1 year ago

Thea Stone - Conversations With Love - By Lee Collver-Richards and Aieya Joy with Guest Steve Kaplan

In this show, Thea Stone does a 5 min guided intuitive dance. Lee then interviews Thea about reconnecting with intuition and the heart, reclaiming the past, the responsibility of choosing self-love, and more.

Aieya Joy also performs her moving song "Niagara Rise," and Steve Kaplan talks about comedy and intuition.

The whole show was in the flow with little preparation, which seemed fitting given the central theme of intuition!

Thea hosts low-impact intuitive dance sessions online every Friday.

For more information, visit https://choosetoplaybig.com

Gifting is welcomed to support this podcast at: https://donorbox.org/choose-to-play-big

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