Hidden Opportunities, A Strategic Compliance Series: A “Dope” Response to Pharmacy Transparency

1 year ago

Watch a replay of the third webinar in Humaculture, Inc.’s Hidden Opportunities, Strategic Compliance Series, which focuses on why the new pharmacy transparency law will not increase transparency; will increase costs, administration, and litigation risk; and how to effectively respond.

• Steve Cyboran, ASA, MAAA, FCA, CEBS, actuary and strategy consultant
• Wes Rogers, Humaculturist® and strategy consultant
• Jack Towarnicky, LLM, JD, MBA, CEBS, attorney, strategy and compliance consultant
• Scott McKibbin, strategy and pharmacy consultant

During this session, participants will learn:
• Transparency is a misnomer – New rules don’t provide transparency
• Pharmacy is likely to continue to be rather “opaque”
• The conundrum – mere compliance will likely increase costs, administration, and litigation risk
• How to use Acquisition Cost Based Pharmacy Pricing as well as Behavioral Design and Messaging as examples of strategic actions to:
-- Avoid what can be avoided
-- Provide true transparency with pharmacy benefits
-- Empower consumers to make better, more clinically appropriate decisions
-- Communicate all negatives as the result of compliance
-- Inform/educate consumers (before they become patients)

We are available to support you in your strategy, design, compliance, financial, and monitoring needs. To that end, our team of consultants, including actuaries, clinicians, behavioral health, pharmacy, and legal resources are available to guide you through the compliance process. Please contact us: info@humaculture.com.

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