100% Success Without College: Bruce Goodmansen

2 years ago

Almost from birth, our children have been force-fed the vile ideology that there is only one clear pathway to future success—COLLEGE! Well, we have completely debunked this work of nefarious fiction in our gripping best seller: 100% Success Without College.

So who is going to help your child learn about the hundreds of educational opportunities that are often hidden from sight? Who is going to help your young adult find the right career that will bring about both joy and the perfect income? What? Do you really think the high school guidance counselor, who is responsible for over 500 students, will do a great job? Hardly. No, a counselor’s main focus is on testing, not opportunity training. So the very best person is you, mom and dad!

Examples of opportunity training are: So what two-year trade school degree commands a median income of $135,000? How does one earn $80,000 annually by working with, or near an ocean view after two years of training? How did a teenager turn a family lemonade recipe into a company that is now worth $11 million? How does one get paid while learning to become an electrician or a Customer Service Engineer? What school is considered the Harvard in animation? What chef school has the best placement program? How are young adults able to earn $67,000 a year with only a high school diploma? There are 3.5 million jobs globally, with a $92,000 median income, that will go unfilled in 2021 because there will not be enough trained technicians to fulfill the need. Name the job title for this profession. Name the foundation that provides high school graduates a grant of $100,000 to skip college. We’ve got the answers to these questions, and to hundreds more like them!

The focus of our book: 100% SUCCESS WITHOUT COLLEGE / How Your Kids Can Be Financially Independent by Age 22, is centered on the exploration of ALL the wondrous pathways to gainful employment and well-being, such as: TRADE SCHOOLS Ι APPRENTICESHIPS Ι BOOTCAMPS Ι STRAIGHT into the WORKFORCE Ι ENTREPRENEURING Ι MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES Ι SALES PROFESSION Ι COLLEGE BOUND Ι GAP YEAR ADVENTURES Ι COMMUNITY COLLEGE Ι MILITARY Ι and a lot more! This best seller is designed to provide you everything you need to know about what’s out there—the hidden career opportunities that will bless the lives of the roughly 85% for whom college will be of no value.

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