10 months ago

The No-Show Physics & Civil Engineering Debate w/ RichardGage911 & ____________.

This annual debate was hosted by Kevin Barret of Truth Jihad Radio and sponsored by the Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness.

Kevin welcomes everyone, then Rick discusses the effort to find a suitable opponent for this year's debate. Richard Gage, the guest debater this year, then provides a most persuasive presentation of the main points of the debate that would have to be satisfactorily addressed by a future opponent - if one were to be found.

In the absence of an opponent this year, the debate was considered "Resolved: the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 violates Newton's Laws of Motion, especially the complete collapse of the 3 World Trade Center towers."

The debate occurs every year on the birthday of Albert Einstein - March 14, 2022.
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