SilencerCo's NEW Hybrid 46M Modular Multi-Caliber Sound Suppressor

Published April 4, 2022 29 Views

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Boge Quinn ( attended the 2021 Outdoor News America Writers' Conference, held October 12th & 13th at the Texas Gun Experience in Grapevine, TX.

Among the exhibitors was SilencerCo, an industry leader in sound attenuation technology and manufacturer of sound suppressors. SilencerCo's products are 100% made in the USA, proven and guaranteed. Their newest model is the excellent Hybrid 46M, a modular suppressor made to work on any caliber from 17 to 45; the modular design allows the Hybrid 46M to be shortened for use on handguns and smaller rifles.

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Texas Gun Experience:

Texas Gun Experience:

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