The Great Game: Psy ops in Ukraine, Failed Coups and World Government

Published April 5, 2022 562 Views

In this week’s edition of the Great Game, V and I break down the reality behind the false flag in Bucha, Kiev which is currently being blamed on the evil Russians despite overwhelming evidence that this massacre was conducted by the Azov zombies beholden to the empire of lies. We reviewed the UN speeches delivered by Russia’s UN Ambassador who is earning his paycheck and then some as well as Zelensky who is playing the part of a globalist stooge perfectly, calling for Russia’s ouster from the UN Security Council, a revision of the UN Charter and the creation of a new global security apparatus that will prevent such atrocities from ever happening again. (Perhaps a good start to stopping such atrocities would have been the firing of his ISIL loving advisor whose video we watch during this show).

How is this false flag tied to the growth of US bioweapons complex, emergence of new financial architecture or coup attempts on Pakistan and Ethiopia which have both been thwarted? Watch this episode to find out.

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