Studies prove ABC link they don’t want you to know | Joel Brind | The Dr. J Show #101

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2 years ago

Dr. Joel Brind, Ph.D. has been a Professor of Biology and Endocrinology at Baruch College of the City University of New York for 28 years and a medical research biochemist since 1981. Long specializing in steroid biosynthesis and metabolism and endocrine-related cancers, his research has exposed the causal connection between abortion and breast cancer. Ostracized by his colleagues and persecuted by the National Cancer Institute, he persisted in telling the truth about the "ABC link." Along with Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, he co-founded the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. His research has also dealt with a connection between hormonal contraception and cancer. In recent years, Dr. Bring has specialized in amino acid metabolism, particularly in relation to glycine and one-carbon metabolism. In 2010 he founded Natural Food Science, LLC to make and market glycine supplement products.

Breast Cancer Prevention website:

Dr. Brind’s dissenting opinion filed with the National Cancer Institute may be found on the Breast Cancer Prevention website.

Notes on the 2003 National Cancer Institute ABC link conference:

Dr. Brind’s Minority Report to the NCI:

Dr. Brind’s 2018 research on Asian women:

Significant studies on contraception:
Mortality among contraceptive pill users: cohort evidence from Royal College of General Practitioners’ Oral Contraception Study:

Cancer risk among users of oral contraceptives: cohort data from the Royal College of General Practitioner's oral contraception study:

"Hush" documentary:

Angela Lanfranchi slides explaining the ABC Link:

Dr. Brind’s glycine supplements:

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