Nevada Election Integrity - Seth Keshel Joey Gilbert Robert Beadles

2 years ago

Reno, Nv (Washoe County)

Seth Keshel/Joey Gilbert/Robert Beadles

125+ attended while they discussed the issues across the nation including Nevada and the counties with in.

In Joey Gilbert's words-
"Pretty incredible to have 175+ Nevadans from Washoe County & the surrounding areas come to an event at Boomtown on a Sunday night —that we had less than two weeks to promote.
If anyone tells you that they’re not concerned about the security and legitimacy of our elections, they’re lying to you, especially if they’re from the “republican party”.
I represent the people of Nevada, because I’m the People’s governor and I will be accountable to “We the People” and not with a special interest like the rest of these clowns.
On a more funny note, look at the size of Seth Keshel!!
Dude is gigantic I had to stand on a stool just because I wanted to square off with him a little bit.

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