Manic Monday Madness- Fakery & Distractions is all they got, FEAR card is played out

Published March 28, 2022 315 Views
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Lights , camera, action... whats the new distraction of the day to direct the sheep to look over there & ignore the big lie of the Pandemic Scamdemic, poisonous vaccine, installment of Pedo Joe Biden with foreign interference in our election & MASSIVE voter fraud. Activate the Ashkenazi owned Hollywood puppets to stage a fake WWE smackdown at the Oscars.

1. 11 ALIVE NEWS in Atlanta reporting that Will Smith smacking Chris Rock was REAL... if the news have to tell you its real ... ITS FAKE

2. Will Smith apologizes during Oscars acceptance speech 'Love makes you do crazy things' which his explanation of his FAKE RAGE earlier with Chris Rock

3. Wanda Dikes says for people in Florida we going to have a GAY night

4. Gov. DeSantis signs the Parental Rights in Education bill as Pedowood and Disney seethe but can do nothing

5. Despite Senate Whitehouse's assurances that dark money played no role in the process, all the major liberal dark money players have been involved

6. Lindsey Graham questions Jumanji Brown Jackson on weak ruling on people who were caught with child porn on their computers

7. Liz Cheney lying about Jan 6 & Election injecting Qanon

8. Video evidence, witness testimony in court documents , & Arizona audit results , & the majority of REPUBLICANS are ignoring it. America deserved honest election but got fraud

9. China is locking down Shanghai in a so called Zero-Covid strategy plan. Footage of panic buying at super markets circulating

10. President Trump at Rally in Commerce GA said You can take the 5 worst presidents in American history and put them together and they would not have done the damage Joe Biden has done in just 15 months.

11. President Trump also said John Kerry worried about the climate- The ocean will rise One 100th of 1% over the next 300 fucking years

12. Bill Barr says the DNI & FBI said the Hunter Biden laptop was real and the media ignored it

13. Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton over 2016 Russian collusion allegations which reset the statue of limitations

14. Military Tribunals & public executions have to be done for this MASSIVE DECEPTION that has been inflicted on the people

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