Blinding sun glare hides pedestrian on road31s

Blinding sun glare hides pedestrian on road

Scary moment for this driver when he experienced a good amount of sun glare while headed west during sunset. Driver was cautious when seeing the sun glare but was totally surprised when all of a sudden there was an unexpected pedestrian right in front of him and right in the road. The pedestrian was also walking against traffic and pushing a trash container on wheels. The driver quickly swerves to avoid hitting him and then continues on his way. You can also see in rear camera footage that two other cars quickly swerved to avoid the can pushing pedestrian. There is no telling where this person came from or where he was headed. Usually it is advised to walk against traffic so that you will be aware of oncoming cars but in this case it could have ended badly. Blinding sun glare hides pedestrian on road.

Published: February 22, 2019
Car quickly swerves to avoid causing accident32s

Car quickly swerves to avoid causing accident

Car avoids accident by quickly swerving. As traffic was building up, this driver had to quickly change lanes to avoid ramming into stopped vehicle. Instincts and quick reflexes must have kicked in.

Passenger van almost runs off road trying to merge45s

Passenger van almost runs off road trying to merge

A passenger van carrying school children and speeding down the highway almost ends in disaster when it starts to lose control while attempting to merge into traffic. On this stretch of highway, the left lane ends and cars have plenty of time to merge beforehand. But it is apparent that the van driver wanted to get ahead of the traffic as he makes no attempt to more over to the right lane. Instead he just speeds up and lets the lane run out and then he tries to move over. This is where he almost ends up running off the highway. You can see as the van is in the left passing lane and had time to merge over to the right lane. You can see this in the first part of the rear camera video footage. There is clearly room behind the car. Instead of trying to safely change lanes, he passes the dashcam owner's vehicle and the other cars in front. He tries to squeeze in at the last possible second and barely makes it. But not before kicking up a little dirt. The driver of the passenger van really should not have risked the children's lives. There are reports everyday of accidents involving school buses. Especially cases when cars pass stopped school buses. But in this case the driver knows better and shouldn't be the one with the risky driving behavior.

Published: February 3, 20191 views
Snow torpedoed then road rage ensues 45s

Snow torpedoed then road rage ensues

Before you say anything, it wasn't me! The car was left with a friend while away. Turns out he was behind a red jeep right after a snow storm. The jeep never cleaned off the top so when traveling at highway speeds the snow ends up being a missile as it slides off the roof. Luckily the dashcam driver wasn't closer or else it would have been worse. Perhaps a broken windshield at least. Notice how the ice sheet flies through the air and crashes onto the pavement just as the dashcam driver runs over it. A little different timing and it could have been bad. In the State of Connecticut it is required by state law to clean off the top of your car. Known as the Ice Missile Law, it states "The operator of any motor vehicle, as defined in section 14-1 of the general statutes, shall remove any accumulated ice or snow from such motor vehicle, including the hood, trunk and roof of such motor vehicle, so that any ice or snow accumulated on such vehicle does not pose a threat to persons or property while the vehicle is being operated on any street or highway of this state. Any operator who fails to remove accumulated ice or snow that poses such a threat shall be fined seventy-five dollars." Additionally, If the snow missile causes "vehicle and causes personal injury or property damage", then the fines go up to no less than $500 and up to $1250 for each offence. So this is really a serious safety issue. With that said, notice how the dashcam driver proceeds to hit the horn and speed up to pass the vehicle. All while a police car is in sight. It appears that the police did not witness what had happened but could have been concerned with the right lane passer. The video cuts out just as what appears to be the cop's sirens sounding off. Car owner stated that when he reviewed the video, there seemed to be a gap in time that he couldn't explain.

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Today's drivers unsure about which left is right 38s

Today's drivers unsure about which left is right

Which way is left? This left or my other left? Your left or my left? Which left is right or which right is left. Is it right? I don't know. Anyways, here is dashcam video of 3 drivers who probably can't tell there right elbow from there left toe. They seemed to be indecisive in their driving behavior. They put their turn signal on only to turn it off or immediately change directions. One driver even signals to go right but then actually turns left. This could actually be bad for others on the road if this behavior is common. Other drivers depend on these important signals to make adjustments to their own driving as required. Drivers under estimate the power of turn signals. They are important for letting others know the direction a car wants to go. Switching lanes, turning into driveways, businesses or streets, a turn signal allows others to help know what they should be doing with their own car. They can be seen as the only non verbal predictor of where a car wants to go. But that only works when it is used correctly. If I use my turn signal, I am letting others know my desired path. A driver should not start to turn and then signal. The signaling has to happen before the desired action. A major accident is always possible if signal use is incorrect. A driver noted that he once witnessed an accident when someone had their right turn signal on to take a right onto a side street. So the other vehicles assumed it was safe to pull out but the signaling car did not turn right. He kept going straight and T-boned the car pulling out. The car pulling out probably should have waited until the signaling car actually starting to turn before he pulled out but either way, this was improper use of a turn signal.

Published: January 5, 20191 views
Jeep runs red stop light then truck narrowly misses hitting it 30s

Jeep runs red stop light then truck narrowly misses hitting it

Dashcam footage of a truck almost colliding with a red stop light runner. This was recorded getting off of a highway in Wallingford CT. The light turns green and cars start to proceed but a Jeep decides the red doesn't apply to him and continues almost getting T Boned by a pickup truck.

Published: January 2, 20191 views
What side of the street should I drive on? 49s

What side of the street should I drive on?

Person makes oncoming lane their own. This is the 1st day of 2019 and this is what we can expect? You can clearly see folks making right turns to head down the road but another vehicle pulls out of a business and just heads down against what would be the flow of traffic. This person definitely does not have the right of way. This is not an area that changes lane direction during specific times like some other cities. I wonder what the cars did when they needed to make that right hand turn with that silver SUV blocking the lane. Perhaps they are straight off the plane from Great Britain? Or did they have a really really tough New Years Eve? Distracted driving would be my guess. In this area, there are laws against cell phone use and therefore a lot of tickets handed out. Maybe this person was preoccupied with something.

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18 Wheeler Truck Doesn't Stop for Red Light 34s

18 Wheeler Truck Doesn't Stop for Red Light

An 18 Wheeler makes no attempt to stop at the red traffic light at a major intersection. This is dashcam footage at a major intersection. The light is green. It then turns yellow and then red. It is red for a few seconds before we see the truck blast through it. This would have been a real disaster had there been other cars in the intersection. Especially with that gas station right there in addition to what the truck was hauling.

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Highway merge mishap avoided thanks to quick thinking drivers. 42s

Highway merge mishap avoided thanks to quick thinking drivers.

Merging car nearly crashes. Accident is avoided by 2 alert drivers that quickly maneuvered to avoid the collision. This is dashcam footage of the near traffic mishap. This incident occurred on 84 West in Southington CT. On a normal commute, dashcam driver was hyper alert as evidenced by his quick reaction to a car suddenly changing lanes to avoid another cutting into his lane. White vehicle attempts to merge and signals at the last second. He attempts to merge which causes the car in the right lane to react and move over to the center lane. This in turn forces the dashcam driver to quickly change lanes and move to the left thus avoiding collision. White vehicle probably had no idea of what transpired. We can't always assume that merging traffic is aware of cars in the vicinity as they attempt to enter the highway. The driver did signal his intent to merge but the other driver was in his blind spot and probably didn't see it. Even if he did see it, that van was quick to changes lanes after the signal. In the end, all is good and we all went on our way.

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When is it ok to run a red light? 33s

When is it ok to run a red light?

When is it ok to run a red light? Well in this case, the driver ran a red light right in front of a cop. When is this kind of driving behavior allowed? You might be allowed if you are directed to do so by an officer. In this case that is what happened.

Published: December 7, 20185 views
Multiple vehicles strike object on highway. Front and rear dashcam footage. 1m17s

Multiple vehicles strike object on highway. Front and rear dashcam footage.

Front and rear dashcam footage captures multiple vehicles striking object on highway. Highway driving heading West on Route 72 in Plainville CT. Dashcam captures the moment an object is run over while driving at highway speeds. Multiple vehicles will run it over before it is finished. You can see the white car in front barely avoids it but does in fact run it over. Only to be deflected and is in the path of the dashcam vehicle. Driver tries to avoid it but it is too late and ends up running it over in a plume of dust and debris and flings it back for the next car to dodge. The rear view camera captures that as well. Luckily the car behind the dashcam avoids it and hopefully the cars behind him too. The outcome after that is unknown to the driver. The unidentified object now has turned into an accident looking for a place to happen. After avoiding the road hazard, the dashcam driver continues to head further down the highway and sees some more of the same unidentified object on the side of the road. A little further ahead he sees what he thinks is the offending truck. As driver gets closer to the truck it is evident that it is in fact the vehicle judging by the contents loaded up and piled high in the back. The driver makes an attempts to get the truck driver's attention by honking the horn and waiving. Including pointing and gesturing towards the back of the truck as dashcam owner drives by. At this point it is a highway split and you can see the rear camera footage of this as the two vehicles part ways. Dashcam went left and truck went right. It was apparent that the truck driver probably had no idea what was going on behind him. Hopefully everything ended well for the other commuters on this busy stretch of highway.

Published: December 5, 20187 views
Impatient pickup truck decides oncoming lane is his 48s

Impatient pickup truck decides oncoming lane is his

A red pickup truck decides his time is more important and proceeds to bypass a line of rush hour traffic by heading down the oncoming lane. Rush hour traffic like this is typical in this area. There is always a single lane of traffic on this stretch of road. Most everyone is patient here and waits to get through. But this one individual in the red pickup must think his time is worth more. Watch as he drives down in the left oncoming lane. He must have thought he could make it all the way down without running into any oncoming traffic. But anybody familiar with this area knows that that will never happen. Notice how he is forced to move over and even signals as he muscles his way back into the correct lane. This probably made the driver he cut in front of pretty annoyed. This could have been could kindling for some road rage action. It would have been great if there was a cop around for a dose of instant karma. Perhaps next time. At least the pickup truck operator was courteous enough to signal his intention to force his way back into the correct lane.

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School Zone Red Light Runner1m05s

School Zone Red Light Runner

Dashcam footage of a truck going through a red light directly in front of a school. Then, a little ways up the road, another apparently distracted driver runs the red light after holding up the flow of traffic. The school zone offender runs the red light. No question that it was red because he purposely changed lanes to go around another car that was already stopped at the light. He didn't get too far though because a little ways up the road we see him stopped at another light. No time saved and there was risk with what he did. Especially in a school zone. A little ways up the road at another light we see a car that seemed to be distracted by something. As light cycles to green, he slowly creeps up leaving a large gap between the car in from and him. The light definitely turns red before he gets to git but he still decides to run it. Time saved? Who knows. Risky either way, there are usually police at this intersection monitoring too.

Published: October 21, 20183 views
Collision is avoided after car pulls onto busy highway39s

Collision is avoided after car pulls onto busy highway

This is dashcam video of a near collision on a newly constructed section of highway 72 in Plainville CT. You can see a 4-door white car come from the side street on the right and cut in front of the 2-door white car. The car had to hit its breaks and maneuver out of the way. This could have been bad if not for the quick reflexes of the 2-door car. Since this is a newly build highway that was over 30 years in the planning and making, the traffic pattern is still getting some used to by commuters. The side streets along the highway in this area used to be residential housing with little to no traffic. There have been numerous accidents along this short stretch of road probably as a result of unfamiliarity or drivers still getting used to the change. It is always possible that it was inattentive or distracted driving too. There also isn't a "no turn on red" for the side street. There should be.

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Wet weather highway driving and car decides to run red. 31s

Wet weather highway driving and car decides to run red.

It was wet weather getting off of an exit ramp. The light turns yellow and then red. Car decides to keep going straight through the red light. I am not sure if he skidded through because of the wet road. It could have ended worse.

Published: September 25, 20184 views
Impatient tailgating car cuts over 2 lanes almost hitting motorcycle. 56s

Impatient tailgating car cuts over 2 lanes almost hitting motorcycle.

Dashcam footage shows a car that comes right on someone's tail and is so impatient that that the driver cuts over 2 lanes and almost takes out a motorcycle. This was dangerous and careless driving that was witnessed on a CT highway on a nice late afternoon drive. You can see the car in the left most lane come up at high speed and gets right on the tail of the car in front. Unable to go further, driver makes an attempt to pass by cutting over 2 lanes of traffic. In the process, the driver almost sideswipes the motorcycle which was coming up on the right most lane. The motorcycle seemed to be aware as he attempts to move over almost going into the breakdown lane. The reckless car continues on down the highway.

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Light turns RED then school bus decides to go!!!39s

Light turns RED then school bus decides to go!!!

Not looking to get anyone fired but this could have been a school bus carrying your children. As you see in the dashcam footage, the bus approaches the light behind a tractor trailer. He starts to stop as the light turns from yellow to red but then decided to hit the gas to run it. I understand that hitting a light can mean you will have to wait at the red for a minute or two but is it worth it? This intersection is no exception. I travel that road frequently and know how it is there. The light only seems to allow a few cars during each cycle which is why the bus driver probably decided to hit the gas. They are on a tight schedule so hitting the light would affect it. Recently there has been media coverage that says in some cases bus drivers don't even get bathroom breaks. Perhaps that was it? Also covered in the media were incidences of drivers actually wearing diapers! Wow. But in all cases, the drivers should put the safety of the children first. As a parent, I would completely understand the extra few minutes taking to ensure the safety of the kids. The van in this video definitely had children in it. It would have been a disaster if something had happened. Cars coming from the side are quick to go as well so this could have easily been bad. You can see that the bus actually attempted to break and could have actually stopped before getting to the white line. But instead of completely stopping, as the light was already red, he hit the gas to fly through the intersection. This is reckless and could have been a disaster if someone just as reckless was coming the other way. Listen folks, if you have to speed up to get through the intersection then you have no business trying to go through said intersection. Isn't this part of drivers ed 101?

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Pulling out into traffic almost goes wrong 42s

Pulling out into traffic almost goes wrong

This is dashcam footage of a daily commute. This is an intersection that is typical for traffic build up. Cars are always trying to exit the business from the left and are always counting on other drivers to allow them in. In this case, someone most likely waved them in. So watch as the black car slowly inches in and proceeds. Then suddenly, a red car is seen moving down the lane that the black car is about to cross over. The brakes are slammed and the black car stops within what looks like inches from the red car. Accident averted. This was a close call. I am not sure who would have been at fault here. You can almost say the red car had plenty of time to slow down. You can also say that the black car should have better observed oncoming traffic before proceeding.

Published: July 27, 201811 views
Reckless redlight runner almost gets T-Boned 37s

Reckless redlight runner almost gets T-Boned

There is no judgement call on this one. Don’t even try to argue it. A clear display of reckless driving. Dashcam footage shows a car not even making an attempt to stop at the red light. The light was red long before he even got there. To make it worse, the light was green for traffic approaching from the left. You can see a white work pickup truck proceed through the green and then almost collides with the reckless driver. This is the definition of a careless and reckless driver with no regard for anyone else.

Published: July 20, 201896 views
Car muscles his way through blocked intersection1m30s

Car muscles his way through blocked intersection

These local auto mechanics decide to take a joy ride in my car. You would think they would be more careful after witnessing this. I wonder whose insurance would pay had they been in an accident. This incident took place while the car was in the shop for repairs. I figured it would be easier to drop the car off the night before and leave it all day. I had set up a ride to work so I wasn't worried about anything. Or perhaps I should have been worried. Why did I decide to review the dashcam video? Well, when I picked up the vehicle, I noticed that the passenger seat was reclined and pushed all the way back. Kind of odd since no one in the family is more than 5' 8". The seat seemed to be set for a 6 foot 5 inch body builder. Which seemed to be about the mass of one of the body builder mechanics. Guy probably doesn't need a jack to change a tire. I also noticed that the car had a strong odor of ammonia. I do not know why nor had the opportunity to ask. We also don't see in the video that in the back seat was about 20 or so dried up pickles that seemed to be wedged into the seat cushion. Perhaps that was there the whole time or maybe it was the kids dropping their pickles all this time. No more extra pickles. So as you can see in the video, there seemed to be a good amount of standstill traffic. As the car gets up to the light, it cycles a couple times while the cross traffic barely moved. The driver must have been impatient because we can see him proceed around the hesitant car in front. It appears that he wants to go straight but then suddenly makes a left and goes around the gridlocked cars and sort of muscles his way back into the road.

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Car merges at the last second 32s

Car merges at the last second

Daily commutes along this road occasional leads to witnessing bad driving behavior. A last minute lane merge got the heart pumping for this driver when an Audi quickly came up on his right side and cuts over to merge.

Published: June 21, 20189 views
Unsafe Highway Lane Merging 59s

Unsafe Highway Lane Merging

Merging onto a busy highway can be dangerous. This is dashcam footage showing merging traffic. While trying to safely merge there are vehicles stopped and another making their own passing lane in the breakdown lane.

Published: June 21, 201835 views
Highway disaster nearly avoided 38s

Highway disaster nearly avoided

This is dashcam video of reckless highway driving. The traffic was a little congested but that didn't prevent the driver from crossing multiple lanes of traffic in an attempt to beat everyone. A collision nearly occurred as another vehicle had to hit the brakes and nearly crash while going into the breakdown lane. Time saved for the inconsiderate and reckless driver? Zero seconds because he still ended up in standstill traffic shortly there after! Drive safe my friends.

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