Senator Roberts - Pfizer Vials & Blood Samples - Not Natural

2 years ago

"I've seen their work before, so I knew what to expect. They showed basically 'angular structures' - not natural - in the Pfizer vaccine, at our presentation inquiry last Wednesday, they also showed some samples from various Pfizer vials, they also showed some injected blood (people who'd been injected with the Pfizer vaccine), they've also sampled I think they've sampled AstraZeneca, but what you see in these Pfizer vials/Pfizer samples is angular structures, luminous structures, you also see/then in the blood samples you see the white cells going onto the angular structures, and the white cells dying." ~ Senator Malcolm Roberts, Queensland, Australia

Maria "The data out of other countries is suggesting mass-deaths that are coming for us"

Malcolm "Yep, their suggesting genocide".

Full Interview:

Those images look like the NZ Pfizer labs:


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Malcolm speaks to the Senate "We won't let you get away with it"

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