Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee 03/15/2022

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Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee 03/15/2022
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Agenda: "

Session 144-S starts at [00:02:52]

Senate Committee Agenda Revision 2
Federal and State Affairs
Michael Welton, Committee Assistant–785-296-4335
10:30 AM 144-S
Tuesday, March 15 - Note time change: 10:34 AM
Request for bill introductions
Informational hearing:
Election Security
Possible action on bills previously heard

VIRAL VIDEO – Maria Zack’s Earth Shattering Testimony
BY INFOMAR 15, 2022
VIRAL VIDEO - Maria Zack Drops Earth Shattering Testimony
Italy, China, Satellites, and more
Maria Zack releases never before heard information on the 2020 election. What happened in 2020? What happened to the Italian witnesses? Who benefits from election INSECURITY?

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