, we can turn to the Finns and Russian and ask them what their secret is, because they are the ones who see nothing uncommon in this concept and who keep the best track record of building successful ice saunas, since the beginning of time. The video shows just such a gem of hot and cold body-stunning experienceс. Hidden in Siberia, this ice palace offers its services during the long and hard winters, when the best way to kill some of the long winter days and build an elaborate ice sauna. This sauna is particularly beautiful because the only one-inch-thick ice blocks let you view the landscape outside: Here is one proud Russian couple who shows us how to properly enjoy an ice sauna: They first relax under immense heat, setting off their boy toxins, slapping their bodies with birch branches, then, they run into the cold winter air of -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit), only in their swimming suits and flip-flops, take an icy dip into a pool, actually, that pool is a cut into the 30 cm thick ice and then repeat the process, over, and over. They just relax and let it go, just like Elsa.

These Are The Foods Sold At World's Coldest Market1m16s

These Are The Foods Sold At World's Coldest Market

Are you a food lover with a penchant for adventure? Then you should definitely put the world’s coldest village on your bucket list! Yakutsk is considered ‘the North pole of cold’, with temperatures known to hit a record -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the soil is terrible for growing plants, the locals feed on fish and meat alone. That is the only thing they sell at the market, frozen solid fish in the form of popsicles that people bring home and eat it raw! Still, the residents of Yakutsk are no strangers to the cold that made the entire fish market a frozen goods aisle! Curious to know what is it that the Siberians sell at the world’s coldest market? The locals are offered stuff like whole rabbits, raw horse liver and horse blood, which is eaten raw or frozen, and freshwater fish, all lined up like delicate icicles. One seller says that at this time of the year, Siberian folk buy Stroganina, which is frozen fish strips. They also sell Nelma, Hucho Taiman, Atlantic Salmon, Broad Whitefish and Muksun, to name a few. Feel like treating yourself? Then definitely try the Siberian Goose, reindeer organs, frozen solid, or moose meat. For the lovers of a good burger, they have Bison heads. Might not fit on a burger patty, but tastes equally juicy. The meat mongers in Yakutsk pride on the fact that they offer the most natural produce and we totally believe them. We just can’t decided which to try first.

This Man Shows You The Ugly Side Of Vienna And It Is More Beautiful Than You Can Imagine 2m15s

This Man Shows You The Ugly Side Of Vienna And It Is More Beautiful Than You Can Imagine

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But, if you are interested in taking a walk on the “dark side”, and look into some very ugly architectural blunders, you should take the Vienna Ugly tour with the amazing Eugene Quinn. Eugene is a London-born, Vienna-based urbanist and a rising cultural figure. His projects include #HowtobeAustrian for Oe1, Social Dinners (where refugees dine with locals), Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations and the Vienna Ugly tour. The Vienna Ugly tour is attended both by tourists and locals. Locals get to explore their own city from an innovative perspective. A walk of beautiful palaces would not interest many of them, but this will. There is a fascination with death, failure and melancholy in Vienna. And the tourists want to see a bit of a perspective different from that shown on postcards and commercials. Through humor, Eugene makes some serious points about the role of the media, city-planners, fashion, gentrification, postmodernism, UNESCO and greedy developers. Attendants are asked to vote on the attractiveness of each building: they need to come on a walk to discover which old or new architecture can be considered ugly and why. Some buildings can be both! “Current tours of Vienna focus on the old city. We need new stories to tell. Beauty can be boring – but ugly never is. Only through ugliness can we discover true beauty, and the two have an interesting relationship in Vienna,” says Eugene Quinn.

Behold The First Glowing Cocktail And The Man Behind It1m48s

Behold The First Glowing Cocktail And The Man Behind It

What you are currently seeing in this video is the first bioluminescent cocktail. The Aponiente Restaurant from Caldiz, Spain just got its 3rd Michelin Star and have recently managed to figure out how to put the natural light from sea plankton into their food and cocktails. “It took five years of research to get where we are now,” says the Executive Chef of Aponiente, Angel Leon. In the culinary world, Angel Leon is often referred to as the “chef of the sea”. He has made waves in high cuisine universe due to his passionate commitment to innovation and sustainable seafood and ground-breaking marine research. He continues: “I was with a fisherman on the beach and I saw this phenomenon. The fishermen called it ‘the candlelight of the sea’. That was the moment my dream started.” Today, Leon farms plankton in tanks. After six months it is freeze-dried and made into a powder. The cocktail is only the beginning. A full tasting menu launches in 2018, in the dark. “Sometimes, even if we cook as good as grandmothers, the guests won’t get the same emotions. In this case, when they see it they get emotional. And that makes the project special.” Leon’s achievements have awarded him a celebrity status in Spain. He is a frequent guest at TV shows and a popular speaker at gastronomic and sustainability conferences. He was also given the Best Chef award in 2013, by the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy.