DeCertify Michigan Announces:

2 years ago

Many Votes in Michigan did not count and we can prove it!. DeCertify Michigan partnered with to prove many TRUMP VOTES IN MICHIGAN DID NOT COUNT. We do not know how many yet but we know it is a significant amount.

Robert Gelt launched to allow Michiganders to query the Qualified Voter File simply to check and see if their votes were recorded or not.

We are calling on ALL MICHIGAN VOTERS to come to and check and see if your vote counted.

If your vote did not count. We are encouraging everyone to get an affidavit filled out Legally and sent over to us right away. We will help you thru the process

Understand is in beta testing and might be down for maintenance - so if it is down just check back within a few hours. We only had a very short time to develop this software. Our team is literally working around the clock to provide this Free Service to Michigan!

This is why we are so confident with our Ballot Initiative to DeCertify the 2020 Presidential Election in Michigan (

Trump Won. We can prove it!


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