What Is Fear, Why Do You Fear And Why It Is A Good Thing

Published March 30, 2022 2 Views

In the spiritual world, fear is often considered a negative or bad thing. We try to get away from fear, deny it or disown it. But what if fear is trying to help us and is not to be feared? When you understand what fear is and why you fear we can see it is a good thing. Watch the full episode to learn:
• Why we fear
• What exactly is fear
• The danger of ignoring fear
• How to embrace fear
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• 0:00 - Why Do We Fear?
• 2:27 - What Is Fear?
• 3:44 - Meeting Needs: Safe And Unsafe
• 5:37 - The Danger Of Ignoring Fear
• 8:29 - What Fear Is Trying to Say
• 9:59 - What Next? Embracing Fear
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