Dr. Fauci Deceived President Biden - Played the Media - Misled the People

Published April 3, 2022 11 Views

Dr. Fauci Deceived President Biden - Played the Media and Misled the People, this video is for all who have love for truth. It is imperative that the People in the United States understand what has happened to bring this crisis to an end.A Portion of this video is a clip from Dr. Bossche's Final Warning; however, this portion was at the latter end of the video. Many viewers did not see this important information. Dr. Bossche explained what would happen - Now we are at this phase of the pandemic whereby more infectious variants are being generated in America. Dr. Boosche explains how the CDC is missing this very important development. It is imperative to understand where we are in order to address the immediate future. Dr. Bossche also offers solutions on how to end this pandemic! In addition to Dr. Bossche you will hear from others medical experts that working on the frontline fighting COVID 19. We also explain in this video why W.H.O. , NIH and the CDC are not in position to work in the best interest of the people in the United States and mankind! We include video clips from lawyers explaining how they have sued hospitals on behalf of patients (80 years old and older) to have Ivermertin administered to them and how Judges have ruled in their favor. Also these elderly patients covered from COVID 19. We also include video clips from a hearing in the U. S. Senate that will show cause that Ivermertin should be used today and the treatment and prevention of COVID 19. Moreover, you will be able to see clearly how Dr. Fauci has failed in the role of Chief Medical Doctor in managing COVID 19. You will also see how the Love of Money which is the root of all evil cause many to die and suffer from COVID 19.

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