Russia Ukraine War, WEF's The Great Reset, Censorship & Humanity, Collapse & History [ASMR Podcast]

Published March 28, 2022 135 Views

Podcast/Audio on SoundCloud: Ep125: Russia Ukraine War, The Great Reset, Censorship & Humanity, Collapse & History [ASMR Podcast]

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- CensorTube Intro (0:00-8:25)
- We're Now on Guilded: Discord is Censoring Dialogue, Information and Free Thought (9:05-15:24 and further)
- Honk Honk Emote (18:09)
- Censorship is the Enemy of Humanity: Are you Awake Yet? (20:40-24:22)
- Centralized Power Is Erasing History, This Is George Orwell's 1984 in Hyper-drive (25:08-27:07)
- The Case for Paid Subscribers, Fighting Censorship, a City Analogy, Do Not Become a Slave to Centralized Power (27:07-29:24)
- Analogy Of Our Present Predicament: The Borg, How to Free The Drones from the Queen's Hive Mind Collective (31:31-36:17)
- Lots of discussion on censorship
- Censorship vs. Free Speech (42:11-43:18)
- We Are Connected: Injustice Anywhere Is Injustice Everywhere: When an Innocent Person Is Hurt, All of Humanity Is Hurt (43:48-46:11)
- Centralized Control of Thought (46:11)
- Fuck Cancel Culture: Rosa Parks & Racism, Censorship Breeds Extremism: Make Your Stand or Run to Fight Another Day (51:09-54:19)
- The Russian Ukrainian War Was 100% Preventable, Our Biggest Problem Is the ignorance of Our Society: Putin & Russia, The War in Ukraine, and the Maidan Coup (59:30-1:06:20)
- More Random Discussion
- One of the Worst Hollywood Scripts Ever: The Perpetual War Ponzi Scheme Entering World War III, Understanding the Russian Ukrainian War (1:06:38-1:10:26)
- Russia Ukraine War Explained, A Little History (1:10:27-1:22:37)
- Western Governments That Are Brutalizing Their Own Citizens, Especially Trudeau's Canada, Have No Right to Talk about Morality or Justice (1:22:36-1:25:37)
- The West Has Never given a Rats-ass about Human Right, Why Do People Think They Do Now? (1:25:37-1:27:27)
- IBM & Amazon: Azov of Today and Nazis of Yesterday (1:27:41-1:28:25)
- How to End the Russian Ukrainian War: Cuban Missile Crisis & NATO (1:28:25-1:33:28)
- Understanding the Russian Ukrainian War: EU Trade Agreement and the Armenian Ultimatum (1:33:28-1:39:05)
- Obama and Yemen (1:39:33)
- War Crimes: Can You Spot the Difference Between Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen? (1:42:58-1:44:48)
- more random discussion
- Russian Ukrainian War Distracting Western Citizenry from the WEF's Attack on Our Societies (1:49:47-1:52:52)
- more random discussion
- We're Moving to Guilded, Join Us There, F Discord and their Censorship (2:01:34-2:03:11)
- What It Means to Be Alive: Life Is Not Suppose to Be Easy, It's Suppose to Be Fulfilling (2:04:24-2:05:17)
- Everyone Should Have Free Speech (2:05:25-2:06:24)

VIDEO: Understanding the Russian Ukrainian War: Reason Why Russia Invaded Ukraine, Context & History

ARTICLE: What Cold War? This Cold War: Death Follows McCain to the Ukraine as the Armenia-ultimatum to Screw over Russia Fails Again for the EU and the U.S. (Update 4)

VIDEO: War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler [Full Reading, Soft-Spoken, ASMR AudioBook, Math]

VIDEO: Comic Book Reading: Adaptation of "War Is A Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler [ASMR]

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