After Panning Doomsday Preppers for Years, Here's Why I'm Becoming a Prepper Now

Published April 6, 2022 21,821 Views
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I don't panic. That's just not my thing. The combination of my faith in God and years of seeing things through in my life and the lives of my family have taught me that there's a distinct difference between acting with purpose and freaking out. I prefer the former, and right now I'm making preparations for the purpose of addressing what I believe is happening in the world today.

This is my first official article and podcast on The Late Prepper Substack. It's just a quick intro, but I one thing I didn't mention in the podcast is the format that I'll be applying to this Substack. There will be videos posted regularly that give hands-on advice to people who are either not very well prepped or who haven't really started prepping at all. These videos will also be turned into podcasts. I'll send emails to subscribers for each UNIQUE piece of content, so there's no need to worry that there will be separate emails for the videos, podcasts, and articles covering a single topic.

With that said, here are the five basic reasons I'm becoming a prepper now. This is why I believe everyone should make the move at this time in history...

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