"We are at War With The Bar" ASTOUNDING !!! 12 HRS / LEGAL SYSTEM LIES !!!

1 year ago

By David Straights... FULL SERIES IN ONE POST ASTOUNDING !!!!!!! and fantastically explained truths about how we have been basically sold, traded, scammed, enslaved and much much more since birth... The Lies !!!!! are incredible and if you dont watch this you will miss some of the best information of the biggest lies you can imagine about how the courts and legal system are completely corrupt to you since BIRTH !!!!! Dont watch if you dont want to know real truth !!!!! David Straights series on this is the most fantastic thing I have seen in a long long time. Will RED PILL YOU LIKE NO OTHER SERIES on the internet... PLEASE WATCH ALL 1-10 series here in one video !!!! Thank me later.

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