The FDA Excluded Down syndrome when approving Covid19 injections

1 year ago

The FDA, CDC and NIH have committed egregious crimes against humanity by allowing the unethical experimentation of our disabled children. Worse yet, they have convinced parents themselves to experiment upon their own children.
Without animal trials using a Down syndrome mouse model, there is no risk-benefit data to claim the safety and efficacy of this experimental injection for this high risk population. They have failed to protect our most vulnerable citizens by allowing the unethical use of this injection without first establishing safety using a DS mouse model (the most basic science).
John Hopkins created a new DS mouse in 2020 that copies 93% of the Trisomy21 genome for laboratory use (TcMAC21,, which became the most accurate cryogenic mouse model for Down syndrome to date, yet they did not use it to test for safety and efficacy?
T21 is the most common genetic diagnosis associated with immune and respiratory defects yet they did not use this new DS mouse model during a respiratory pandemic?
People with DS do not vote (due to incompetency laws), they cannot give informed consent, and are the first humans to apply for the endangered list. These are the people we should be protecting.
History has forgotten Hitler's Aktion T4 program and a silent genocide is now happening on US soil while our spineless, corrupt leaders destroy our country and the media shills lie.
We cannot blindly trust them anymore and against all odds, protect our elderly, our disabled and our babies from this clear and present evil.
If they are not protecting the least of us, then what's the plan for the rest of us?

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