Instagram User Creates Some Quite Unique Bouquets 59s

Instagram User Creates Some Quite Unique Bouquets

Unique bouquets for special occasions make the event extraordinary and truly distinctive. Whether you need a bouquet for your wedding or anniversary or any other occasion, exerting efforts to make it like no other is all about injecting distinctiveness. Add something that is rare just like a rare flower or put something that has never been used in a flower arrangement or one hardly ever did anyone thought of putting in an arrangement. If budget is not a problem, how about truffles in your bouquet? Nah! There is no need to spend more than a thousand dollars for a bouquet to make it unique. Take a look at this seafood bouquet – so unique, right? If you want to make a seafood bouquet just like what you see in the video, you will be needing some dried fish, calamari and rosemary. Certainly, different principles of flower arrangements are applied in coming up with this seafood bouquet. But before discussing the principles and the step by step procedure in making this seafood bouquet, ask this question first: Do you like the smell of dried fish ? Or at least, can you stand sniffing the smell of it till the occasion is over? Some people, especially those who do not eat dried fish, hate its odor. Now, moving back to the step by step way of making this seafood bouquet. First, consider the principle of using color in flower arrangement. Apply color contrast by choosing your main color option, also called the base color, which will comprise of about sixty percent of your bouquet. Then, pick pieces with complementary color – this will be your secondary color. You may want to use two to three secondary colors but maintain the proportion: sixty percent for your main color option and only forty percent for the other secondary colors. Second, mind the height of the items you put in your bouquet. In order to feature all the beauty of the individual pieces in your bouquet, carefully put them in layers. Lay your base colors first then creatively place your secondary colors alternately with your base colors. Observe how the base colored items were placed first then the arrangement was studded next with the secondary colored items but the florist still spaced it with the base colored items. Bear in mind that the base color must comprise about sixty percent of your bouquet. Third, final touches with carefully selected wrapping option will give your bouquet its overall impact so do not take this step lightly. It is best to choose two patterned floral wrap sheets in order to create the impression of depth and texture. In this video, the florist used a newspaper sheet and a see through floral wrap with mesh pattern. See how the choice contrasted with the color options of the seafood bouquet – contrasts create an overall harmony. See? Coming up with a unique bouquet does not require much cost. Look around and identify things that could be arranged together but seldom used in flower arrangements. With stroke of creativity, you will surely come up with something so distinctively yours. Meanwhile, enjoy this video and share it to your network if it inspired you.

Cool Nail Style Fully Inspired By Marie Curie1m41s

Cool Nail Style Fully Inspired By Marie Curie

It has been more than a century since the woman began to be seen beyond her beauty and surmise of the home. This is thanks to an incredible woman who gave rise to the global change of thoughts towards women in society. Marie Curie broke schemes in science and in society, thanks to her scientific discoveries. Her numerous researches led her to win two Nobel prizes in less than 10 years in two different disciplines (physics and chemistry). Being the first woman to achieve such a feat. The woman is a symbol of intelligence, beauty, and strength. That is why in this video we pay tribute to Marie Curie, a persevering woman who left a mark on humanity and its history. With his effort to get what he wanted, his great love for science and research in the field of radioactivity. This video is a tribute to Marie Curie, the design is inspired by science. Highlight the beauty of the hands with an original design of very colorful molecules. The theme used in this model of nails is quite striking and unique, acrylic paints give that bright and colorful touch ideal to combine it on any occasion and in any color of clothing and accessories. Dare to wear a different style on your nails with this great design inspired by Marie Curie, your nails will be the center of all eyes between your friends and acquaintances. Those girls who are also science enthusiasts and who have as much perseverance as Marie Curie will love this nail design. Although Marie Curie was not known for being very effeminate and fashionable, those times were different and the woman was not as taken into account as now. We are in the XXI century where women can express themselves freely in the area they want, have the same rights as men while remaining women. This look is inspired by you capable women changing the world, women who give life and above all women who do not give up. Marie Curie left to humanity two great discoveries, the polonium and the radio, which undoubtedly took a huge step in the science that until then was known. Another of his studies was the possibility of using radioactivity in medicine to save lives, which revolutionized medicine into what it is today. The multiple researches and the legacy that Marie Curie left in the field of physics and chemistry rest her life, when she finally died at age 66 due to leukemia, apparently derived from the high radiation for which she was exposed so many years, in order to be able to verify what his theories sought to understand. Marie Curie was an inspiring and determined woman, her achievements left indelible marks that will always prevail in history. Marie Curie is worthy of tributes of all kinds, in this case, a beautiful decoration of nails that we hope will enchant you as much as I do. "We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained." Marie Curie.r.

Nailspiration: Valentina Tereshkova2m39s

Nailspiration: Valentina Tereshkova

In July 1969, man first walked on moon. But woman first ventured into space six years before, in the early days of manned space exploration. This month we're wearing space nails to commemorate this giant leap for womankind.

Owning A Pet Friend Can Be Very Therapeutic 2m35s

Owning A Pet Friend Can Be Very Therapeutic

In these crazy times daily living can be stressful for just about anyone. Isn't it nice when you have a person in your life that is so supportive that not a single word needs to be exchanged? You know that they have your back and are there for you through good times and bad. That source of support doesn't even need to be another human being. Such is the case for Marlene, a woman who was having a daily struggle with depression and anxiety. Just one small action on her part opened up a whole new world for her and the animal she adopted. Marlene found a cure for her problems that didn't have anything to do with taking a pill or talking to a psychiatrist. She found the coping skills she needed by allowing a wonderful dog into her life. Marlene found total solace with an animal who was having its own set of problems. The dog was plagued with hip problems and together they found a way to soothe each other. Marlene states in the video that when you are with a human, you are required to talk and interact. When you are dealing with issues like depression and anxiety, sometimes you simply don't feel like speaking. Just walking along the water's edge with this beautiful dog was all she needed. No need to converse, just a mutual understanding that they were both there for each other. As she puts it "When you have a dog you can just be yourself". Marlene soon discovered that this was a mutually beneficial relationship. The dog she adopted was born with a malformed hip which limited its mobility. As it turns out, she soon discovered that she and the dog had an affinity for water activities. Marlene loved to go out on her paddle board. It was a great stress reliever and she quickly learned that her newly adopted pet enjoyed the water just as much as she did. Swimming and being out on the paddle board turned out to be a form of therapy for the dog as well. It strengthened its muscles, balance and flexibility. It has been known for quite some time that a pet can do wonders for your psyche as well as your internal health. It has been proven that being in the presence of an animal has the ability to lower one's blood pressure by several points. This is why therapy dogs are used in nursing homes, hospitals and even in facilities that deal with end of life care, such as a hospice. It's truly amazing the benefits we gain by owning a pet. They are empathetic, non-judgmental and most importantly, they offer unconditional love to their owners. Clearly this woman Marlene is on to a very good thing. This dog filled a major void in her life and she found support in a way she never expected. It's difficult to imagine a world without our pets. They give us so much and even though we know that their time on this planet is short, our supportive pets always give us quality time. They only ask for your love in return. Do you own an animal who gives you incredible support? Let us know in the comments below and please share this video with your friends.