Believers Seeking Meat Offered Only Skim Milk By 4 LDS Apostles at Saturday Gen Conf, April 2022

2 years ago

Here are clips with the most meaty doctrines from the talks of four LDS apostles at the Saturday session of the April, 2022 general conference, Jeffrey Holland, Quenten Cook, Gerrit Gong and Dale Renlund. Please compare them with the ancient apostles' writings in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. They fulfill Isaiah 30:10: "Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits".

0:30 - Jeffrey Holland says the church offers us a way to do good at such a needful time, and as God's children, he has given us promises, spiritual gifts, revelations, miracles and angels. Sadly, he does not teach us anything further on how this needs to occur in our life, such as receiving the baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost.

2:45 - Quenten Cook tells us about works of righteousness, ordinances and covenants, and following the will of God to be converted. He teaches doing this will give us true, permanent peace so we'll be sanctified, born again, and purified in Jesus Christ. However, this is where he ends these important words, going no further with any details on receiving this peace and sanctification.

4:38 - Gerrit Gong tells us the love of Christ will change us and heal our relationships, that temple service makes the Savior's atonement real for us and when sanctified, we can return home to God's presence. The temple, however, is not where followers of Christ receive sanctification. Jesus himself, is the keeper of the gate and no one enters his presence through covenanting with a person or corporation that hordes its wealth.

6:03 - Dale Renlund tells us keeping sacred covenants is the way we come unto Christ and receive God's power. He does not teach the new and everlasting covenant, which is beautifully stated in JST Genesis 9:21-25: "when men should keep all my commandments, Zion should again come on the earth". The most important is to offer up unto Christ a broken heart and contrite spirit and to follow His doctrine so God will then offer us eternal life.

I encourage everyone to come unto Christ and follow the Doctrine of Christ, as Jesus Christ taught it in the Book of Mormon:

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