Episode 342: Extravagance, Irreligion, and Universal Depravity of The Age

2 years ago

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The Extravagance, Irreligion, and Universal Depravity of The Age 

Am I talking about the 20th and now the 21st centuries in discussing ‘the extravagance, irreligion, and universal depravity of the age?’ If you have any inkling of a Foundational Biblical worldview, I believe that you would agree that irreligion and universal depravity of the age are militant, scandalous and, if you are a moral person, would say outrageously taboo. On this program I talk about why those who should be the guardians of Liberty, Faith and cultural/civic decency/morality have allowed these encroachments to prevail.

For those who may not listen to the program, the guardians of Liberty fell into the ‘snares, which their artful, insidious Enemies, a few years ago laid for them.’

As always, I do not have the time to take you through all of the details that are the mirrors of history related to our present time. I am going through the letter that Sam wrote to John Scollay in some detail. I also am making a quick comparative of Sam’s ability to live the full perspective of his Puritanism by taking you on a quick dive into Proverbs and Galatians Chapter 5.

Congressional Record, Really?
I comment on this but you may miss it. Congressman Matt Gaetz enters the Hunter Biden computer hard drive into the Congressional Record. So What? No bid deal.. You ask why I make lite of this? Go read this 1963 entry into the Congressional Record at Marxists.org and then ponder - why do we have the debacles (fiasco, failure, catastrophe, disaster, disintegration, mess, wreck, ruin; downfall, collapse, defeat, rout, overthrow, conquest, trouncing and screwups) in every arena of local, state and national governance as well as the bureaucracies? Also see this Ethan Allen Institute article: 45 COMMUNIST GOALS FROM 58 YEARS AGO.

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