LIVE: Russian Peace Envoy Poisoned, Cartels Smuggle Fentanyl Crockpot, Remdesivir Victim Speaks Out

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Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show, Senator-in-exile Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall detail the shocking poisoning of the chief Russian peace envoy Roman Abramovich, and how a high profile death could start World War 3.

Edward and Lauren also discuss the new information coming in from our southern border, that Mexican cartels are now hiding their narcotics in Crockpots turned Crackpots to evade drug dogs!

Scott Rose exposes the discrimination he faced as an unvaxxed Covid patient, the fear tactics used by doctors, and the chronic kidney failure and continuous lung collapsing he now faces after being doses with remdesivir.

And, America First financial expert Carlos Cortez Jr. addresses how to prepare and respond to the Biden regime's $5.8 trillion tax hike, bound to create a hellscape of inflation and economic turmoil.

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